Triumph Cat Food Recalled for Metal Contamination, Choking Hazard to Cats

After Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food posted a notice about a possible Triumph pet food recall, I got confirmation today from Triumph Pet Food that yes, indeed, there is an actual recall for a Triumph canned cat food for possible contamination with metal pieces which could pose a serious choking risk to cats. Unfortunately, because this is what’s known as a ‘silent recall’ you will not find this information anywhere on the FDA’s website, nor on Triumph’s own website.

The following information was given to me by a Triumph consumer representative over the phone: They informed me the recall was only for Triumph’s Ocean Fish Formula Cat Food in the 13.2 oz cans, UPC 0-73657-00289-5, with a production date of August 3, 2016.

They also confirmed the food was manufactured at the same Simmons Pet Food canning facility where four other recent recalls for pet foods that were initiated for the same reason: metal contamination. Those other recalls were for canned varieties of PetSmart’s Grreat dog food, Wellness’ cat food, Companion’s dog food and Blue Buffalo’s dog food.

Customers who have questions or concerns are urged to contact Triumph Pet Food online or call them toll-free at (800) 705-2111.

triumph canned cat food recall

Consumers who have experienced adverse events with this, or any other pet food, are urged to make a report to the FDA. The simplest method for doing so is by simply calling one of the FDA’s Consumer Complaint Coordinators in your local area. To learn more about reporting a problem with a pet food to the FDA, please go here.

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