Dog Treat Illness Complaints Continue To Flood FDA

Phyllis Entis (aka foodbuglady extraordinaire and one heckuva smart cookie) of eFoodAlert was kind enough to help me out and in the process got an update on the jerky treat issue from the FDA as well, as per her special request. Oh, and she was kind enough to mention moi, that’s right, yours truly, in her article.

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Mollie Morrissette

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  5. I hear almost daily from customers how they would never buy anything for their pet from China. What most consumers don’t realize is that most of the vitamin/mineral premix that is added to kibble/dry food is from China. I think it’s a dirty little secret that the dog food companies don’t share, and is a common link that cheap grocery brands and expensive “healthy” brands share.


    • Believe me – I am well aware of this problem! I should do another post about it. Same rule applies to human supplements as well! There are a few companies that do not use any supplements (or anything else for that matter) from China, and some that believe in whole food nutrition. When I say a FEW, I mean just a few.


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