Animal charity pick: Handmade non-toxic pet toys by Etsy for Animals

I’m so sick of toxic crap made in China. Aren’t you? ‘Course you are.

I bet you’re thinking, “Mollie, please not another China horror story. Pleeeze!”

You’re in luck, this time it’s only about CUTE! Cute stuff not made in China.

After my depressing story on the state of toxic toys from China and the Christmas tree lights guaranteed to ruin your holiday by setting your tree ablaze and burning down your house, I thought, you know what? I’m going to write about one of my absolute favorite group of crafty pet people: the Etsy for Animals artists!

Plus, Christmas is right around the corner and just about everyone I know worried sick about toxic pet stuff, I realized who better to buy pet toys from than people who actually love animals. And best of all, they show their love by donating a portion of each sale to help animals in need! Isn’t that fabulous? Of course it is.

Plus, you can rest assured their handcrafted goodies are guaranteed not to set your Christmas tree on fire.

Viva Le Chat

First up is Etsy for Animals Viva Le Chat’s Catnip Mice! These are the cutest dang things, and they come in all sorts of colors (my favorite colors are below *hint* *hint*). Not only that, but this nice lady will custom make one  –  just for you! If you don’t see the mouse of your kitty friend’s dreams, no probs!


To visit Viva Le Chat’s Etsy store, click here


Next up, is Whiscraft on Etsy where every item you buy will help abused and neglected animals in Bandung, Indonesia! Now if that doesn’t warm your heart, nothing will. Catnip toys are just one of the types of adorable handmade pet toys she makes: Go to her store and you’ll see what I mean.

Mice Catnip Pet Cat Toy Pack OF Five Wiscraft

To visit Whiscraft’s store on Etsy, click here.

Ms. Bekkah’s Corner

What’s more fun than a hand-knitted ball for kitty, lovingly knitted with yarn made right here in the USA?  Why, hand-knitted pet toys and blankets that benefit rescued kitties and doggies – that’s what! Ms. Bekkah’s Corner has loads of wonderful and warm toys and blankets for pets, just go see for yourself at her store on Etsy.

Buy-one,-get-one-free-Cat-Toy ballTo visit Ms. Bekkah’s Corner, click here.

Shaggy Chic Petz

OMG! I just about died when I saw these cute lil’ stinkers in their hand-knitted hats and shrugs! Turns out all the pups in the pictures are her rescues. To top off all this cuteness, they are knitted using hand spun yarn and her work helps rescued pets – it doesn’t get much better than that! Check out Shaggy Chic Petz on Etsy!

Handknit dog shrug, dusty rose and white hand spun yarn of wool and silk

Dog hat crocheted Pink camouflage Xsmall or Small

To visit Shaggy Chic on Etsy, click here.

Crazy About Catnip

What’s not to love about organic catnip and pink hearts? Why, not a darn thing in my book! These adorbs catnip toys at Crazy About Catnip on Etsy are just a couple of the many clever and cute organic cat toys she makes: Shrimp, hot dogs, ravioli, fish, phones shaped catnip stuffed toys and all cute as a button (or pink hearts).


To visit Crazy About Catnip’s store on Etsy, click here

Who are these wonderful artists?

Etsy for Animals is a group of  talented and generous artists on who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals by donating a portion of the profits from their shops to an animal charity of their choosing and/or to Etsy for Animals featured Charity of the Month.

To see all the many wonderful items for sale by Etsy for Animals members that benefit animal charity, click here.

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Mollie Morrissette

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