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Evanger’s Dog Food Blamed in Deadly Dog Food Poisoning; One Dog Died, Three Others in ICU

A New Year’s Eve celebration turned deadly when four dogs became gravely ill immediately after being fed Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Co. canned dog food.

The dog’s owner says she fed a can of Evanger’s Hunk of Beef with Au Jus dog food to her four pugs and within minutes, they were all sick. The pug’s owner explains:

“I fed them one can, and within fifteen minutes, they were acting drunk, walking around. They were falling over. So, I grabbed them all and took them to the emergency vet, and when I got them there, they were limp. They weren’t moving or anything,” she said.

All four dogs went into intensive care, and sadly, one of the dogs later died. Evanger’s donated the full amount ($5,800) on the pet parent’s fundraising page for the dog’s vet bills.

The family took the dead dog’s remains for a necropsy at Oregon State University. There, they hope to find out what killed the dog and made her siblings so sick.

Meanwhile, Evanger’s has not issued a recall, but the company has said it tracked down the lot number of the food the dogs were fed and found it was only distributed in Washington. In a statement on Evanger’s website, they explain:

“The Lot Number is 1816E06HB13…and was manufactured back in June 2016. We traced this batch and found that the entire lot went to one distributor in Washington State, and no other cans from this lot would be anywhere else in the country.  We asked the distributor if they had any product left of this same lot number, and they did not.  An Evanger’s representative contacted all 376 stores that the distributor sells to in order to find out if any product is still on shelves.”

“One store got back to us, and she informed us that the pug owner purchased the cans at her store, and she still had some product on her shelf.  We dispatched FedEx to pick up the remaining cans of the same lot number and had it sent directly to a third-party accredited laboratory for testing yesterday.”

Evanger’s has pledged to take back any product from customers who have concerns, no questions asked.

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