Countdown to Black Friday for Pets: Day Six

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Countdown: Day Six

Map it!

A new Black Friday for Pets event location map was rolled out today! It is a fabulous interactive Google map in which you can add the Walmart location you plan to be at on Black Friday and any other details you like. When you do, be sure to use your social networking skills and tools to invite your friends to join you at your Walmart event or have your friends add their own Walmart location to the map! Be sure to Tweet it because the pet food industry is watching us! For Tweetards like me, don’t forget to use hashtags #chicken jerky and #Walmart. Stay connected with us on our Black Friday for Pets Facebook Page and share with us what your plans are and to stay tuned for breaking news tidbits, updates and all that fun stuff.

Print it!

I am working on some flyers to print out to hand to shoppers. I still think Dr. Tony Buffington’s chicken jerky treat warning poster he created for his clients is brilliant, but since I am an artist I figured I should at least have a crack at it. But with atrocious computer graphic skills, it might take a bit of fussing to complete them. Have patience. When I finish them, I will be sure to post them here on Poisoned Pets and on our Black Friday for Pets Facebook page.

Sad News…

Some sad news…poor Susan’s uncle passed away last night. Susan will be busy traveling during the next few days to be with family. So, lets send our love and support her way during this difficult time. She will, obviously, need some time to deal with this personal tragedy, so in the mean time, please contact me with any questions, problems, news or whatever. I wish Susan and her family my deepest sympathy and lots of virtual hugs.

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