Purina, Wal-Mart face another lawsuit over lethal jerky treats from China

Nestle-Purina, makers of Waggin’ Train jerky treats, is facing yet another lawsuit over their tainted pet treats imported from China, along with the retail giant Wal-Mart for selling the suspect treats.

A lawsuit, filed in New Orléans yesterday, alleges that Nestle-Purina’s Waggin’ Train’s jerky pet treats caused the illness and death of three dogs and asks for an unspecified amount in damages.

The lawsuit claims that two of their dogs died immediately after being fed the jerky treats of inexplicable causes and a third dog passed away due to a rapid onset of advanced liver disease, gastrointestinal hemorrhaging of unknown origin and profound anemia – all diagnoses consistent with documented deaths caused by antibiotics contained in the jerky.

Brocato and Vickers are represented by Edward J. Lilly of Crull, Castaing & Lilly of New Orleans, case no. 2013-10919.

SOURCE: http://louisianarecord.com/news/258758-wal-mart-and-pet-food-manufacturers-sued-over-allegedly-lethal-dog-treats

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  1. China cannot be trusted we should all know this by now and neither can the big pet food manufacturers who still bought from china despite the last disaster and recall we buy nothing from china and nothing specifically from Walmart its time we all woke up we should never let down our guard.


  2. Some of the same symptoms that almost killed my dog. I saw these “treats” on the shelves at Walmart and shuddered while feeling helpless to warn their customers not to buy them. I no longer shop at Walmart and I buy nothing with the Putrina label.



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