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Pet food safety consumer group launched

UPDATE: I have no association with Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food, either personally of professionally, or the Association for Truth in Pet Food.

Walking down the pet food aisle, one is confronted with a dizzying array of brands and labels, each marketing a meal that seems intended to satisfy the appetite of the owner rather than the pet.

What many do not realize is that the pet food industry is an offshoot of the food and agriculture industry.  As the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) puts it, “Animal feeds provide a practical outlet for plant and animal by-products not suitable for human consumption.”

Pet food has become a convenient market for waste from meat and grain producers which are deemed inedible to humans.

The result of the pet food industry has meant an epidemic in foodborne related illnesses; responsible for the increased level of disease and death we see in the pet population today.  No other source causes as much suffering and disease as unsafe pet food.

As a result, pet food related diseases affect tens of millions of pets and kill thousands.  And consumers are left at the mercy of a billion dollar industry that benefits from their ignorance and ignores them when they have a problem.

However, all that is about to change.

The Association for Truth in Pet Food

Today, Susan Thixton and I are announcing the launch of a nonprofit pet food safety consumer advocacy group: The Association for Truth in Pet Food.  Our mission is simple: safer, healthier pet food one piece at a time.  Our goal: to achieve a single objective – to reform the pet food industry where pets and people, not profits, matter most.

The advocacy group will be representing the millions of cat and dog owners that purchase pet food in the United States; we will be the public’s pet food safety education and media relations resource, representative before Congress and state and federal agencies, organizer of seminars and educational programs, and liaison with other organizations.  Through our commitment to animal health, we will work with food safety advocates, veterinarians, and consumers, to strengthen and better focus our pet food safety efforts.

Join us

On behalf of millions of pet consumers, we invite you to join us and take part in the campaign to make the safety of food for our pets a reality; to be part of the collaborative effort to make sure that pet products are safe, wholesome, and correctly labeled and packaged.

This is your opportunity to have a voice and a vote in the future of safe food for pets, to have an active role in the process of helping create and establish the framework of our advocacy group.

Together we will advocate for positive change in the pet food industry.  We know that, together, with our passion and commitment, we can and will accomplish that task.  Together, with your support, we will make a difference.  It matters, because our pets matter.

For further details, please visit us at the Association for Truth in Pet Food.

We forward to working with you – and your pets!


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Mollie Morrissette

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