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Investigative journalism in the pet food and animal feed sector is not only rare, it is priceless — but it is not free.

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  1. Recently I asked where I could donate without going through PayPal. Is there a PO box? Also, do you know of a dog food that is beef based but pea and grain free?


    • Hi Donna, I am so sorry. I thought I got back to you. You or anyone for that matter can donate to Poisoned Pets by sending me a check me, Mollie Morrissette at 3504 Perch Drive, Willits, California 95490.

      I believe Honest Kitchen has one. Check them out. I just really like their products (and no, I am not affiliated with them whatsoever). It’s kind of $, but it is one of the best foods on the market and it is completely human edible.

      Can I ask why you avoiding those two ingredients? Has your pet been diagnosed with a food allergy or sensitivity? The reason I ask is because celiac disease in dogs is rare and often the “grain-free” pet foods have even worse substitutions for grain. Be careful.


      • I volunteer for the American Bulldog Rescue of Florida by screening applications, doing background checks and home visits. One of our adopters asked on our blog if anyone knew about a dog food that was beef based but pea and grain free and I thought you might know. I will check out Honest Kitchen and also mention celiac disease to them. As always, you are a wealth of information. I’m glad that you didn’t mention in your postings about the “heavy metals” that were “supposed” to be in Acana and Orijen. I was upset to hear about it but as you said, it wasn’t true. I had also contacted the offices at Acana and they assured me that it was a frivolous lawsuit. Thanks for all that you do!


        • I’m glad to help, Donna.

          Honest Kitchen (to me) is the best. It also is close to as raw as you can get but it is dehydrated to 160F to kill pathogens. I don’t feel comfortable about recommending raw because of the risk of illness to pets. Again, I have no affiliation with HK – I just like their food.

          Yes, Acana was correct – it is/was a frivolous lawsuit. I didn’t want to give it any validity by writing about because it was so absurd.

          Let me know if you need anything else!


  2. I think this is a great website and I am glad I found it because now I go here before buy my dogs and cat food thank you for this website more people need to kmow about it I wish I could donate now but must wait a while but wanted to say keep doing a job you are so blessed


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