purina waggin train chicken jerky dog treats

Purina Refuses to Recall Tainted Jerky Treats in Canada Citing Regulatory Inconsistencies

purina waggin train chicken jerky dog treats

Iz bettur tastin’ tu!

Nestle-Purina told Canadian officials they have no intention of recalling Waggin’ Train or Canyon Creek Ranch contaminated chicken jerky pet treats in their country despite that they are currently being withdrawn from the market in the U.S.


Because Nestle Purina doesn’t have to.

Nestle Purina says treats are considered safe according to Canadian regulations. Purina spokesman Keith Schopp says they have no plans to recall the treats — made from chicken jerky products in China despite a decision to do so in the United States because “testing turned up no health concerns for pets”.

Sadly, Canada does not have the same drug residue restrictions as the U.S. In fact, many believe that Canadian animal feed and pet food regulations do not adequately protect the safety of food for animals in Canada.

Purina’s message didn’t sit well with Costco Canada, who are taking matters into their own hands and are pulling the tainted brands off store shelves in Canada despite Purina’s assurance that the treats are perfectly safe.

In a statement to CBC News, Costco said it made the decision even though Canadian regulations “are not the same as the U.S .regarding residual antibiotics in pet food.

The recall announcements this week of Nestle Purina and Del Monte’s Milo’s Kitchen pet treats came as a relief to American consumers who have been plagued with the problem pet treats that have sickened thousands of dogs in America after New York State Department of Agriculture discovered illegal drug residues of five different antibiotics in the treats.

Source: Costco removes contaminated dog treats from shelves

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