Kaytee baby bird formulas recalled for excess Vitamin D

Kaytee brand is recalling two products, exact Hand Feeding Formula Baby Birds and Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Formula Baby Macaw, due to high levels of vitamin D.

Kaytee product recall information notice via

Kaytee, a Central Garden & Pet brand, is recalling two products, Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Birds and Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Macaw, due to high levels of vitamin D. These products are used primarily by bird breeders for feeding baby birds. Baby birds being fed the formula may run the risk of kidney failure when ingesting the product.

The products being recalled were manufactured over a limited range of dates. Products manufactured prior to these dates and after these dates have been tested and are safe for feeding to baby birds. Consumers should inspect the product packaging for the “Best Before Code (date)” to determine if it is affected by this recall. All distributors have been notified of the recall and have been asked to reach out to their retail customers and to immediately remove the affected products from the shelf.

The recalled lots are listed below:

Product Code/SKU/ Material # UPC Code Size  Lot/Serial No. Product Name/Description Best Before Code (day/month/yr)
 100032326 07185947510 6/7.5 oz. A1 Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Bird 21 Mar 2013 and
20 Apr 2013
 100032328 07185947511 6/18 oz. A2 Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Bird 9 Mar 2013 and
19 Apr 2013
 100032330*100034332 07185947512 4/5 lb. A3*includes 10 cases of Petco store product Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Bird 14 Mar 2013,
30 Mar 2013 and
16 May 2013*30 March 2013
 100032336 07185947518 1/22 lb. A4 Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Bird 21 Mar 2013,
13 Apr 2013 and
16 May 2013
 100032337 07185947515 4/5 lb. B1 Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Macaw 1 Mar 2013,
14 Mar 2013 and
19 Apr 2013

Products and product lots that do not appear on the list are not subject to this recall.

Having a hard time finding the best before code please click here.

This recall is being initiated due to an elevated amount of vitamin D that was unintentionally added in an isolated mixing batch during the manufacturing process.

Kaytee will work with pet owners individually on a case by case basis to handle their individual needs appropriately. All Kaytee products are guaranteed and consumers can receive a full refund for all recalled products. For more information, consumers may call Kaytee at 1-800 Kaytee-1 (800) 529-8331) or email us at

Customers who purchased these products should review the “Best before Code (dates)” and to see if they fall within the recalled product date ranges. Customers may call Kaytee at 1-800 Kaytee-1 (800 529-8331) or email us at for additional information to receive reimbursement for their purchase.

SOURCE: Kaytee Corp

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  1. I would like to make sure everyone knows some of the symptoms to keep an eye out for regarding this recall.

    Our 6 week old Senegal, who was 4 weeks old when he started this bad batch of Kaytee mix, began by not being able to open his eyes, then we noticed stunted growth and he was having problems swallowing food and water. Just before he died at 6 weeks he looked younger and smaller than when we took him from the breeder box. At the very end he threw up all food in his crop, opened his glassed-over eyes and flapped one wing for a few seconds…I was holding him thru all this.

    We also have a 4 month old B&G Macaw who was just over 3 months old when all this started. He is still alive fortunately (I think because he was slightly older and larger) but both of his kidneys are damaged. His symptoms were that he drank massive amounts of water, became very lethargic/weak, very sleepy and could barely keep his eyes completely open. He stopped standing up straight and went back to crouching and didn’t move much. Of course he had very watery stools. What we have learned is that there is a baby bird food you can get from the vet that is high in protein and other vitamins/minerals (I believe it was called Critical Needs Baby Bird Food). After having a meal of this he perked up a lot and began stretching his wings again. We had an x-ray done on him which showed calcification’s in both kidneys. Blood work came back showing his blood was very toxic. The vet began yesterday by keeping him all day and giving him basically shots of water under the skin to help clean him out (he has been off the bad batch of bird food since 4/25/12). We picked him up last night and he had improved very much. We stopped by Wal-mart and picked up some Pedialyte (unflavored) and have been giving him that instead of water. He is back at the vets again today and will be tomorrow for shots of water under the skin every 2 hours. He has even begun eating some solids, so at this point we are hopefully optimistic.

    I wanted to get this information out there to anyone else that it may help.


  2. Kaytee may have issued the recall but they did an extremely poor job of getting the word out. I found out from the pet store after going thru the entire 5 pound bag of tainted product. We have lost a 6 week old Senegal and a 5 week old b&g macaw. They both died in my hands and I will be the first to admit it affected me profoundly. I am looking to start a class action lawsuit or join an existing one. -Kelly


    • OMG Kelly! I am so, so sorry. Your poor babies. I would be livid. And heartbroken. How tragic. I am so sorry for your profound loss. I cannot imagine the devastation. My heart breaks when I hear these stories. I pray this doesn’t happen again.


  3. I work with exotic birds and have been effected by this recall. I would like to commend KT on their prompt response to the problem. They have been great about providing information, not only about the effected product but also listing symptoms and encouraging folks to seek veterinary attention.


    • That is good to know. I thought their press release was exceptionally thoughtful and they seemed genuinely concerned. I was impressed. I guess Kaytee is one of the good guys. Thanks Erin for your info!



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