Black Friday for Pets Flyers (Updated)

After fooling around with Photoshop I managed to come up with my own jerky treat warning flyer. I can’t say it’s fabulous – but considering I am not familiar with Photoshop whatsoever, it was the best I could do on a moments notice.

Meanwhile, after doing a Google image search for other jerky treat warnings, I found several that you may choose to use instead for your leafleting needs at your Black Friday for Pets event. To print: right click to ‘Save Image As’ to your computer and then find the image on your computer and print.

So, without any further ado – here they are…(drumroll, please)

UPDATE: The group Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made in China kindly provided me with their updated poster (4th Edition) to use. Here is the link for the PDF file to it: Thanks guys! You’re the best!

Please note! That dear sweet doggie is actually being given a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) nugget – she is not being fed a horrible jerky treat! But she was so adorbs, I couldn’t resist using her as my poster girl!

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