Suppressed pet food documentary, A Dog’s Breakfast, prevented from vanishing by Poisoned Pets

Fear not, pet food fans, the documentary Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast has been prevented from ever vanishing again. The expose on the pet food industry, pulled from scheduled programming on American television earlier this year and thus far only seen by a Canadian television audiences, surfaced recently on YouTube. Internet audiences concerned that the video may vanish again, no longer have to worry, thanks to the quick action of a blogger (me!).

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A Dog’s Breakfast will be available here, on Poisoned Pets, on permanent loan from the internet to Poisoned Pet’s Media Library, (aka the Skeleton Closet). The future of A Dog’s Breakfast now remains safely nestled in the internet cloud, free forever from the clutches of those that would have it disappear again.

Despite the joy of the film’s re-emergence, some pet parents already familiar with the dark side of commercial pet food, may fail to appreciate that the film-makers of A Dog’s Breakfast had the task of negotiating a difficult subject and making it populist, accessible to the general viewer, and commercially successful without compromising the integrity of the piece. While that may not be the goal of activists and those mourning the loss of a pet poisoned by a commercial pet food, it remains the goal of film-makers wishing to have their work accessible to a mass audience.

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Mainstream television and press is particularly sensitive to the needs of their advertisers and sponsors of whom they are beholden too. Programming offending or outwardly critical of one of their sponsors would naturally bring criticism from their sponsors and pressure from executives in charge of programming content. If concessions had not been made, one can only assume, the film would not have appeared on television in Canada on CBC. As evidence, despite the film’s concessions, the more conservative American television programming producers ultimately decided against airing A Dog’s Breakfast in February 2011 after all.


Problems such as these go to the heart of the economic interests corporate America places over ethics.  Neither philosopher or ethicist, I am woefully ill-equipped to untangle or even understand the complexity of the problems facing independent journalists and film makers today. Yet, I feel confident in believing that A Dog’s Breakfast would have made a positive contribution to changing of mainstream America’s consciousness about the commercial pet food industry.

[wpvideo DHZChjRu]

YAP Films, A Dog’s Breakfast

CBC Program Guide

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. — Ghandi

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Mollie Morrissette

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  2. This is fabulous, I will watch it in a moment.

    Meanwhile, please forgive me for noticing a very incorrect sentence: “Mainstream television and press is particularly sensitive to the needs of their advertisers and sponsors of whom they are beholden too.” This should read: “Mainstream television and press ARE particularly sensitive to the needs of their advertisers and sponsors TO WHOM THEY ARE BEHOLDEN.”

    No ‘of whom’, since they are not ‘beholden OF’. No “too”, since it is not an additional anything. And two items (TV and press) require the verb ‘are’, not ‘is’.

    Sorry – this kind of stuff jumps out at me as much as feeing Purina and thinking it’s good, lol.


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  5. This is incredible; and it’s so refreshing to see this exposed. For ages it seems like anyone actually educated on the pet food industry was thought of as some kind of conspiracy theorist. And I just love that they were able to easily break down just how obviously terrible these companies are.
    I do wish however they’d gone into more about what to feed other than just saying fresh is better. They seemed to go into more detail what to feed cats; and the documentary says ‘Dog’ right in the title lol. I feel that should’ve been pointed out at least for the canines as well. But all in all, I think this is a hugely eye-opening experience for most people and I am very grateful that you can share it here. I plan to invite many people to see this!


  6. Hi
    I’m a volunteer with a cat rescue group in New York City and I hold cat care seminars for our fosters and adopters. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of this to show it on my computer during our seminar? (I don’t think I have internet access where I hold the seminar)


    • There is a download button in the share link. Just press play to activate the tools. That simple! That’s what it’s here for to share, copy, embed, download, whatever!


  7. I’m a vet tech and my veterinarian and I go out of our way to educate ourselves on nutrition and what is actually inside pet foods and treats. We absolutely hate having to use prescription diets as they often have ALL the ingredients (corn, wheat, gluten, etc) that they shouldn’t. We only recommend food with human grade ingrediants, I am so glad to find your website and that you have secured this video. I have been searching for it for what seems like forever :)

    I look forward to more posts from you.


    • WOW! What a compliment! That’s funny because my vet, a super-fabulous holistic vet, Dr. Katy Sommers, thinks I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread. She is so sweet, she asks me for advice! And she sends clients to my website (pat self on back). But really, the truth is she’s an easy sell. Having already written a fab book called the Holistic Dog, she has carved out a niche in her animal hospital practice where she/they sell only the most incredible pet food and supplements and treats. She loves Honest Kitchen as much as I do. It just warms my heart to know that vets like her (and you folks) aren’t peddling the usual garbage.

      Every time I visit the hospital I assault every pet parent waiting for their appointment with the pet food speech. All kidding aside – I try to educate those that are interested. For those that can’t afford the Big Bucks pet food – I tell them that they can usually swing something a step up from Friskies and Ol’ Roy because the health consequences are tragic. Then I tell them how I got into this – my cat Blackie’s problem with chronic life-threatening FUS (he was a male and only ate “premium” kibble). That usually gets them thinking. But for most, it isn’t a concern unless it hits home to them on a personal level. Then they get interested – if they do a bit of research and the vets clue them in that part of the problem might be nutritional.

      Thanks for the compliment!


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  10. Pet food regulations are shockingly lax. Pet parents need to do their homework. Manufacturers are not required to provide adequate info on labels, and unproven claims are common.

    Supplemental testimony of Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, from 2007 should be essential reading for pet owners,

    She was in the documentary “Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast”.

    Fact: Veterinary professionals receive very little education about pet food or nutrition as part of their standard courses. What info they receive is very biased and usually provided by the pet food manufacturers themselves. This info is also provided to the clinics and vet hospitals.

    Veterinary professionals receive free trips to learn more about a manufacturer’s pet foods. This adds to the cost of prescription dies. Pet parents are encouraged to research pet nutrition from unbiased sources and advocate on their pets’ behalf.

    “Prescription Diets and Marketing Labels`, from by
    Lisa A. Pierson, DVM

    “The “prescription diet” market is an area of the commercial cat food industry that I find to be the most misleading and upsetting.

    Contrary to what is often believed – by both the veterinarian and the client, the prescription diets sold in veterinary hospitals are NOT formulated for optimal health of a carnivore and are often not only detrimental to the patient’s health but are simply not necessary.

    It is also important to note that almost all of these prescription diets have NO clinical studies behind them to support their use in treating the various diseases that they target.”

    Health problems with Dr. Pierson’s own cat, Robbie, prompted her to learn more about pet food and inspired her to created her non-commercial website.


    • I have Lisa Pierson’s as one of the few websites I list as recommended reading (aka Brain Food). Thank you for reminding people how corrupt the industry is – never hurts to hear it again. And people need to reminded of this again and again and again until they are un-brandwashed. It’s a tough job, but I do my best!


  11. A few people in the U.S have said they can’t even view the producer’s website to order a DVD of this documentary!

    Can anyone confirm this?

    This is their website,


    • The film is there on their website (not for viewing obviously). Here it is: As long as YAP Films lets me, I will continue allow readers to view it as I feel it is my duty as a pet parent to keep it out there. Should you wish to order your own copy you may through YAP films: For all dvd enquiries please contact – Home video market only – 1 program – $25 postage and packaging included. Can’t beat that! And yes that offer is made on their website – click Contact on their home page and that will take you there.


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  14. I don’t understand though. I How is anyone else able to access the video program “Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast”: if [I’m disguising the name of TV network here] owns the publication rights to it.

    Oh well.


    • Because I have a copy of it on my computer and I am sharing it via my blog as an educational tool. I am not profiting by it in any way. On my front page I have a blurb on the bottom right explaining what the Fair Use Law is. That said, if YAP Films asks me to remove it from WP, I will. But if CNBC does, I’ll tell them they can kiss my grits!



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