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Putrid stench from Purina pet food plant still causing people to want to puke

Nestlé Purina PetCare has come under fire repeatedly for failing to stop the foul smell caused by steam emanating from a plant in Sudbury, England. For over a decade nearby residents have endured, despite repeated complaints, what has been colorfully described as something that smells like a “shit house door on a tuna boat”.

Its not surprising that those residents stopped buying Purina pet food long ago, after wondering just what kind of pet food could they be cooking in the plant. Although Purina claims it is “safe, high quality pet food“, anyone who has ever gotten a whiff of the witch’s brew concocted in the plant would argue, that whatever Purina calls it, it shouldn’t ever be called a food or fed to any living thing.

Last April, Purina set up a liaison group to handle the complaints. In response, Purina began an all out “odor neutralization process” in an effort to appease the people plagued by the pungent pollution. Purina installed $383,000 worth of state-of-the-art scrubbers to the steam stacks at their plant with the hope that it would decrease emission sources (i.e.: stinky smells) and they installed new software to help them monitor the stench more effectively. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and nearby residents say it still stinks to high heaven.

County and district councilor, John Sayers, who is on the liaison group says:

“I am of the opinion that the factory should stop operating while complaints about smell are investigated.”

Purina, owned by food giant Nestle, whose pet food brands include Purina Pro Plan, Purina Dog Chow, Friskies, Beneful and Purina ONE.


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