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Settlement reached in Nestle Purina jerky pet treat class action lawsuit

A nationwide class settlement was reached yesterday between a group of consumers and Waggin’ Train and Nestle Purina PetCare Company. The settlement creates a settlement fund of $6,500,000 and establishes (…) Read more

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They’re back! Waggin’ Train jerky treats are poised to poison pets again

As incredible as it sounds, the infamous Waggin’ Train brand accused of sickening and killing thousands of dogs is back. Purina just launched a new campaign with three new jerky (…) Read more

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Kasel Gets Slammed While Drug Laced Pet Treats from China Get a Free Pass

The treat drama has taken a decidedly nasty turn in recent days, in more ways than most people probably realize. While Kasel Industries, maker of U.S. pet treats, is getting (…) Read more

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Hartz Recalls Chicken Chews, Oinkies Twists Treats for Drug Residue

This just in: Another pet treat company snared in the illegal drug residue Chinese chicken scandal: Hartz. The Hartz Mountain Corporation announced Friday the recall of its imported treats Hartz (…) Read more

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U.S. to Consider Importing Chicken From China Again, This Time For Humans

  U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors are headed to China to inspect Chinese poultry processing facilities to verify Chinese claims that several of its chicken processing and slaughter plants meet (…) Read more