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Hurricane Sandy Pet Food Donations Update

cute,dog,pekingese-waiting by window

Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food found another fabulous pet product e-tailer willing to help our readers with gathering and delivering donations of pet food and supplies to the folks on the East Coast with pets who are still suffering in the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Sandy .


The big-hearted stellar pet food seller who stepped up to help was Ryan Cohen of, who didn’t hesitate to help when asked by Susan on behalf of her readers who wanted to help the furry victims of Hurricane Sandy. Even more, Ryan, bless him, the co-founder of, has generously offered to donate an additional $20.00 worth of pet food for each purchase made by you!

Here’s an example:   when you make a $30.00 purchase of pet food to donate, $50.00 worth of pet food will be donated! How amazing is that? It’s good people like Ryan of Chewy’s who warm the cockles of my heart!

This is what you do: Place an order with, go to this special page made especially for our cause:, then select your pet food donations.  When you check out, enter the shipping address below (this is one of Chewy’s distribution centers). And that’s it!

Mike’s Feed Farm
90 Hamburg Turnpike
Riverdale, NJ 07457

If you prefer, you may call your order in to Chewy’s at 1-800-67-CHEWY (1-800-672-4399), if that is more comfortable for you. And be sure to let them know we said, “Hi!”!

Mike’s Feed Farm

Your order from will be shipped directly to a distribution center, Mike’s Feed Farm, that will cover the Staten Island and Jersey Shore areas. Mike, of Mike’s Feed Farm, has already been hard at work delivering donations of pet food purchased at his store to hard hit areas – and has graciously offered to be our ‘go to guy’ for distribution in the hardest hit areas.

Mike also shared a touching story of a friend in the area – All Star Dogs – that has been donating pet coats to our freezing furry victims of Hurricane Sandy of whom many are still without heat.

Mike will make certain our donations go out to the many areas in Staten Island and Jersey Shore still desperately struggling to restore their lives that pet parents will be able to pickup in their neighborhoods.

Mike also mentioned to Susan that there is there is more of a need for cat food than dog food, and a need for potty pads and chew toys to help keep the sheltered dogs occupied.  Also, another rescue group has shared that people are requesting more canned food than dry.

Your generous donations will be accepted until Thursday November 29, 2012.

Thank you!

A great big thanks to Ryan, Mike and Susan for putting this fabulous effort together, and to, and for spreading the word about it. And of course, another huge thank you to the first stellar pet food seller to chip in to help, Brehon’s Pet Supply Outlet, for their generous assistance.

Please donate if you can – and at both stores if you can.  Orders from each store are going to different areas, we want to try to get as much pet food up there as possible.

None of this would have been possible without the loving, generous spirit of everyone who has compassion for those in need.

Finally, I would like to give thanks this season for what I have and I hope you will join me in sharing what little we have with those whose need is greater than our own. Because, someday you might need to depend on the kindness of strangers.

Source: Truth About Pet Food

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