Sneaky Recall Alert: Moldy Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recalled; “High Moisture Level” Blamed

Blue Buffalo snuck a silent recall in on consumers over the holiday weekend: A batch of their moldy dog food is being recalled.

But good luck finding it on their website. Hint: You won’t. It’s not there.

News leaked to Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food six days ago, said a recall was imminent (thank you Susan), and so far the only valid news about it appeared on PetSmart’s corporate website (read by millions, I’m sure).

Is the recall posted on Blue Buffalo’s website?


Did they publish a press release?


Was it published on the FDA’s recall page?


Typical of these types of sleazy pet food recalls, are to do it on a holiday, after hours or on a weekend, and true to form, Blue Buffalo slid this one out using all three qualifications for this type of consumer-unfriendly recall.

The details:

Recall of 30lb Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Fish & Sweet Potato Recipe for Dogs

Blue Buffalo has issued a “voluntary” product recall for specific lot codes of the below item as a “precautionary measure” due to due to “high moisture levels” [aka mold] resulting in “potential mold growth” in the identified product.



Best By Date or Lot Code

Life Protection Formula Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe for Dogs, 30lb


APR 11 17
1208 – 1400

The Best Before date is found on the bottom right of the back right panel as shown in the image below:


As usual, they claim:

“Blue Buffalo is not aware of any dogs becoming ill from this issue and no other Blue Buffalo products are impacted.”

If you have questions about this voluntary recall, please contact Blue Buffalo Customer Service at 1-800-919-2833 (

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  1. This is one of the problems with the internet. The allowed slander! First, Ayesha Iqbal’s post had nothing to do with Blue Buffalo as she even admits to not feeding that brand. Second, there is no proof the illness even came from the food she was feeding. Third, after writing that the pet was taken to several vets, a link is still offered for a vet to report a foodborne illness. Fourth, I’ve seen dogs eat far worse than a pet food with a little mold on it with no effects. Don’t take advise from someone who claims to be doing you a service and then asks for donations.


  2. i think my dog was affected by this. He got sick after the holiday weekend. We don’t buy the mentioned bag of dog food and had bought it several weeks earlier. But we witnessed, high fever of 104, and pains. We went to several vets and he had stomach surgery. We still don’t know what exactly made him sick. But i am changing his food, I feel that he had some sort of poisoning. So far we are recovering, but it was an ordeal of emergency clinics, regular vets, the university vets and new vets to find out what is going on. He also had trouble digesting and crystals in the urine. Today I threw out the bag. Its so painful to see your pet go through this. For 4 yrs I suffered from depression trying to find what was missing in my life. it was the companionship of a dog. I started healing. But when he was so sick I was also falling back too. We need to stop poisoning our pets and ourselves for the mighty dollar.



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