Pet food consumer advocate still lacks funds to attend AAFCO meeting, pleads for donations

UPDATE: I have no association with Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food, either personally of professionally, or the Association for Truth in Pet Food.

The 2015 Annual AAFCO Meeting in Denver August 3rd through the 5th is right around the corner, and although I bought my plane ticket to Denver, I still don’t have quite enough to pay for the registration for AAFCO. As most of you know, I sit on two AAFCO Committees, the Pet Food Committee and the Ingredient Definition Committee, so it is vital that I attend those meetings.

This will be the first time I will get to meet some fellow advocates I have never met in person before, including Dr. Jean Hofve of Little Big Cat, who has so kindly offered to let me stay at her house during the meetings instead staying at the hotel (which I could not afford).

Thank you everyone!

And a great big thanks to my other pet food safety advocate/friend, Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food, who made a very generous donation to help get me to AAFCO.

Finally, a huge thank you goes out to my family, friends, and readers, who generously donated money to help send me to AAFCO. You know who you are – and without you, none of this would be possible. I am so grateful and blessed to have such great friends in this fight for safe pet food; I couldn’t have done it without you.

Just a wee bit more

But, I still need a wee bit more to make it possible. As you know, from my previous plea, it costs $500 just to walk in the door at AAFCO. My round-trip ticket, which I already bought, was $340, but unfortunately, the donations I have received thus far have only come to $740 – which still leaves me short.

So, now I am asking – no begging – for pet parents to pitch-in a just little bit more to help me represent their interests at this AAFCO meeting.

I will be paying for my own food, airport shuttles, taxis, and whatnot, with my own money and I can manage without the updated AAFCO Official Publication for now, but eventually I will need it.

Earlier, I had pleaded for funds to upgrade my broken-down laptop, which I do all of my advocacy work on, with a refurbished one – but now, I will just be glad if I can pay for the registration to attend the AAFCO meetings. Fortunately, Dr. Hofve has kindly offered to let me use a spare she has during the meetings, because dragging this decrepit old laptop across the country terrifies me.

Do what you can to help

Please, do what you can – I need you and your pets need me. So, let’s get me to AAFCO!

You can make a secure donation via PayPal, or send me a check in the mail if you prefer (email me at for the address). And if you can’t afford to donate, I understand, at least, please share my plea with anyone you know who thinks it is important to have pet parents’ consumer interests represented at AAFCO.


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Mollie Morrissette

Mollie Morrissette, the author of Poisoned Pets, is an animal food safety expert and consumer advisor. Help support her work by making a donation today.

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