Trust me honey, cat shit is waaaayy healthier than that Wellness crap.

Sandy wipes out Wellness, Holistic Select, Eagle Pack & Old Mother Hubbard websites

Trust me honey, cat shit is waaaayy healthier than that Wellness crap.

Hurricane Sandy wiped out at least four major pet food sites this week; all of them WellPet’s websites: Wellness, Holistic Select, Eagle Pack and Old Mother Hubbard, are down since their server suffered sever damage. They are hoping they will be back online by Friday.

It may seem ridiculous to give people an update about a website outage when people up and down the East coast are facing real problems, not server issues. But, you may change your mind when you take a look at this photograph of the dog food Wellness is currently being recalled:

WellPet Wellness mold aflatoxin dry food recall moisture dog small

Because for anyone who thinks of their pets as family members and feeds them Wellness brand pet food to them – this is not frivolous information. This shocking photograph is of a returned bag of Wellness Small Breed Adult Dog Food provided to Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food by pet store owner The Holistic Pet Center.

You can plainly see clumps of greenish mold that have enveloped the dog food, encasing it in a tomb of rotting decay. The pet store owner said to Susan it was “worst bag of moldy dog food EVER!” in a recent Truth About Pet Food article.

Another one of Susan’s readers shared her concern that her bag of “Wellness Simple Solutions Lamb and Oatmeal had a decidedly musty, stale odor”.

Hurricane Sandy didn’t stop pet parents from voicing their concerns, and WellPet tried to sooth understandably worried pet parents with banal statements like the moisture levels of their “recipes”, as they call them, “pose no health risk” to their pets

Uh huh. Yeah, right.

That's OK dear, that won't kill you - but that moldy dog food could - so, go ahead have at it!

After Sandy hit the East coast on Tuesday, WellPet was faced with issuing a recall on its Facebook page to announce that 12-pound bags with a best-by date of Aug. 18, 2013, may have high moisture levels that create the potential for mold.

WellPet claims the website outage limited WellPet’s ability to report a recall of the Wellness Small Breed Adult Health dry dog food. Although, I fail to comprehend how hurricane Sandy affected their ability to use a keyboard and write a press release, but perhaps Sandy took out their laptops as well, we just don’t know.

Meanwhile, consumers with questions regarding Tuesday’s recall of Wellness brand dry dog food can still reach Wellness by e-mail or phone. Wellpet told consumers that their websites may be operating again Friday, but that in the meantime WellPet’s consumer affairs team is answering the phones at 800-225-0904 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT and responding to email at

Source: Pet Product News & Truth About Pet Food
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