Move Over Martha Stewart, I’m Going to a Protest!


It’s that time of year again – shopping till you wear the numbers off your credit cards, slaving in the kitchen over a hot stove, entertaining your family from Hell, trying to make your dog house  – Oops, I mean your pet-friendly furnishings – presentable to guests, last minute trips to the store for hors d’oeuvres because the dog ate the ones you diligently copied from Martha Stewart’s Home for the Holidays cookbook – Thanksgiving.

Wishing Calgon would take you away or that you had a frontal lobotomy so you could actually enjoy entertaining like Martha Stewart does, instead you push yourself to a frazzle trying to keep up with the myth that holidays are supposed to be a time of celebration and giving thanks. While deep down you know the only thing that’s going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside is not going to be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV, but a nice, frosty ice-cold martini. But since you’re on the wagon after making a complete ass of yourself at that last Christmas office party where you…Well, you get the picture.

Take heart, my frazzled friend – there is a remedy. And no, I don’t mean that great big bottle of Ketel One chilling in your freezer, but a sure-fire way to stop feeling sorry for yourself: to realize how many animals are suffering right this very minute. Because, unlike you, they don’t know where their next meal is coming from, or why they were abandoned at an animal shelter, are lonely and scared, and in dire need of a great big hug and some help from you!

With that, I give you several ways to give thanks for what you have by helping some of those animals by giving your support to these wonderful causes.

You can buy some food for the pets affected by Hurricane Sandy

You can help a local animal shelter by adopting or fostering a black pet (or any color, really)

You can support Etsy for Animals artists by buying healthy & handmade adorable toys & treats to give to your pets or animal shelter pets.

And finally…

You can boycott Wal-Mart by joining the Black Friday for Pets protest at Wal-Mart stores nationwide today, by letting Wal-Mart know you will not spend a red cent at their stores until they remove the deadly dog treats from the market!

Get out there and join the pet parents who have lost a beloved pet to those nasty toxic treats by attending a peaceful protest at Wal-Mart today. All the instructions for how to participate are on this very website. No excuses, go to the Black Friday for Pets Google Map and find that local Wal-Mart near you!

black friday for pets

black friday for pets

To find out more, visit Black Friday for Pets, a Protest to Stop the Sale of Deadly Pet Treats – Poisoned Pets


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Mollie Morrissette

Mollie Morrissette, the author of Poisoned Pets, is an animal food safety expert and consumer advisor. Help support her work by making a donation today.


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