Moldy Dog Candy Recalled via Twitter: Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Dog Candy Fruit Hound Cake and Dog Candy Blueberry Hound Cake

Just in time for Christmas – an obscure recall of Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Dog Candy Fruit Cake and Dog Candy Blueberry Cake for the possibility of mold. Now I know people are the unfortunate recipients of fruit cake during the holidays, but dogs? These two questionable dog treats, if you can call them that, were recalled via, get this, a tweet on Twitter. Yup, that’s right. Always a sure-fire way to look totally unprofessional and like an ass – just Twitter your pet food catastrophes – somebody is bound to pick it up.

The twittered product withdrawal posted on PetSmart’s Twitter feed:

Claudia’s Cuisine Voluntary Product Withdrawal 12.6.2012: Claudia’s Cuisine has issued a voluntary product (cont)

via Twit Longer:

Claudia’s Cuisine Voluntary Product Withdrawal 12.6.2012
Claudia’s Cuisine has issued a voluntary product withdrawal on Dog Candy Fruit Hound Cake (7.5oz) and Dog Candy Blueberry Hound Cake (7.5oz). No other products have been impacted. These products are being voluntarily withdrawn due to the potential to contain mold. Claudia’s Cuisine has not received any reports of illness associated with the affected product. If you suspect that your Claudia’s Cuisine product may have mold growth, please bring it to your closest PetSmart store for a full refund. If you have any questions about this voluntary withdrawal, please call Claudia’s Cuisine’s Customer Service at 501-851-0002 or email

You can forget about going to Claudia’s website for more information, because, surprise!, there isn’t any. The website is under construction – another sure-fire way to look utterly and completely careless and clueless canine candy maker.

Meanwhile, I can tell you when it comes to mold – it usually means the really nasty kind when it involves grains, which I’m sure these cakes are loaded with: Aflatoxin. But I’m only guessing, because the numb skulls who put out the recall tweet aren’t telling. To be on the safe side, assume the worst and hope for the best. Although, I wouldn’t put too much stock in that hope.

Don’t forget – if you have a problem with a pet food to report it to the FDA and/or call the FDA consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

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