Diamond adds another dog food to the growing list of recalled pet foods (UPDATE)

UPDATE: May 19, 2012
The recall is for a pet food made at a Diamond Pet Foods manufacturing facility in Meta, Missouri. This makes the second of Diamond’s manufacturing plants to be contaminated with Salmonella. The Diamond Pet Foods’ Gaston, South Carolina plant is still under investigation by the FDA following massive recalls for pet foods possibly contaminated with Salmonella Infantis, which resulted in the illness of 16 people who came in contact with the bacteria.

Diamond Pet Foods adds another dog food possibly contaminated with Salmonella bacteria to their ever-expanding list of recalls, waiting until a late Friday afternoon to release the information timed to minimize publicity.

In Diamond Pet Foods typically opaque fashion no explanation for the new discovery of a “potentially” contaminated dog food with Salmonella was given. Inexplicably separate from the recall production period of the previously recalled pet foods, between December 9, 2011 – April 7, 2012, during which all batches manufactured at their South Carolina plant in that period were affected.

Questions remain

The question remains: what occurred on that specific day, on August 26, 2011, with that particular food at the plant? We don’t know. What plant the pet food was manufactured in? They didn’t say. What does “potential exposure to Salmonella” mean, precisely? They don’t elaborate. The product manufactured late August is not packaged until the last week in September and the third week of October of that same year. Where and how the product is stored before it is packaged, is a mystery.

Carefully crafted crap

What is apparent, however, is the continued use of carefully crafted press releases, using oily words and phrases meant to diminish the negative impression of the recalls; which at this late stage in Diamond’s crisis is more irritating than effective.

Minimizing the reality of the situation by continually referring to their recalls as a “limited voluntary recalls” seems delusional considering the scope of the recalls. Always being careful to refer only to the product as “potentially” contaminated, adding the meaningless “no illnesses have been reported”.

Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Food Added to Recall

May 18, 2012

Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Rice Formula samples, 6 pound and 18 pound bag sizes, manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011, have been added to the limited voluntary recall, due to potential exposure to Salmonella. No illnesses have been reported.

The product was distributed in the following states, further distribution through other pet food channels may have occurred [i.e. online sales].

South Dakota

Production Code & Best Before Dates:
DSL0801, 26-Aug-2012
DSL0801, 27-Sept- 2012 (Product manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011 and packaged on Sept. 27, 2011)
DSL0801, 18-Oct- 2012 (Product manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011 and packaged on Oct. 18, 2011)
DSL0801, (Samples)

Pet owners who are unsure if the product they purchased is included in the recall, or who would like replacement product or a refund, may contact Diamond Pet Foods via a toll free call at 1-866-918-8756, Monday through Sunday, 8 am – 6pm EST.

Diamond Pet Foods apologizes for any issues this may have caused pet owners and their pets.

(Source: http://diamondpet.com/information)

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