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The illusion of choice: How to shop without losing your ethics along the way

How many products and brands are owned by the company you most love to hate? If you wanted to boycott that company do you realize how many other brands they own and all of the other products they make?

We say we hate them, but when we are standing in the grocery store aisle deciding which brand to buy do we make our decision based on a moral and ethical one or is it a purely economical one?

If we choose not to support corporations that we believe have harmed animals, do we even know how to make the ethical choice?

When we say we are going to boycott brand X, do we know what that really means? What if we add other another brand? Do we know who owns them? Who are their parent companies?

To vote with our wallets we need to know who and what we are really buying.

As long as we continue to buy their products we are continuing to choose to support them and their way of doing business.

Do you want to support a company that cares more about profits than the pets, your children’s future, and the planet?

It’s up to you. It is your choice.

Choose wisely.

Multinational brands parent companies Big Food and Big Pet Food

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Mollie Morrissette

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  1. Great article. Not easy, shopping with ethics. The chart is very impressive AND educational. Love the magnify tool.!! I knew Nestle was big, but didn’t know that it also owns Armani, Ralph Lauren, etc “parfums”. Tried to find Ol’ Roy, but apparently it is owned and marketed by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Guess that’s another chart.


  2. Do you have a list of parent companies for all pet food brands? I know Natura was bought out by P & G. I think it would help pet owners to know who their pet food companies are owned by along with all the other products they produce.


    • Apparently this is the most current infographic available for the major labels. I will continue to search for more a detailed infographic based on the parent companies of every single brand of pet food if one even exists.

      There are many many different ways of taking the same basic information and turning it into another type or style of inforgraphic.

      I wanted people to understand primarily what it means when we say we want to boycott Purina (for example); that means we really are boycotting every single brand and product made or owned by Purina’s parent Nestle, the largest food producer in the world.

      I think people really have no idea what it really means when they say, boycott Waggin’ Train (for example) or all products imported from China.

      Most people, I believe, have no concept of the reality of what it means to follow through with that pledge, when I know their heart is in the right place and have every intention of doing so.

      It’s easy to remember what “not” to buy in the pet food aisle, but will you remember your commitment in the frozen food section, or worse, when your standing facing the wall of cookies or cereals to choose from. Most are made by Big Food.

      Maybe that is elitist, and some might say it’s too expensive to be such a label snob. Perhaps, but to me real cost is paid by the planet, the people and the animals living on it for generations to come. And preserving what I cherish is worth every penny.


  3. WOW Looks like ten companies own most of the product I use. I’m still mad at 7-UP for firing that guy who TNR’s cats in the alley.. Haven’t bought a single bottle of 7-UP since. Need to rethink that and get more information. Thank you!



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