Secrets & Silence; How Diamond Pet Food Deals With Recalls

Dear Diamond,

Would you mind answering a few questions about your pet food recalls? Because I have called several times in the last week or so and no one has gotten back to me yet.

I am starting to feel like you’re avoiding me. I sure hope that’s not true.

Because the questions I have are important ones; ones I know that pet parents across the globe want answers to as well. 

So please, would you mind terribly, just fill us in as to what the Hell is actually going on down there in South Carolina and Missouri?

Because frankly, my patience is starting to wear mighty thin at this point and I am getting sick and tired of waiting for answers. I run a website called, Poisoned Pets, one you definitely don’t want to be on if you own a pet food business, ever. So, unless you like being raked over the coals on the web, I suggest someone get back to me ASAP. So spill!


Pissed-off and worried-sick in California

P.S. Below is a list of questions I have for you. Could you do me a great big favor and answer them? Now?


Q. What was the source of the bacteria (in both plants)? Aside from the obvious places where it bred, you know cardboard doesn’t clean up too well.

Q. What steps have been taken to assure that no other food will be affected? ‘Cause I sure as Hell hope this was your wake-up call. That inspection report was just nasty.

Q. What other brands are made in the Gaston and Missouri plants? Because I know all my pet food pals would like to know so we can spread the news far and wide?

Q. Exactly where was the cardboard and duct tape used on the machinery? Did you submit photos to “There! I fixed It!”? If not, you guys definitely qualify for the epic Fail Award.

Q. If employees can’t wash their hands, what happens if they pick their nose or scratch their ass? Do your employees have many sick days? You do have sinks in the bathrooms, I hope?

Q. So, if you weren’t testing for pathogens on incoming product, can I assume you didn’t test the finished product either?

Q. What would have happened if Michigan Department of Agriculture hadn’t discovered the Salmonella? Besides thanking your lucky stars, that is.

Q. Just curious, you knew a week in advance that the Gaston plant was going to be inspected by a team of investigators from the FDA – didn’t it occur to you that they probably wouldn’t be hip to the redneck repairs, the rotting foam, the pitted paddles, the lack of sanitation or the dude touching raw product with his bare hands?

Q. Why was a single product recalled during a single day at the Missouri plant? And why was there no mention of the plant’s location in the press release? Was that just a little Oops! or did you actually think people wouldn’t notice that glaring omission.

Q. Can you confirm if Diamond requires a positive test result for Salmonella for a consumer to file a claim? I sure hope not, because as far as I know, if anyone or a pet gets sick from a product you made – a contaminated product – you are screwed, basically. Don’t believe me? Talk to Bill Marler – he’ll tell you.

Q. How many unconfirmed or confirmed number of affected cats and dogs have been reported to Diamond? How many deaths? How many of those pets tested positive for Salmonella Infantis?

Q. Why are some bags missing production codes and best-by dates (I have photographs)? ‘Cause without that information – um, it’s kinda hard to tell when and where it was made. Hello!

Q. Why is there animal fat and animal digest at the Gaston plant when none of your products contain either ingredient?

Q. How did Diamond arrive at the period during which it decided to recall all product manufactured during that time period? I’m really curious, what was different about the day before the recall production time frame? Was that the day before someone had the brilliant idea of using cardboard and duct tape on machinery used to make pet food?

Q. What was the global distribution of the recalled product? I think the least you can do is warn other countries of a potential health hazard to humans and animals. Isn’t there a law that says you have to?

Q. Have any pets or people affected outside the US been reported to Diamond? If so, I’m sure the CDC would love to know.

Q. Why is there no country of origin printed on Taste of the Wild labels? I guess that was another printing error, like the bags with the missing production codes and best-by dates?

Q. Can you confirm that Diamond owns Taste of the Wild and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul? You know, cause people are way pissed off for spending mega bucks on a food made by a company like yours, no offense.

Q. Why has no one in the media department gotten back to me? I have called numerous times. I am really not a very patient person where animal welfare is concerned. Little tip – fire your media department, because they really suck at communication – it’s kind of a requirement in that job.

Q. I know you probably don’t want people to know how big you screwed up, so I’ll do it for you. Question: Guess how many formulas have been recalled? Answer: Too damn many. No seriously, 155. How far around the world that pet food was sent? Who knows.

Diamond: 27 formulas
4Health (Tractor Supply): 34 formulas
Apex: 1 formula
Canidae: 4 formulas
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul (Diamond): 20 formulas
Country Value (Diamond): 4 formulas
Kirkland (Costco): 7 formulas
Natural Balance: 5 formulas
Premium Edge (Diamond): 20 formulas
Professional (Diamond): 10 formulas
Taste of the Wild (Diamond): 20 formulas
Solid-Gold: 2 formulas
Wellness (WellPet): 1 formula

TOTAL: 155 formulas recalled

Diamond’s troubled plant is up and running again, despite not having found the cause of the contamination
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Mollie Morrissette

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  2. If there is any good news to tell I believe I have it…
    There is a class action lawsuit filed against Diamond Dog Food.
    To join please call the firm of Robbins,Geller,Rudman & Dowd, LLP


  3. I have posted on other forums – I lost two pets from this food. One was 3 one was 11 and Diamond wont do anything without a positive fecal. WE need EVERYONE to call the FDA and Diamond and report thier cases. I want this corrupt company to know each and every family member they took and how many people’s lives they changed forever (not in a good way). PLEASE call the FDA – they care. It saddens my very being so many precious animals have died.


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  5. I was feeding both my 4year old and 6 year old Portuguese Water Dogs Taste of the Wild Bison for about five years. My 4 year old, Jelly, was about 38 pounds and a much smaller dog than my 6 year old, Bishop who is larger and weighs about 55 pounds. (There is a range of sizes in the Portuguese Water Dog b/c fishermen with small boats bred smaller dogs; fishermen with larger boats bred larger dogs.)
    It was in January 2012 that I noticed some vomiting from Jelly.
    That discontinued, but bloody stools followed, first in Jelly, then beginning the next day in Bishop, as well.
    I brought my dogs to the Vet.
    Next I noticed Jelly was having urinary accidents all over the house.
    I didn’t understand this, b/c he was, of course housetrained.
    Bish did not do this. Jelly was VERY thirsty, and peeing all the time in huge amounts.
    After a while, Jelly started to pee bloody urine, in very small amounts.
    I took him to the vet.
    Then Bish started with this as well.
    Both back to the vet.
    I felt my dogs were being poisoned, (I just had this feeling), but I had no poisons in my home, and it was winter outside.
    I was perplexed.
    The bloody urine went on for about a week, my vet doing all kinds of tests, X-rays, blood work.
    All the while, I was feeding my dogs Taste of the Wild, Bison, b/c the recall wasn’t announced until May,2012, and this was back in January 2012.
    Jelly was at the vet’s for 4 hours on the day he died. He sat on my lap the whole time.
    I am grateful for those four hours.
    The vet was unsure of what was happening.
    That afternoon, Jelly started to yelp in pain so horribly I knew it was the end.
    He stumbled about the room in a daze, screaming bloody murder.
    Then, immediately, he seized.
    I drove him to the Emergency Hospital. He was incontinent of large amounts of urine on the way. At the hospital,
    he went into a coma, cardiac and respiratory arrested, and died.
    Bishop recovered on his own, which I attribute to his larger size.
    I miss Jelly so much and feel responsible for his awful death.
    I was his advocate, his protector, and here I was feeding him poison by the name of Taste of the Wild Bison Dog Food. I am not sure how to become part of a class action suit. Do I need the bag from the tainted food? I do not have it because I threw it away, not knowing I was poisoning my own dog. The recall didn’t become public knowledge until May, but my Jelly died January 21, 2012.



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  7. It is not just Diamond, it is all the brands that use them for their production, all the brand names that state they do 151 inspections. I guess they care so much that they forgot to inspect the factory where they have their product made, and why hasn’t those 151 tests found contamination when there has benn some present? These other name brands are complicit in the illnesses and deaths of our pets. Make your own, take their bottom line away from them and save your pets at the same time.


  8. I fed taste of the wild and 2 weeks before the recall I called to tell them that there was something wrong with the food. Every dog in my house became ill with vomitting and diarrhea. Of course I had not kept the bags because I store the food in a bin. Learned that lesson. I unfortunately lost one of my older boys and have had over a thousand dollars is vet bills. I also got the standard answer, sorry about your problems do you want a coupon. Are they kidding.


    • They make me sick. A coupon??? I hope you and your vet reported the problem to the FDA. It is really important that you do. Bags don’t matter – it’s the result that matters. You know it was the food and the FDA understands people do that all the time. At least you know the brand, where you bought it and when you bought it. They can tell allot just with that information…You’d be surprised…I am so sorry for your terrible loss.


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  10. Wow. The pet food clown car just keeps driving along. I don’t even see this up on their website. The concern for the consumer is underwhelming.


  11. Excellent questions! Love the title. I started a fb page called ‘Diamond Pet Food Sucks’. Hope people realize how awful this company really is and never goes back to buying their food.


  12. I don’t think they care how many animals were compromised. If they did they would not just tell someone, like they told me, “Oh, I am sorry to hear about your cat, fill out the Recall Form, and we will send you a certificate for a free bag.”

    I would love to hear the answers they give you Mollie!

    I am telling everyone I know of the recalls, most of the people I know do feed one of these foods on the list, and do you know that all of them, and I do mean all of them, did not know that there was a recall. I guess the stores are not telling people or giving people the heads up to check the welfare of their animals. There are no signs out of the recall at these stores. EVERYONE IS OUT TO MAKE A BUCK AT OUR PET’S EXPENSE.


  13. the answer to your questions would be “GREED” the questions you asked them are very good but they will ignore them, big money pays big money
    I say we take it to the highest level, our own government is corrupt so that will be a challenge but well worth it
    Pam Bondi is the AG for Florida, also Boone Picken’s wife could be a start. We have to do this for our babies because they have NO VOICES, even poor people are eating these poisionous foods, children and adults who have too because they cannot afford food, and what about the shelter donations and pet food banks, their pets are getting sick and worse dying because they want to keep their pets but cannot afford thequality food so they buy the cheapest they can. I buy Blue Buffalo, yes it can be expensive but my Angel(male Golden) is priceless and so many other people feel the same


  14. Super article… I am sure passing this along to ALL my dog parents.. Thanks again Mollie !!!!


  15. I am disgusted with this whole deal. It was easy to blame China for all the deaths – now, it sure looks like we’re being suckered by our own. Makes me sick.Thanks for keeping us informed. Go get ’em!!


  16. good morning
    I congratulate him for his good work informing consumers, I report in Spain from your information and information thixton Susan, to accuse me of telling lies, they say that in Spain it is not possible to reach the infected product, say Spanish customs that makes analysis .. I am now working on finding out if this may be true, my view is that not true, that Customs can not analyze each of the foods that come in sealed bags .. sorry for very bad English.
    receives a warm greeting !


  17. Excellent, excellent article. Love the questions. Looking forward to the answers. Should I hold my breath?



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