She may be cute, but she don't know shit about computers

Trouble in Poisoned Pets Land

She may be cute, but she don't know shit about computers

I love my cat Mommy, but she don’t know jack about computers. All she had to do was ask me for my help. After all, they don’t call me the Wizard of WordPress fur nothin’.

Poisoned Pets might have to go down for a bit. I’ve been having major problems with it. As you may have noticed, there are a few *ahem* problems such as missing images, missing videos, missing pages, comment issues, icon, image and font weirdness, navigation issues, widgets that work only sometimes – you know, the basic things you need to run a website. And that’s just on your end.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the really bad timing. But, when is it ever a good time to take your site down for maintenance? Answer: never!

I apologize to everyone who has tried to leave a comments in the past month (!!) and gotten a 404 Error message. You should be able to do so now, thanks to a kind, geeky soul who came to my rescue.

Now I understand why I haven’t received any comments since I moved my website from to eleven weeks ago!

I thought you didn’t love me anymore! *sniff*

Please have patience with me; I am good at many things, but web development isn’t one of them unfortunately. *sigh*

I’ll do my darndest to get Poisoned Pets back in shape ASAP. The kitties and doggies need me! Plus, I need you too – it gets lonely at the top.

Thanks everyone! Love you all!

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Mollie Morrissette

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  1. Was reading this page, and found the below under the Black Friday for Pets image.

    There was a problem loading your MailChimp details. Please re-run the setup process under Settings->MailChimp Setup


    • Bless you!! I could cry, I am having the worst time with this website. When you say you can’t “see” yourself, do you mean your Gravatar? Testing of my crappy website?
      Teri, I am at my wits end. If I had the money to hire a web developer I would do it in a minute. I need a Geek on call. Considering moving off WordPress and getting another host. Network Solutions sucks!
      I have done as much with this crap-ass theme as I can CSS wise, the rest is plugins and more advanced code than I have time to learn. I bought two other themes, but they turned out not to be as customizable as was indicated in their demos – that is, unless I want to change the CSS – so I figured – why bother. That is one of the main reasons for buying a theme.
      Any suggestions? Heelllllllppp! I haz a desprate!


      • I use Bluehost although my website is not active at this time. Been with them for a number of years and have been very pleased with customer service, etc. Wish I could help with the code and such, but I doubt I know anything more than you do.



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