Security Risk Prompts Me to Cancel Attendance at the Association of American Feed Control Officials Conference

I have some concerning news to report: A security risk prompted me to cancel my plans to attend the AAFCO conference next week. The reason for my decision was based on information I received which, unfortunately, led me to fear for my safety. This risk involves more than just myself but my colleagues as well. I do, however, plan to participate in the meetings via the teleconferencing system, but sadly I will not be able to attend in person.

Until matters are resolved, I thought it wise to remove myself from any possible danger. Until such time, I hope for everyone involved, that a solution to the problem will come to an easy and peaceful resolution.

I want to assure my supporters who generously donated funds to help me attend the conference that their donations will be used to attend the next conference which will be held in Florida.

Special thanks to Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food who has been my sole support during this stressful time. She helped me make the same decision she had to make which was not to attend next week’s AAFCO conference for the same reasons. Deciding to cancel our trips was an agonizing one to make, and it has been an enormous disappointment for both of us.

What I can say is that it was not for the fearless reporting we both do to expose pet food companies whose practices are directly responsible for the illness and death of pets we would not be in fear for our lives. We make powerful enemies in this business, and some of those enemies go so far as to threaten us in an attempt to intimidate us into silence. That will never happen as long as we have breath in our bodies, but at the same time, we are prudent enough to take precautions for our safety. When appropriate all relevant authorities, hotel security, and local police departments are notified if we receive any threats.

The decision to not go was a heartbreaking one as I felt an enormous responsibility to the people who donated their hard earned money to help me pay for the ghastly expense of attending these meetings. I was also looking forward to discussing the topics which are on the schedule, but fortunately, with the aid of modern technology, I can still participate by submitting my comments digitally and by attending virtually via WebEx. So, all is not lost!

Just as I will be attending virtually via a live WebEx hookup, consumers do the very same thing. It’s a free and easy way to find out what happens at these meetings. Although – not to disappoint – I have to warn you, most of the topics will be of interest only to pet food manufacturers, industry associations, Federal and State regulators, feed control officials, and pet food nuts like myself. But there are a few items of interest I know you all will want to listen to the proposed changes to the “human grade” pet food rule and another tantalizing update on hemp!

Consumers who would like to listen to what is said in the AAFCO Pet Food Committee can listen to the meeting for free. The Pet Food Committee meeting will be held Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 3:00 to 5:00 PM, Pacific Time. To view the AAFCO meeting via WebEx should register here: and listen to the meeting via the conference call line at 1-650-479-3207. The access code is 664 016 138#.

There is a topic on the Pet Food Committee agenda listed as a minor edit to the “human grade” pet food rule that was submitted as a proposed amendment to the rule. There is a lot of interest in changes to this rule as it is held in high regard to consumers and manufacturers alike. From the feedback I’ve gotten, it looks to be a lively discussion and one that I will have something to say about. Hope you’ll all be listening!

The AAFCO Ingredient Definition Committee might be interesting for consumers to listen to as well. On the Ingredient Definition Committee agenda are some exciting items, but the item I think most consumers will find fascinating will be a discussion and an update on the issue of hemp. The meeting is on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 from 10 – 11:30 AM Pacific Standard Time. To view the meeting via WebEx register here: and to listen to the meeting call the conference line at 1-650-479-3207. The access code is 660 343 806 #.

Find out more, visit the AAFCO Meetings page. There you will find available the full committee agendas and the minutes reports for past meetings.

Your continued support matters to us and the pets we protect. Thank you.

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UPDATE: I have no association with Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food, either personally of professionally, or the Association for Truth in Pet Food.

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