Mollie with Pussy Kitten her cat

My Valentine is Covered in Fur

Cat with heart shaped pee

Mommy, I made you a Valentine’s!


Valentine’s Day is here again, reminding single cat ladies why they prefer cats to boyfriends. Being a single cat lady has its advantages, really it does. Of course none spring immediately to mind, but nevertheless I know for a fact I am much better off with my eight cats than a crappy good-for-nothing boyfriend.

Come to think of it, I much prefer cats to babies. Cats can’t grow up, so they can’t ever do stupid stuff that humans do, like take the keys of Mommy’s precious vintage Mercedes, get shit-faced drunk, wind up in jail after they’ve totalled Mommy’s car. No, kitties will never disappoint you, betray you, or in general be a complete arsehole.

Do I sound a bit bitter?

Perhaps, but I know this Valentine’s Day when the love-lorn pine for Valentine’s that never come, the love-sick wait in silence by a phone that will never ring, and the ache of loneliness becomes a stabbing pain, I, on the other hand, will be surrounded with the undying love and devotion of my eight furry sweet-hearts.

One that note, I will repost my tome to love not missed: ‘I’d Rather Marry My Cat Than Date Another Creep‘.

Mollie with Pussy Kitten her cat

Me and my baby girl, Pussy Kitten, on her last day 2. 13. 2012

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