Shocking Documentary "Pet Food: A Dog's Breakfast" Pulled Off the Air Mysteriously Reappears

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A damning documentary on the pet food industry, “Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast”, has surfaced on YouTube, after being mysteriously cancelled from CNBC’s scheduled programing earlier this year. One of only handful of investigations ever produced on the subject, it revealed a rare look behind the hidden world of pet food manufacturing. It uncovered the dark secrets of an industry that had remained elusive, under a veil of secrecy ever since the pet food industry began.

Last February, viewers anxiously anticipating the show, were bitterly disappointed when, without explanation, CNBC mysteriously pulled the show from their scheduled programming just days before it was to be aired. Angry viewers sent letters to CNBC demanding the station air the documentary. Despite hundreds of letters and phone calls asking for a reason why it was pulled off the air, one was never given and the show was never rescheduled.

When the producers of “A dog’s Breakfast”, YAP Films, were asked if they were given a reason for its disappearance from CNBC’s lineup, they replied they were given none. Asked if the producers had plans to air the show elsewhere, they declined saying, they would be unable to ever do so, as their contract with CNBC gave them the exclusive rights to their documentary.

The program was originally televised by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on August, 2009. But to date, it’s never been seen by American audiences, yet. That it, until today.


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  1. I think you need to update this article. As best I can tell, this page nor your site has this movie hosted anywhere, and neither does YAP films or YouTube (except an abbreviated German translation). Sadly disappointed.


  2. the video is still on youtube, but is getting a bit dated. Hopefully, they can update many of the things from 2000, 2007, pending lawsuits, recalls, improvements, legislation.


  3. That was quite an eye opening video. I knew it was bad but had no idea it was that bad. What is a pet owner to do? Ironically humans don’t seem to feed themselves much better when they eat fast food, packaged food, high fructose corn syrup and all the crap that tastes so good as we irreverantly stuff in our mouths. It does seem that the more we know the worse it gets. I am flabbergasted.


  4. Thanks for finding and sharing this! I currently feed Life’s Abundance, Nulo and Young Again as I don’t have time to make their food, but as a vet tech I do take alot of CE on nutrition and do a lot of my own reseach and subscribe to , but after the recall, I also was fearful about pet food, still am, but now feed foods I am most comfortable with…


  5. Mollie, WOW Thank you for posting this. I knew it was bad. Didn’t know how bad. I shared it on Facebook.


  6. Thanks for putting this up. We watched it this morning.

    I was surprised at how much they came down on dry cat food. They said that it had too much cereal in it.


    • It’s kind of a watered down version of the reality that is pet food manufacturing, but still an acceptable and admirable effort.

      I love your painting of your cat by the window with the sun coming in.


  7. This is just a “tip of the iceburg” of what is going on . There should be an additional warning to make pet owners aware of the reality of what is actually going on inside the pet food industry. You have presented before the disgusting practices of the industry, utilizing condemned, rotting carcasses, etc. and this should be brought to the forefront .
    The verinarian that has prepared certain discarded not for human consumption ingredients that are considered “waste and/or by product” are mixed and prepared in a clean environment. I realize this was just a demonstration, but the real life filth and the disgusting facility contions that the animal food is prepared in and showing the diseased, condemned animals should be presented again and again for the public viewing.


    • I couldn’t agree with you more! However, for typical television viewing audiences, it would have have been a first and to them it would have been shocking. To us, the battle weary veterans of the gore that is pet food, it doesn’t go far enough.

      If I was the producer, I would have made a very different documentary. To the average consumer, 90% of which are buying Friskies and Ol’ Roy, it would have been a wake up call. For that alone, it would have made a valuable contribution to educating the typical consumer.

      It was actually me who approached YAP Films last year. They were sick about it. Susan also had numerous conversations with them as well.

      This is an example of the power and influence that Big Food manufacturers wields.


  8. Thanks for linking this here. That contract btwn CNBC and the film’s production company sounds like a bait & switch tactic to me. I bet CNBC never intended to air it, but they wanted the exclusive contract (the bait) and then were probably seduced by BIG CORPORATE INTERESTS offering under-the-table hush money to pull the plug for no valid reason (the switch.) I also would bet my bottom dollar that any number of governmental agencies (perhaps the FDA, the Fibbers & Dunce Association) had their nasty little fingers in this thoroughly rotten deal. So glad the film is on You Tube. Better watch it fast before it gets yanked from there. Freedom of speech and our constitutional rights are fast becoming ancient history, destined to fall just like Rome. This whole scenario just pisses me off….from lousy commercial pet food, to our rights being taken away. Oh well, I should go before my soapbox gets any bigger.


    • Can they (whoever they are) really make You Tube take it down? Is there a way to download it to our computers?


      • Yes there is a way. I was just reading somewhere about how to do it. Technically (and legally) you are not supposed to, because it is copyrighted content…but there are others (like myself) who will circumvent the law for the greater good. I’ll look into it – and keep you posted! Thanks for reminding me!


        • I did that, thanks! I am going to post my non-YooTube version until CNBC sends me a letter asking me to remove it from my site. And even then I might not remove it. So there, hurumph!



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