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The Essentials

New to Poisoned Pets? In a panic over pet food related emergency? Don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Just take a deep breath, and know that you have come to the right place.

I have gathered together the most important and informative articles on Poisoned Pets in one handy list. Think of it as a place to start.

These are the essentials. The first things you need to know. The basics.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help.

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  1. Hi
    I learned a lot about pet food from this site. I had two cats poisoned.
    I lost one Pawsha and took the other to the veterinary. He did not tell me what kind of poisoning. I will ask when I go visit my cat. Still in his care. They flushed her stomach, gave her IV fluids. bloodwork n giving her antibiotics. She lost her litter five days later. Now i need help to pay vet bill. Please can anyone help me. I want to bring my CHEQURZ back home. I’m a widowed female senior citizen unemployed.
    And if n when she comes home I plan on cooking her food. At least I will know she’s eating healthy. Is there any cookbooks out there for cats?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Amada Torres


  2. Good morning!
    This appears to be a great resource for concerned pet owners seeking education on pet food safety, recalls, and marketing strategies. I’m having trouble finding the name and credentials of the author on the mobile site, and am very interested in knowing these details prior to any donations or re-sharing. Thank you!


      • Hi Mollie,

        Thanks for putting this site together. My wife and I were just switching our dogs to Blue Buffalo when we found your reports on their crappy ingredients. Now we have to do some more research to find which grain free product to actually use.

        I see this site reporting all of the bad. Is there some place on this site that says “There is no evidence that pet food maker so and so is bad”?

        Or is this site just bringing a problem without a solution?



        • I’m afraid Steven there is no “good” news. The industry is so thoroughly corrupt one can only cry from the rooftops, “buyer beware!”

          Some other, less scrupulous, pet food bloggers have attempted to steer folks to better pet food brands by offering them recommendations in the form of lists, etc. But what I have found, without exception, those lists are useless. Those so-called recommendations of better brands are based on the reviewer’s subjective, and therefore incorrect, opinion.

          I will not do that. I offer only this recommendation: Make your own food for your pets. You cook and prepare food for yourself and your family members, I assume? It is not more complicated than that. If you can prepare dishes from scratch for yourself, you can do it for your animals.

          Talk to a qualified veterinary nutritionist for further advice as far as recipes is concerned. Vary their dishes (as you would for yourself) and your pets will be much better off than ANY commercial pre-prepared food. Basically, it’s all junk food. Worse, it’s toxic, poisonous junk food. I have seen too much to give you any other advice. Sorry!


  3. So how do we know what is the healthiest food to feed a cat, he was overweight when I rescued him?


    • While no one can say with any certainty which food is the best or the healthiest, so I recommend buying a human-edible pet food made in a licensed human food facility.


  4. Your site needs a page that explains ingredients in a quick-look format that even lazy people will read. It’s too much work to dig for useful content. It also needs a page on how to convince your vet not to sell Hills. Please notify me if you do this, and I’ll send it to all the vets I can find. Thanks!


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