UPDATE: Kroger’s Pet Food Recall Consumer Information

Kroger’s pet food recall is big news, however the news is limited in scope to Kroger’s own press release. What the press release doesn’t tell consumers is who manufacturers Pet’s Pride, Disney’s Old Yeller and Kroger’s Value pet foods.

I called Kroger’s toll-free number and the customer service person answering the phone didn’t know who manufactures their pet foods, Pets Pride, Old Yeller and Kroger Value.

They don’t know?

The customer service rep did say that they are just the distributors for Disney’s Old Yeller. He told me to call back on Monday and someone would be able to tell me.

In Kroger’s 2009 Fact Book, Kroger’s corporate brand categories produced at their manufacturing facilities include dry dog food and dry cat food.  Kroger’s also operates 40 manufacturing plants, including two meat plants King Sooper’s Meat in Colorado and Vernon Meat in Vernon, California. Kroger’s listed McCanless & Company as Kroger’s brokerage services for pet food ingredients.

According to Susan Thixton on her website truthaboutpetfood, Kroger’s told her that they manufacture the pet food.

Disney’s Old Yeller Pet Food

Kroger’s is licensed to sell Disney’s Old Yeller brand pet food through their retail outlets, which number upwards of 2,400 locations according to Kroger’s website. Since Kroger launched Disney’s Old Yeller dog food in May 2005 and it “quickly became one of the retailer’s top-selling dog food brands” according to Walt Disney Corporation. Disney Consumer Products is thrilled with the arrangement.

Bringing Disney’s Old Yeller brand to a trusted retailer like Kroger was a natural fit,” said Christopher King, category director, Disney Consumer Products FMCG. “Disney’s Old Yeller dog food is for those dogs that are part of the family.

Not any more.

This program with Kroger is especially exciting because it combines the leading grocer in the country with the world’s most-popular family entertainment brand to bring an affordable product line to market that kids will enjoy and parents will trust, ” said Harry Dolman, executive vice president of Disney Consumer Products for food, health and beauty.

Oh, dear.  They’re not going to be too happy now.

About Kroger

The Kroger Co. is the country’s largest grocery store chain, with fiscal 2009 sales of $76.7 billion. That’s with a B. It is the second-place general retailer in the country, with Wal-Mart being the largest. So, they’re big.

So, they’re big. Really big.

As of 2010, Kroger operated, either directly or through its subsidiaries 3,245 supermarkets and convenience stores. In addition, Kroger’s also operates 40 manufacturing plants, including two meat plants King Sooper’s Meat in Colorado and Vernon Meat in Vernon, California.

Considering all the manufacturing they do, it’s no wonder they manufacture pet food, after all, what better way to turn a profit than to turn food waste into pet food? Kroger’s manufacturing plants produce breads, dairy products and thousands of other grocery items.

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