Japan Tsunami Dog Rescued After Three Weeks at Sea

dog rescue miracle in japan after three weeks at sea he survived the tsunami


The Japanese coast guard have rescued a dog believed to have survived the massive tsunami of March 11 and also three weeks at sea.


The dog was found on the floating roof of a house that had been washed out to sea, nearly two kilometers from the coast of Kesennuma in northern Japan. It evaded capture for several hours as it scrambled over the large floating rubble raft.


Once rescued, the dog captured the hearts of the coast guard when it licked its rescuers hands and quietly ate biscuits and sausages on a patrol boat.



Bless his cotton pickin’ heart! Golly, if I could have that doggie I would love him to pieces and pieces.  I’d smother him with big sloppy kisses and let him sleep under the covers and eat buffalo and chase my cats and I’d let him sleep on my cashmere sweaters and eat my crocodile shoes! Oh my God, did you ever see such a face?!

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