Kroger Faces Class-Action Suit Over Pet Food Recall

Macuga, Liddle & Dublin filed a class action complaint in federal court against the Kroger Company on behalf of all customers who purchased pet food contaminated with aflatoxin, which posed a serious health risk to pets. The lawsuit facing Kroger stems from a pet food recall involving 10 brands in 19 states nearly two years ago.

Following complaints by consumers regarding animal illnesses and deaths related to Kroger pet food products, the company recalled more than 68,000 bags of pet food contaminated with aflatoxinin. The recall included Pet Pride cat and kitten food, Old Yeller dog food and Kroger Value dog dry kibble food formulas.

The lead plaintiffs in the suit, which was filed by in Detroit, said they fed Kroger’s Old Yeller Chunk Dog Food to their pedigreed German Shepherd. In January 2011, their dog vomited and became lethargic. Two veterinary visits and two days later, the plaintiffs’ dog died.

“For most people, our pets are family members,” Steve Liddle, lead attorney, was quoted as saying in the release. “This recall has affected thousands of families across the nation and caused a great deal of damage.”

The complaint filed in federal court on behalf of all customers who purchased the Kroger brand pet food contaminated with aflatoxin.  If your pet suffered any illnesses or damages related to the Kroger pet foods recall or if you purchased any of the recalled Kroger pet foods, call Macuga, Liddle & Dublin at 800-536-0045.

Source: Daytona Daily News

Link: FDA Notice: Kroger Recalls Pet Foods Due to Possible Health Risk

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