Lesse, I tink I rememburs hoaw tu uze deez tingz. Put tongue on da keyboardz and...

Wellness’ Sneaky Facebook Recall of Moldy Dog Food Leaves Consumers Worried

Lesse, I tink I rememburs hoaw tu uze deez tingz. Put tongue on da keyboardz and...

Following the recall of a Wellness brand dog food posted on Facebook a week ago, consumers are still waiting for an official announcement of the recall of the moldy dog food.

Recalls posted on Facebook don’t really count.

Why? Because, unless a press release is issued, the media won’t pick it up, consumers won’t find out about it, and the FDA can’t enter it into their state-of-the-art safety reporting portal if the company fails to write one.

Originally, the company used hurricane Sandy as an excuse for their lame recall notification method, because they claimed their servers suffered millions of dollars worth of damage. Which by all accounts was probably true, as witnessed by the devastation Sandy left in it’s wake.

Nevertheless, that excuse, while at the top the list of really bitchin’ excuses, is only good for a short time.

Because anyone old enough to remember typewriters will attest to, that before the age of computers the world did just fine communicating without them. In the olden-times, people used to type out letters on paper. That’s right – paper, remember that stuff? After making corrections with White-Out, one would stuff the thing in an envelope, lick a stamp and stick it in one of those things they called mail boxes.

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Fast forward to today – WellPet’s websites are back up – and I ask you, what’s the hold-up?

There is nothing posted on WellPet or Wellness’ websites. The Wellness brand recalled dog food can be seen on their website, but there is no notice warning consumers of potential mold growth in the recalled product. Nothing.

I’m sorry, but it does not take a company seven days to craft a press release, hurricane Sandy or no hurricane Sandy unless they are complete losers. I think it is a disgrace that a company selling pet food could be so careless.

Perhaps, this oversight is an indication that WellPet is more concerned about the negative publicity a press release would create than the genuine care and concern they should have for the health and well-being of the pets they make food for.

Who knows, maybe the press release is sitting somewhere, gathering dust in a remote post office, or maybe the mail carrier was struck by lightning, or maybe…the dog ate it. Yeah! That’s the ticket!

If you have purchased the recalled moldy Wellness dog food and would like to contact them, please do so, I’m sure they would love to hear from you.

200 Ames Pond Drive
Tewksbury, MA 01876-1274
(800) 225-0904 M-F 8:00-5:00 (ET)

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