Pet Food Petition Struggles Under the Weight of the Creaky Ol' Broken-Down White House Petition Site

Update: Susan Thixton’s valiant petition to reform the pet food industry practices is croaking on the fatally flawed, incomprehensibly confounding “We The People” petition website.

pissed off cat

I am madder than hornet on a wet hen, dadgummit

Sadly,  many other worthy petitions are suffering a similar fate.Their prognosis a grim one, non-profit groups by the droves are abandoning the White House website for more favorable locations.

In response to the hundreds of complaints many non-profits have received, many have posted elaborate instructions for how to navigate and sign their petitions on the White House government website. Adding that, despite their stellar instructions, your brilliant mind and your patience of a Saint, that it is still possible the instructions given won’t always work and to please e-mail them so the can try to help the frustrated and befuddled Sainted citizens to achieve the impossible.

Mad cat grumpy Phooey.

This is whut I thinks of da gubemint petition site. Phooey.

Frustrated by the inefficiency of the White House’s petition process, like many others, Susan has wisely chosen to do what many others have done to preserve their cause and preserve what was left of their sanity, and that was to move it to another petition site.

Susan’s “We the Pet People” petition can now be signed, without pulling out your hair or draining a perfectly good bottle of Vodka in a single sitting, on

scary kitten scared floofy hair on end holloween kitty

It freeks me out how scary-brokenz da gubbermint iz.

So all you Saints, PhDs and other brains you can quit beating yourself up, put that bottle down, and head on over to and sign the petition on a site that actually functions. Now isn’t that much better?

But, if you’re a glutton for punishment go and have a shot at the petition on the White House website. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Don’t forget to give those social media fingers some excercise: tweet it, text it, post it, share it, e-mail it, follow it, like it – whatever it – just do it!

Pissed off cat

Ifan yu don't sign dem partitions I'mma comin over to yur house an pee on sumptin!

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