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  1. Both my cats have tooth resorption and I am wondering if there could be too much vitamin D in the Blue Buffalo salmon, sweetpotato and cranberry food I’m feeding them. I had read that too much vitamin D could be causing the issues. I was thinking I would change foods. How do I know what the vitamin D content in a cat food is? Would chicken likely be less? Do you have any recommendations?


  2. Love love this blog! I am so happy i found her! She has great resources and is very knowledgeable! Trustworthy!


  3. I went to the pet food store and went to purchase the premium food I have bought for years. The lady behind the counter insisted on giving me samples of something “better” and told me the food I was buying was subject to a recall last week. I asked her why it was not pulled from the shelves.she said they keep sending it, they put it out and sell it. Now, I am thinking she is an idiot. The food I buy is Nutro Ultra Senior Dry. I can’t find anything online incl about there being a recall. Have you heard anything?


  4. Recently I asked where I could donate without going through PayPal. Is there a PO box? Also, do you know of a dog food that is beef based but pea and grain free?


    • Hi Donna, I am so sorry. I thought I got back to you. You or anyone for that matter can donate to Poisoned Pets by sending me a check me, Mollie Morrissette at 3504 Perch Drive, Willits, California 95490.

      Can I ask why you avoiding those two ingredients? Has your pet been diagnosed with a food allergy or sensitivity? The reason I ask is that celiac disease in dogs is rare and often the “grain-free” pet foods have even worse substitutions for grain. Be careful.


      • I volunteer for the American Bulldog Rescue of Florida by screening applications, doing background checks and home visits. One of our adopters asked on our blog if anyone knew about a dog food that was beef based but pea and grain free and I thought you might know. I will check out Honest Kitchen and also mention celiac disease to them. As always, you are a wealth of information. I’m glad that you didn’t mention in your postings about the “heavy metals” that were “supposed” to be in Acana and Orijen. I was upset to hear about it but as you said, it wasn’t true. I had also contacted the offices at Acana and they assured me that it was a frivolous lawsuit. Thanks for all that you do!


        • I’m glad to help, Donna.

          Yes, Acana was correct – it is/was a frivolous lawsuit. I didn’t want to give it any validity by writing about because it was so absurd.

          Let me know if you need anything else!


  5. I think this is a great website and I am glad I found it because now I go here before buy my dogs and cat food thank you for this website more people need to kmow about it I wish I could donate now but must wait a while but wanted to say keep doing a job you are so blessed



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