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New Book Reveals Appalling Flaws in the Pet Food Industry: TOXIC. From Factory to Food Bowl, Pet Food Is a Risky Business

Phyllis Entis,  food safety expert, Food Safety News reporter, food safety microbiologist, aka Food Bug Lady, and pet parent, has written one of the few (great) books ever on the pet food industry. 

“The reality behind the appetizing package labels and enticing website advertising may shock you,” the author warns.

TOXIC. From Factory to Food Bowl, Pet Food Is a Risky Business is a meticulous examination of the events surrounding the tragic consequences of tainted pet food. It’s based on exhaustive research and extensive references while avoiding the pitfall of using hysteria and hyperbole to dramatize the subject. Instead, the author chronicles, in painstaking detail, how negligent pet food company practices have led to the death and illness of an untold number of cats and dogs in the United States. 

In addition, her book explains why issues inherent in the pet food industry – such as 4D meat – and the ignorance of safety measures and weak enforcement make for a lethal combination. She includes the heartbreaking accounts of case stories detailing the tragic consequences of contaminated pet food and how, sadly, it takes the illness and death of a beloved pet to reveal when pet food has the potential to kill.

Finally, she offers sage advice, guidance, and excellent references for consumers on making better – and safer – pet food choices. And what to do when things go wrong. But what speaks volumes is that Ms. Entis has decided on the safest and healthiest pet food she makes herself.

TOXIC. From Factory to Food Bowl, Pet Food Is a Risky Business is available in digital format from all major ebook retailers and can be purchased in paperback on Amazon. book

Phyllis’s dog Shalom thrives on a home-cooked diet she prepares (below).


The featured image is an illustration, Portrait of a lady with her dog, by Mollie Morrissette. Prints are available at Saatchi Art.

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