Shocking Documentary "Pet Food: A Dog's Breakfast" Pulled Off the Air Mysteriously Reappears

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A damning documentary on the pet food industry, “Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast”, has surfaced on YouTube, after being mysteriously cancelled from CNBC’s scheduled programing earlier this year. One of only handful of investigations ever produced on the subject, it revealed a rare look behind the hidden world of pet food manufacturing. It uncovered the dark secrets of an industry that had remained elusive, under a veil of secrecy ever since the pet food industry began.

Last February, viewers anxiously anticipating the show, were bitterly disappointed when, without explanation, CNBC mysteriously pulled the show from their scheduled programming just days before it was to be aired. Angry viewers sent letters to CNBC demanding the station air the documentary. Despite hundreds of letters and phone calls asking for a reason why it was pulled off the air, one was never given and the show was never rescheduled.

When the producers of “A dog’s Breakfast”, YAP Films, were asked if they were given a reason for its disappearance from CNBC’s lineup, they replied they were given none. Asked if the producers had plans to air the show elsewhere, they declined saying, they would be unable to ever do so, as their contract with CNBC gave them the exclusive rights to their documentary.

The program was originally televised by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on August, 2009. But to date, it’s never been seen by American audiences, yet. That it, until today.


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