King Charles I children and dogs

Milo’s Kitchen and Del Monte hit with class action lawsuit over deadly dog treats

King Charles I children and dogs

The origin of the King Charles spaniel dog

A class action lawsuit was filed California Superior Court on June 22 against food giant Del Monte Corporation and it’s subsidiary Milo’s Kitchen; the class action lawsuit brought against Del Monte for manufacturing, distributing and marketing jerky dog treats that are toxic and resulted in the near fatal illness of Susan Webster’s dog, a King Charles spaniel mix named Carter, after ingesting Milo’s Kitchen jerky treats containing chicken imported from China.

To date, Milo’s Kitchen and Del Monte deny all claims that their treats are toxic.  The Food and Drug Administration issued a “cautionary warning” to pet parents as early as 2007, and again in 2011, after it received complaints that dogs were being sickened by treats that contained chicken jerky from China.

The FDA announced in May 2012 that it had received almost 1,000 reports of sick or dead dogs who had eaten certain chicken jerky treats, including the Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brands produced by Nestle Purina PetCare Co., and the Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky Treats.

In the lawsuit Susan Webster claims the companies failed to properly investigate and test the potential toxicity of Milo’s Treats, wrongfully marketed the product, failed to warn consumers about the potential dangers and did not recall or discontinue sale of the treats and accuses the companies of false advertising and consumer law violations, breach of implied warranties and negligence. Susan also wants the chicken jerky removed from the shelves and seeks unspecified damages.

Anyone wishing to join Susan in the lawsuit should contact the lawfirm Khorrami, LLP in Los Angeles at 213.596.6000 or visit their website at


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  1. I find that no matter what I say to people, or how I warn them or what copy and pasting i do to warn and protect pets, that the owners pride, or lack of respect for safe pet products, or just being too stubborn to listen, is what winds up killing the pets that I have known.


  2. The only way to get across to people is word of mouth and the internet. When I see people in the stores picking up that item I open my mouth and let them know. Also with beneful dog food. It’s all bad.


  3. I’m so sorry about your dog. I lost my dog Jun 22nd – same problem. He was so sick and fought so hard. I’m sorry others are going through this and wish we could do more. My dog’s fav were the yams with jerky and he died at age 5 because of it. It also has cost me a fortune and I’m still paying on his Vet bill.


  4. My dog died from eating these jerky treats by Waggin Train..we gave her plenty as she LOVED them. Oh, wish I knew then what I know now


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  6. I’ve only bought 2 bags (meat slices and meat balls) so far………but, I NEVER buy chicken jerky. It’s clearly marked on the package made in China…and I don’t give my dog any products made in China. Sadly, I don’t understand why makers can’t make Chicken Jerky here. There is a place online made in the USA. I hope everyone does well with their furbabies.


  7. My dog has been eating them since they came on the market. We have had absolutely no issues


  8. My dog was in the vet hospital for 2 nights. She ate the treats for less than 2 weeks. She did recover but they should not get away with selling these. I filled a complaint with Del Monte and they said it was not there treats but change in diet. Bull the only diet change she had was those treats! And the vet had told me so. Another dog was brought in the day I picked her up ate the same treats and sick! I live in a very small town what are the odds!?


  9. My 2 year old st. Bernard Sam was diagnosed with kidney failure. They gave him three months to live. That was about three months ago now. They no explanation how he got sick. Hearing about these treats making dogs sick for the first time now looking back I did give him more then one of these treats. What do I do next can I join the lawsuit.


  10. Great job! My dog was deathly ill for 10 days and died. He was only 5 yr old and completely healthy. He adored these treats and he suffered terribly for it. Now I do the suffering.


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