FDA inspectors are investigating jerky treat production facilities in China

Just published is a report by MSNBC that confirms that Federal health inspectors have been sent to China to investigate the possible reasons for jerky treat’s toxicity.

FDA inspectors probe pet jerky treats in China

By JoNel Aleccia

Federal health officials have sent inspectors into Chinese plants that make chicken jerky pet treats to investigate potential links to illnesses and deaths in hundreds of dogs in the United States, two lawmakers say.

Staffers for Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, confirmed Wednesday that Food and Drug Administration officials were conducting the inspections.

“Based on our ongoing discussions with the FDA, we are expecting important new information soon,” Vic Edgerton, a spokesman for Kucinich said in an email to msnbc.com.

It’s not clear exactly how many inspectors are involved or which plants the officials will visit as they attempt to solve the mystery behind at least 600 reports of illnesses including abrupt kidney failure after dogs have been fed chicken jerky treats made in China.

FDA officials declined to comment on the inspections…

The article continues on MSNBC.

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Mollie Morrissette

Mollie Morrissette, author of Poisoned Pets, is an animal food safety expert and advisor to AAFCO. Help support her work by making a donation today.

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  6. I heard on the local news that these Chinese Chicken Jerky treats were being sold at BJ’s Wholesale clubs and that they were to be taken from the shelves. We have been giving our 3yr old Rottie these “treats” for 2 yrs, thank God she has never been sick. While in BJ’s last week I checked and sure enough they are still being sold. I started looking at all of the pet treats, pig ears, jerkys etc, and almost all of them were from China, Germany or other countries. ISN’t ANYTHING PRODUCED IN AMERICA EXCEPT MEDICAD AND WELFARE BABIES????


    • You’ve been lucky, however the long term effects may not appear for months or even years.

      Take your dog to the vet, just to make sure.

      I recommend discontinuing feeding ANY treats imported from China and because manufacturers are not required to list the country of origin (Made in the USA don’t mean diddly) you must call and ask what it is.

      If it’s a duck or chicken treats – it’s from China and I don’t care what the package says – all the duck and chicken comes from China, as does most, if not all, of the pork treats (pig ears).

      In the mean time make your own! It’s easy to do. You just need an oven. There is even direction on how to do it here. Look up chewy chicken treats. Some people are using dehydrators – it’s up to you.


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  9. My dog was just diagnosed with Liver failure because of these treats. I was not aware of the poison I was feeding her. If my friend had not heard this on the news she would be dead soon. Hopefully this is reversible for her. I only pray we cought it in time. How many pets have to die before the FDA thinks this is serious. I thought we paid them to protect us against things like this, guess it just another agency wasting our taxes.


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  13. I have three small dogs,that love the peanut butter wrapped in chicken jerky, have only started on their 2nd bag. I am returning them to Wal-Mart! If they get enough pet owners to return these products THEY may wake up as well
    I am a Wal-Mart employee and I refused a sale to a customer the other night, who’s dog loves Waggin Trails too.
    My vet is investigating this as well, it seems I am not the only one questioning the treats


  14. We need to eliminate purchasing anything that is edible for anyone from China. They are Communist, they are under no health standards and no conscious about how they do business.
    We have not always traded with China and these resources were always available here. We need to boycott all products from China, and why can’t we start our own new dog food companies? MADE IN USA ONLY


  15. Heartbreaking stories but at least it seems some action is being taken even if it is just another lie. Keep up the good work Mollie.


  16. Our dog, Ozzy, was poisoned by Waggin Train chicken Jerky Treats and died three weeks ago.

    Please let everyone know that there are way more than 600 deaths of dogs due to kidney and liver failure due to these treats. Many of these have not been reported.

    We asked the Vet at the Animal Emergency Hospital in Grapevine, TX to report Ozzy’s death by poisoning due to the chicken jerky to the FDA. He said he would.

    Wrong. I called back and was informed that they do not make reports to the FDA.

    Hello? We lost our constant companion and wonderful girl, who even tried to walk outside to go to the bathroom right to the end….even when she was basically paralyzed in place and had to tentatively put one paw in front of another with great strength – and I don’t know where she got it…and she was so confused that her body didn’t work correctly that I want to strangle everyone involved in this poisoned dog treat debacle.

    How would everyone involved like to see their Mother die this way? Or their Sister?

    I am furious over these sociopathic people and companies…and I am further broken-hearted over losing our Ozzy,,,who never, ever hurt a soul in her life. She didn’t deserve this. No one does.

    Karen Snyder Moore
    3137 Rustic Woods Drive
    Bedford, TX 76021


    • Your vet is an a**hole. What a bullshit answer. I would speak directly with the vet, if you haven’t already. Then I would ask him – point blank – why don’t you make reports? It is their DUTY, their professional responsibility. Unless, the vet thinks your dog’s death was unrelated to the treats. Unless. Otherwise, the vet is a complete and utter creep. And you have every right to be pissed. I would be LIVID. Poor Ozzy, bless her.


    • Karen,

      I am so sorry for you loss of Ozzy. I know how you are feeling, confused, angry, total grief. I lost my girl too, last August, over these stupid treats. My vet at the time (not using him anymore!) did not report my case either. So I reported it myself, on the FDA website. I never expected to hear from the FDA, but they have called me numerous times and I have an appointment to meet the FDA next Wed, to give them my vet records and the balance of the treats I had kept that were in the bag my dog had eaten from. The brand I used was from Costo, Kingdom Pets. I have seen tv news stories on this brand and Waggin Train, being involved/suspected in the deaths of innocent animals.

      I really hope they figure out what the problem is but we have to keep pressuring the FDA so they do a recall – to warm other pet parents. If this were baby food, it would already be off the shelves, even if they didn’t know the cause.

      I was shocked when I inspected all my dog/cat treats. I could not belive that MOST of them were from China! I had never noticed! All in the trash! It is very hard to find treats not made in China….. try it, it is awful! But I did find a few that my other dog likes. I won’t give him anything from China. Ever.


      • Good answer and great insight. I’m so glad you reminded her that she can still report the adverse event to the FDA herself! And they DO want your treats, depending on the vet records – if it looks like the treats contributed or caused the death of a pet they want to test them. I have been told by Laura Alvey at the FDA to contact her if anyone gets the “run-around” from the Consumer Complaint Coordinators at the FDA. On occasion they have misinformed victims that they “don’t test small batches”, when in fact that is not true. Go to my front page and all the info you need to file a report with FDA is there at the top in a “sticky” post.


      • OMGosh…or OMG…just now saw your reply to my post about our beautiful Ozzy, now gone due to the chicken jerky treats from China.

        Thank you soooo much from my heart for your sincere empathy and words of advice.

        Yes…I will contact the FDA myself…thank you. I knew I should…but have been so overwhelmed that I haven’t yet – and I must…I know I have to and I will…so no one else’s baby or babies will go through this.

        Again…you, yourself, along with Mollie Morrisette, in my book…have special places in heaven. Ozzy will be up there to thank you on her behalf, I know.


        Karen Moore


        • Bless your heart. I read your letter and tears sprang to my eyes. It never occurred to me how many wonderful warm fuzzy kisses are waiting for me in Heaven. Your letter just made the work I do worth all the agony and heartache. Thank you Karen for your kindness and warm, loving words – it means the world to me…


          • Mollie:

            I meant every word of that. Every word. You are a Godsend to all of us. I cry if I think about Ozzy trying her best to walk in place when she was paralyzed…just to get outdoors so she wouldn’t go to the bathroom inside.

            Happy to report that my little Chi, Minnie, has her bounce back. OMG…I can barely keep up with her! It is wonderful to see that in her again…along with the sparkle in her eyes!

            My Son, Danny, will be looking for another Chow pretty soon – when he is over his grief. There will never be another Ozzy…you know that. I miss her every day because I now realize just how more than special that girl was and how much she depended on Danny and also me and trusted us – and always tried to be not only our Protector…but also a “good” girl, always.

            When I got my Chi, Minnie, Ozzy looked out for her. That is saying a lot for a 30 lb. dog to look out for a 6 oz. baby, ya, know? (Okay, Minnie is 8 lbs. now – but…hey…she was a little thing back when!)

            Do you know of any reputable Chow Breeders? Danny will want a female puppy. Just curious. Ozzy’s Breeder is no longer breeding or we would go to him.

            We will fly anywhere to pick her up…seriously.
            (Well, hey – it helps that I have been with AA for many years and have ‘passes’…so distance is not that big a deal.) Just curious. Danny would be looking for a full-bred, AKC most likely female Chow. Not to be “snooty” or anything – just to be sure that the baby is pure Chow – a protector…no pit-bull or rottweiler/possibly kinda biting dog in background kind of thing.

            Otherwise…he (we) will look at the local animal shelters first. Hey – thanks, Mollie. You are an Angel. I do not know what we would have done without your direction, knowledge, sympathy and everything.

            Thanks, Mollie.

            Karen Moore

          • No, bless you Marie. It does my heart good to know there are people, like yourself, who would die for their pets if they could.

            I would check out http://www.petfinders.com – they have millions of babies (I’ll bet even a pure bred female Chow) just waiting for a furrever home in shelters all across the country! I think Pet Finders is the best! Good luck…


          • I just went to Petfinder.com and they have 14 Chow breed rescue organizations listed! Petfinders has breed specific rescue organizations devoted just to Chows! Check it out: http://www.petfinder.com/awo/index.cgi?location=&keyword=chow

            As an example of the many Chows available for adoption on Petfinder, this lil sweet baby girl named Luna at Chow Rescue in MO, is just waiting for a furever home: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22566061.

            Chow Rescue’s mission is to reduce the suffering of unwanted chow chows by caring for them and finding each a permanent, loving home. Chows come to them as strays and from animal control facilities.

            Good luck!

          • Mollie:

            Thank you so much for your direction in reference to finding Chows through petfinder. (We lost our
            Chow, Ozzy, about a month ago due to Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Treats from China).

            Looks like more people are coming forward about there sickened pets…and i just hate that for everyone…but together – maybe we can get these abominable poisons off of the shelves.

            Please let me know if I may assist in any way.


            Karen Moore

        • Hello Karen. So sorry about Ozzy. It sounds like you loved her very much. I too just lost a dear friend, my 14 year old Dalmatian Princess. She too ate treats from Costco for years – I had no idea about the tainted treats until after her death. How did you confirm that the treats were poisoning her? Did her blood show that she had kidney failure? Did this cause Ozzy to be paralyzed (legs)? I’m trying to put some clues together about Princess’ illness as I am thinking the seizure she had back in November is due to these treats.


          • Hi Amy:

            I am glad that you saw my post about our beautiful girl, Ozzy, whom we lost a month ago or so due to poisoned chicken jerky treats that were made in China. The particular brand that killed Ozzy was: Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Treats. And yes, they are sold at Costco, at Walgreens, at Walmart and who knows where else?

            I visited my Son in Texas and brought with me some Waggin’
            Train chix jerky treats and fed them to Ozzy. Every day for two to three weeks or even more. All of a sudden, Ozzy started shaking in place and couldn’t walk – even though she tried.

            She could barely take a step and tried and tried to…just frozen in place like her body was not responding to her will. It was awful…she shook and basically convulsed and went to the floor and couldn’t get up and I know her mind was in total shock about what was happening to her.

            The only thing that had been different in her life was the chicken jerky treats that I had been feeding her a couple of times a day. We took her to the Hospital on a Saturday night – late…knowing that she was in such bad shape we would probably lose her…and we did.

            They took blood – and Ozzy was in complete renal failure and secondary to that – also in liver failure. She was euthanized there…total agony on our part…but, as she was in so much pain, we felt we didn’t have a choice and did not want her to suffer further. So…that rainy Saturday night at around midnight, my Son and I lost our beautiful, kind and gentle Ozzy.

            Addendum: We had her cremated…and 1/2 of a locket is with her ashes in the very special painted, wooden box my Son procured with her name on it…and the other 1/2 of the locket was given to my Son. We will always miss her. She went through life with us, and we with her.

            I have a Chihuhua myself. Her name is Minnie. I had been feeding her the treats, too…however – just a small bit per day due to her size. Minnie had, recently, changed from a playful Chi to an old dog (???) it seemed. So lethargic that all she did was stay in her bed and look at me with sad eyes.

            Minnie made it through this debacle. Thank God. Now that I no longer give her treats from China…she has turned back into the playful little Chihuahua I have always known! I am so happy that she is happy and healthy once more…that I can only thank God.

            If you goi to YouTube – and look up poisoned China pet treats…you will see dogs in extreme distress from these – and probably see exactly what you saw happen with your Princess. FYI – Ozzy was also 14 years old…but was in excellent health prior to this.

            I wish you the best in your search for the truth. Just know that you are not alone and it is not your fault. We all have fallen for this. Try to take some comfort in the fact that your Princess was loved by you…and one day you will be with her again. That is what I believe.

            Smile…Karen Moore

    • Karen, I have a question(s) to ask you about your Ozzy. Were you using any topical flea and Tick meds on her during this time? If so which one? When you took her to the vet what did they suspect was the cause of her problem(s). I have a reason for asking these questions and will get back to you on them. I have four dogs and mainly two of them have been getting Waggin Train treats for about three years. Several times a day (3-4 times) 6:am, 6:pm, 8:pm maybe an extra. We go through 4 large packs a month.. Now doing my own investigating on this a a couple of the Flea/Tick things.
      Steve rmcountrystore@aol.com


  17. Finally some movement, but will they get to see the entire space before the areas are cleaned up? It could be they have a rat problem and have rat poison in the plant. It could be transferred to the food manufacturing area or the packaging area in many ways. This could be what is happening in our pet food plants in this country as well. Different poisons for different vermine. I hope we can get some recalls out of this.


    • Pam, you hit the nail on the head.

      And if you read what I do, you wouldn’t buy ANYTHING from China. And you are right – the US has their issues too. However, never in all my life have I seen anything anywhere like the crazy sh*t the Chinese come up with to adulterate food with. I mean, they are from another planet!

      Did you see the latest “gutter oil” story in the WSJ a couple of days ago? This takes China’s gutter oil to a whole new level – rotting flesh converted to “cooking oil”? OMFG. I have NEVER ever seen anything more PUTRID in my life. Look at the video! It is unbelievable: http://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2012/04/03/chinese-gutter-oil-attains-new-level-of-gross/



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