Dog food withdrawn from market after reports of kidney failure and death of dogs

A dog food sold in over 1,300 Mercadona Spanish supermarkets was withdrawn from the market Friday after receiving six reports of dogs becoming gravely ill and suffering from acute renal failure after eating Compy Brand dog food, a private label brand made exclusively for Mercadona by BYNSA a leading private label pet food manufacturer in Europe.

The company ordered a “precautionary recall”, something the manufacturers of chicken jerky treats poisoning dogs in the US would be wise to follow their example. BYNSA has 39% percent of the pet food market in Spain and produces a 100,ooo tons of product a year.

The group made the move, “as a precaution”, after receiving at least six complaints from customers all involving severe kidney damage. The products are now being analysed by its technicians to see if there is a connection between the food and dogs suffering kidney failure.

Pet parents said that after eating the food they noticed, “she was drinking excessive amounts of water and peeing a lot. In addition a Turre vet has confirmed they are dealing with four dogs, all with kidney problems and my own vet is also dealing with other dogs having the same problems. The common factor is they all have the same make of dog food in their diet.”

The Mercadona spokesman Jorge Romero insisted: “At this stage we have only removed the product as a precaution. We have received various calls, six complaints, and it has been removed from shops in Albox, Garrucha and Mojacar. This is not all over Andalucia. Technicians from our suppliers are currently analysing the products in their laboratories. They are also talking to these clients and have issued a help line 900500103 for anyone worried. It will be in both English and Spanish. We will let you know as soon as we have any more news.”

For anxious pet parents in the US, this may lead to an answer as to why their dogs are having similar problems. Concerned pet parents have started awareness campaigns to warn consumers about the Mercadora dog food and have created forums to share information (in English, links below).
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