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Class action complaint filed against Nestle-Purina & Walmart over deadly Waggin’ Train Dog Treats

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Cleopatra v. Purina

A class action lawsuit was filed today against Nestle-Purina maker of Waggin’ Train dog treats by a pet parent who says the treats killed his Pomeranian dog, Cleopatra. Cleopatra became sick only three days after being fed the treats and she died 11 days later of kidney failure.

Dennis Adkins filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Illinois against the Waggin’ Train brand – a subsidiary of Nestle-Purina – and Wal-Mart where he bought the treats.

He says he began giving his 9-year-old Pomeranian, Cleopatra, Yam Good treats a few weeks ago. The treats are made from yams wrapped in chicken jerky, and are manufactured in China, the lawsuit said.

A report from WLS Chicago explains:

Dog owner files class-action suit claiming treats killed pup

April 19, 2012

CHICAGO (WLS) – An Illinois dog owner who claims tainted treats killed his Pomeranian filed a $5 million class-action lawsuit Wednesday against pet food maker Nestle Purina.

Dennis Adkins filed the suit in federal court against the Waggin’ Train brand, its parent company Nestle Purina and Walmart, where he bought the treats this March.

Adkins claims he bought the “Yam Good” dog treats — made of yams wrapped in chicken jerky, and made in China — because the package boasted they were “just wholesome goodness” and “what nature intended.”

But after three days of feeding them to his 9-year-old Pomeranian Cleopatra the dog became sick, the suit said. It died of kidney failure 11 days later, on March 26.

Adkins claims he didn’t give the dog more than the recommended one treat per day, and that his other dog, 9-year-old Pharaoh, didn’t eat the treats and didn’t get sick.

Last November, the Food and Drug Administration warned that some pet owners and veterinarians reported dogs who ate chicken jerky treats made in China became ill, some with kidney failure, and that some died. None of the products were recalled, and no specific brands were mentioned in the FDA warning.

Keith Schopp, a spokesman for Nestle Purina and Waggin’ Train, says the Waggin’ Train products are safe to feed as directed. He declined to comment on the pending litigation.

A Walmart spokesman was not available to comment on the suit Wednesday night.

The seven-count suit claims breach of warranty, unjust enrichment, negligence, product liability and failure to warn. The suit claims the class of potential defendants is at least 100 consumers nation-wide, and that the potential amount of damages exceeds $5 million.

SOURCE: WLS 890AM Chicago

Mollie Morrissette

Mollie Morrissette, author of Poisoned Pets, is a consumer advocate and pet food safety expert and advisor to AAFCO's Pet Food Committee and Ingredient Definitions Committee and (more importantly) is mom to seven cats. Help support her work by making a donation today.

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  1. Please let me know if there is a lawsuit web site. My jack russell love the chicken treats . He was a diabetic and he started getting sick throwing up not knowing where he was and then we found out he could no longer absorb the nutrients from his food. We tried a expensive med to help him eat but sadly it only lasted about a month. We had to put him to sleep the Friday before Christmas and was my 10 daughters first dog . All I know they need to pay for what they did to all our pets. They need to pay. The gov. Needs to have better standards for pet foods.

    • You can always join the Class Action. But until the reason why the treats are affecting dogs, winning a lawsuit will be next to impossible. For now, no one has proof that the treats are causing harm. By proof, I don’t mean the association between illness and the consumption of the treats, but what is the toxic contaminant responsible for making dogs ill? Without that knowledge, the only people who will win in these lawsuits will be the attorneys, that is, if there is a settlement. Which, in this case, would seem highly unlikely.

      I have searched the usual places where class actions are listed & are open to “join” or opt-in – but it is not listed; Probably because, as with most class actions, you are automatically “opted-in’ to the lawsuit if you fed those treats to your pet. When and if there is a settlement, the public will be notified in popular newspapers, magazines, and other news outlets.

      If you like, why don’t you “friend” Dennis Adkins on Facebook – you couldn’t meet a nicer fellow!

      I wish him and all of the victims, like yourself, the very best of luck.

  2. Does anyone have a number for a lawyer i just had to put my 3 year old cat to sleep bc the purina cat food we were feeding him blocked him from being able to be and caused him kidney failure i had not choice but to but him to sleep so if anyone has a lawyers number that would be good to contact please let me kno

  3. My dog got really sick in june and had to be put asleep. She was doing just fine after surgery. I started feeding her waggin train treats. Now i wonder if that could have killed her and made her very ill.

  4. These stories are so sad. Why are we importing these food products from China and distributing them here when they have not been tested under our standards? Please read all the labels for evidence of made in china print. Companies are making millions at the expense of pets being killed by these products. Let all your contacts know about this and boycott these unsafe products that took your beloved pets. Very disgusting that these products have not been pulled from the shelves and the stores selling them should be included in the law suit.

  5. My Yorkie was perfectly healthy. i began feeding her Milos Kitchen chicken treats and she began itching severly, lethargic, and unable to function or even walk at times. i saw the information on facebook and stopped giving her the treats. Now, three weeks later she has stopped itching, the hives and allergic reactions are gone and she is now functioning normally. I thank God that Facebook gave me the information and i stopped giving the treats because she was near death. Im very upset that there is no recall still.

    • Today, one day after giving our healthy 8 year old yorkie a purina busy bone treat, he is dead! The vet said toxic poisoning. His blood wasn’t reaching his extremities and he had cardiac arrest! We are devestated!!!!!

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  7. Our beloved Shepherd/Lab dog died April 24th from kidney failure jsut 3 days after eating these. She got so sick so quick that by the time we got her to the vet, there was nothing they could do. I’d be glad to help with the lawsuit.

    • My yorky died 2 years ago. She wouldn’t eat anything but the waggin train chicken jerky. And I’m still messed up thinking about what she suffered because of theses products. My life isn’t the same. I want retrobution!

      • If you anything about a lawsuit to get these products off the shelves, I am with you. Our little yorkie died today and I am sure it is from the poisoning from purina dog treats!

        • I am so sorry Heather. I can’t imagine how sad your loss must be. I hope you report this matter to Purina and the FDA and your vet should do so as well.

  8. Our Dog Rocky luckily looks like he will make it thru his woes after consuming this product and a $232 Vet Bill, but I would be happy to add our details to the case if it is helpful. We purchased the Chicken Jerky variant of this product.

  9. My Chow, Misty, died suddenly in February, 2012 of this year. We had given her Waggin Train chicken jerky treats almost daily because she loved the treats. I had just let her outside to do her business. After a couple minutes, my husband found her lying on her side, crying the most horrible cry. She passed away within 20 minutes on the way to the vet. Because she was so healthy, her death was devastating to us. Now we are wondering if the jerky treats had anything to do with her death.

  10. And as far as the FDA not being able to control toxic ingredients that come from outside our country, We’ll have to hold the people in this country accountable for importing them and using them. I couldn’t tell from looking at the packaging of Waggin’ Train that the ingredients came from overseas. Why would I even think to look! Silly me for trusting Waggin’ Train and Purina, and Wal-Mart.

  11. This is so scary! You think you’re giving your dog something good and they seem to enjoy it but then this! I never gave my dog the yam-chicken jersy ones but I did give her Waggin’ Train rawhides. She loved them. The greed of companies who want to use sub-standard ingredients makes me ill.

  12. Our poodle Manny died on 7-10-12 from kidney failure, is it too late to be a part of this lawsuit?

  13. Mrs. morrissete,

    because of pure ignorance i feed my 8 month puppy these treats, I gave three of those treats in a period of three days (thursday, friday, saturday) that same saturday afternoon my sheltie started acting weird. sunday his breath change, he was low in energy and didnt ate much. this morning he wouldnt even move out of bed so I took him to the vet. as a write this comment my puppy is fighting for his life in the vets office where they are going to watch him for the next 24th hrs. i cannot express how bad i feel because i feed him those treats and i did not know anything about these bad products. I already filed an FDA complaint and talked to the manager of the petSmart where i got these treats from. I also sent an email to the law firm that handling this case. if there’s anything else i could do please let me know. i dont care if i have to pay the lawyers out my pocket but i want these company to pay for what they did to my puppy and to the many others that wll most likely get sick from consuming the cayon creek ranch products.

  14. we notice our beloved 5yr old terrier whose name was Purple, wasn’t feeling well on 1/1/12. Took him to the vet on 1/2/12 — they kept him and ran some tests – found out his kidneys were failing. They said wasn’t much we could do for him at that point. They didn’t know why but we could spend a lot of money to run more tests. We didn’t have the money and didn’t want to put him through the pain — kidney’s don’t repair themselves and he would just get worse. We decided to bring him home and spend quality time with him the rest of the week and then on saturday 1/7/12 we decided it was time and had him put to sleep — we couldn’t watch him suffer anymore. He wouldn’t eat or drink and was loosing weight fast. Purple had started eating the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky and the Yams…also Milo’s Kitchen treats for a few months before he became ill. After reading all of these stories I feel in my heart that those treats that he enjoyed so much may have killed him.
    I will never, ever buy another pet treat made in China again. Purple was part of our family and we are all still grieving over him.

  15. I too lost my dog of kidney failure on 4-16-12 and I was also feeing her
    chicken jerkey made in china. I thought I was doing something healthy for her. My heart is still broken.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. I can only pray the toxin is discovered soon and Purina (and the others) are brought to justice. Did you report the death to the FDA and the manufacturer? It is very important that you do – they need to know how many dogs are being affected, by which product and what their diagnosis is/was.

      • Can someone provide me the information on how and who to report these things to and also who to contact for the class action suit. Thank you in advance!

  16. Mollie, I fed my Portuguese Water dog, Jelly, exclusively Taste of the Wild Bison Dog Food.In January, he became ill.I was feeding both my 4year old and 6 year old Portuguese Water Dogs Taste of the Wild Bison for about five years. My 4 year old, Jelly, was about 38 pounds and a much smaller dog than my 6 year old, Bishop who is larger and weighs about 55 pounds. (There is a range of sizes in the Portuguese Water Dog b/c fishermen with small boats bred smaller dogs; fishermen with larger boats bred larger dogs.)
    It was in January 2012 that I noticed some vomiting from Jelly.
    That discontinued, but bloody stools followed, first in Jelly, then beginning the next day in Bishop, as well.
    I brought my dogs to the Vet.
    Next I noticed Jelly was having urinary accidents all over the house.
    I didn’t understand this, b/c he was, of course housetrained.
    Bish did not do this. Jelly was VERY thirsty, and peeing all the time in huge amounts.
    After a while, Jelly started to pee bloody urine, in very small amounts.
    I took him to the vet.
    Then Bish started with this as well.
    Both back to the vet.
    I felt my dogs were being poisoned, (I just had this feeling), but I had no poisons in my home, and it was winter outside.
    I was perplexed.
    The bloody urine went on for about a week, my vet doing all kinds of tests, X-rays, blood work.
    All the while, I was feeding my dogs Taste of the Wild, Bison, b/c the recall wasn’t announced until May,2012, and this was back in January 2012.
    Jelly was at the vet’s for 4 hours on the day he died. He sat on my lap the whole time.
    I am grateful for those four hours.
    The vet was unsure of what was happening.
    That afternoon, Jelly started to yelp in pain so horribly I knew it was the end.
    He stumbled about the room in a daze, screaming bloody murder.
    Then, immediately, he seized.
    I drove him to the Emergency Hospital. He was incontinent of large amounts of urine on the way. At the hospital,
    he went into a coma, cardiac and respiratory arrested, and died.
    Bishop recovered on his own, which I attribute to his larger size.
    I miss Jelly so much and feel responsible for his awful death.
    I was his advocate, his protector, and here I was feeding him poison by the name of Taste of the Wild Bison Dog Food. Do you of any class action suits against Taste of the Wild by Diamond manufacturers?
    I so not have the bag because the recall just came out this month, and Jelly died in January. Is this needed as evidence?



  17. I also lost my whippet do to feeding these treats and my other whippet is very sick.she died from kidney failure and I have a big vet bill trying to save her,I am just sick over this we loved her very much and miss her a lot,I want to be involved in the class action lawsuit.we want them to stop selling waggin train dog treats before any more dogs die

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  19. I have 2 Yorkies that have had these treats often. On April 21, 2012 the 9 month old girl got sick. Her symptoms were vomiting, not eating or drinking water, We took her to the emergency vet and they said it was something she ate or intestinal. They put her on a antibiotic and she slowly got better. About 7 days later the other little girl got sick with the same symptoms and she also was put on an antibiotic, and is getting better slowly. Two days ago the 9 month old came down sick again with the same symptoms and again was put on an antibiotic. I heard today for the first time about these warnings of sicken dogs that were eating these treats from China. Don’t they have to post a warning in the store that they could make your little guys sick? How do I get involved in the class action lawsuit? How do I get my babies tested to make sure they don’t have kidney or liver damage from this product? Any help is appreciated.

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  23. I just came across this site after our local news station ran a story on local dogs in Colorado being sickened and dying after eating these treats. Our two year old Maltese was rapidly sickened and died within a couple weeks last summer. She loved the chicken and Duck/Yam treats sold at Walmart/Petsmart.

    We took her to the Petsmart/Banfield Vet 3 times during her last week and they were unable to determine a cause for the sudden illness, but recommended that we take her to a local pet hospital for testing. We dropped her off in the afternoon, but received a call at 2:00 am that she had died.

    It made no ensue until I heard about these other stories, now I’m pretty certain that these treats are what killed her. Besides the devastating loss of my wife’s pet, we also were stuck with over $2000 in Vet/hosptial bills. It appears that the FDA started issuing warnings about these products in 2007, yet they are still sold today at these stores without any posted warnings.

    Thanks for providing a link to the law firm filing the class action lawsuit. I have contacted them and hope we have a case. I wonder how many other Colorado families will look into this after the news report today?

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  26. Any commercial dog food/treats from these large corporation are only made to make them money, nothing from these companies are made for the good health of pets. Sorry to hear of what this contaminated food has done to the beloved pets, wish the big corporates would take responsibility when making nutritious food for pets. Been giving my cats raw food, and they act like 4 year olds (they are actually 10), and a few ailments they had developed have now disappeared.

  27. Thanks for all this info, luckily, I didnt lose any of my dogs to these chicken jerky treats, but I have been fighting horrible allergic reactions to them. I have 3 St. Poodles, and was reasearching food on line about a month ago and came acroos the articles about the problems with them, I immediately stopped giving them and after almost 3 1/2 yrs of vet bills and meds for allergies they couldnt figure out… They have pretty much stopped scratching., their ears have healed and I have my fun loving poodles back again. I spoke to Regular Vet and my Holistic Vet and they both say the same thing… Remove these treats from your menu. I have tallied up over $4000.00 in vet bils over the past 3 yrs. I called Waggin Train the other day, they past on my info to some outside claim department. And I was called today by the RUDEST person I have ever dealt with proffesionally. Tomorrow I will be contacting the FDA and will contiue to fight till they remove these trashy treats from the shelves of our stores.

  28. Thanks for sharing this, I know the pain, I just lost my dog about a month ago from kidney failure after eating these treats and have been devastated. I can not believe that Purina and the suppliers have done nothing! I keep telling the managers whenever I see these products but no one seems to care or want to do anything about it. I think I’m going to start carrying around sticky notes and put them on the products and shelves when I see them. Hopefully this law suit will be a start.

    • I hope you and your vet reported this to the FDA. When you join a lawsuit you need evidence that reported the issue to the authorities and the manufacturer as well.

  29. Our 4 1/2 year old, 104 lb, Doberman had no change to his normal food or treats; we purchased 2 bags of Dingo Chip Mix “chicken in the middle” from Wal-Mart. Four days later, Rocco began bleeding from his penis; we rushed him to the vet. He was lethargic, had to have scope and catheter. After a large vet bill and extensive testing, we also had to purchase two prescriptions of Clavamox 250 mg (2x day) and one 375 mg (2x day). We realized that the only change to his diet were these treats! A huge thank you to ABC news for the coverage of this tragic story; it let us to realize the treats we had fed Rocco were to blame.

  30. it is sad news, my question is: should we parents worry about giving Nestle products to our kids?!!??!!?

    • I don’t know. What I do know is, I personally do not want to support any comapny that has such little regard for animals. I will not ever buy anything made by Nestle ever again. See my article called, ‘…’

  31. Walmart and Sams club are still selling these! I told the guy at Walmart that they were recalled and he said no they were not. I am so glad people are filing a suit! They obviously dont care about our pets! Just making a buck even though it kills our pets!

  32. How can I get into this class action? My dog died from kidney failure eating this treat too.

  33. She infamously involved herself with Julius Caesar and even had a child with him to ensure that the throne of Egypt was safe in her hands. Cleopatra was very politically savvy and did not let anything stand in her way and power. In fact, after coming to sole power after the death of Ptolemy XIII had her remaining brother and sister killed so that no one would contest the throne.

  34. my 2 12 year old chihuahua/shih tsu dogs eat the peanut butter biscuits wrapped in chicken jerky all the time and have never gotten sick.They have been getting them for the last 4 years.

    • These are the same treats my boys liked, but I didn’t want to take any chances! I am making treats like those if I can fins a recipe

  35. I have been making my own chicken jerky treats ever since I first heard about these. I figured the $60 I spent on a Nesco jerky maker was worth every penny vs. loosing our Sheltie Mollie, and thousands in vet bills.

  36. On my final comment, I am so very sorry to all of you for your losses, I know what it is like to lose someone so unfairly. Our love for our little fuzzy friends is unique compared to humans and their love for us truely unconditional. Again my heart is with you.

  37. I am going to print this and turn it in to my store manager at Wal-Mart and all other info that comes along until I either get in trouble or until they take notice.

  38. I fortunately didn’t lose any of my little boys, two chins and a peke, they loved the treats, my peke is old and doesn’t care for any treats besides the p.b. wrapped with chicken jerky, although he was acting a bit lethargic about the time I discovered the problem. (thank You)
    But I am wondering if a “Class action suit” has been filed, don’t the attorneys handing the case take all clients involved, “Pro bono” and get their fees at the end of the case? Like the ones they publicly announce on t.v.?

      • Mollie, I noticed one pet owner had not contacted an attorney because they could not afford to hire one, I just wanted to be sure everyone knew that they did not need a retaining fee to get some kind of satisfaction. (At least to make waggin trails pay for their crime)
        I am proud of the stand you have personally taken. You go girl!

        • I don’t know why people don’t understand that joining a class action does not cost any money. And if she wants to sue – take them to small claims court. It’s cheap, it’s fairly easy and anyone can do it. No one “hires” an attorney in a class action anyway. And it is better to wait until they find a contaminant and join that class action, not this one.

          • Are they investigating in China? And is it an agent from the US? I think That would be tough.
            I have found recipes and am going to make my own treats! Hopefully safer that way!

  39. I think Mollie is right – this is just the beginning and there will be many more than 100. The contaminant must be identified.

  40. You are so right Mollie, the contaminant needs to be found. Good looking out.

  41. I do apologize in advance and let me just make it clear that my girl was a victim, so with that being said here I go: I do not see anything good coming out of this. ONLY Nestle and Walmart have been named, there are many others involved, not all treats regarding chicken have been named, there is no definitive link, at this point it is all a matter of opinion even though everything points to their guilt, it is filed in a state that still has little regard for our companions, 5 million-REALLY-is that all a life was worth? I could go on and on. I have, as have many others, seeked legal advise from all over the United States, I must question this attorney’s motives. This is a half a$$ class action that has been filed, lets hope this doesn’t f*%@k us when the time is right to move forward.

    • Robin, I couldn’t agree with you more.

      As I said in a comment earlier, $5 million is chump change to them. However, $5 million is based on an estimate using only 100 claimants, which is far too conservative.

      Also, David Atkins could not name other brands in the lawsuit as he did not feed them to his dog. However, the lawsuit seeks class-action status on behalf of people who bought treats or similar products, or own dogs that consumed them and became ill. It seeks compensatory and punitive damages and a halt to the sale of the treats.

      Regardless, whatever the settlement is, I agree with you, it will never adequately compensate for the loss of a pet parent’s fur baby. It never can.

      Having said that, the negative publicity for Purina and the awareness it will raise for consumers will have an important impact.

      Right now, the news of this lawsuit is being published in every major news outlet in the country. That kind of publicity is worth it’s weight in gold to pet parents and is cryptonite to corporations.

      Regardless of the treat named or the dollar amount estimated in damages in this lawsuit, it will damage Purina’s reputation and it will influence consumer confidence in Nestle-Purina as a brand, make no mistake about it.

      Personally, I wouldn’t have filed the lawsuit until the contaminant was found, I would have filed in California, I would not have named WalMart and Nestle Purina in the same lawsuit and I would have had a much higher estimate of claimants. But, what do I know – I am not a lawyer.

      One thing I do know is, that there will be a victim in California that will file a class action, after the contaminant is found.

      Do not dismay, Robin, this is just the beginning. Trust me.

      You have done so much for pet parents with your tireless awareness advocacy, your petition, the involvement with the Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made in China group on Facebook – would you consider being a guest author on Poisoned Pets?

      You can write about anything you want. I, as I’m sure others would, love to hear your story.

      And I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the work you have done for pets and pet parents.

      Thank you Robin.

  42. What great news! This is just the kind of exposure and publicity needed. I’m so sorry to hear that our precious pets continue to suffer and die every day. We lost our beloved Yorkie to kidney failure after eating chicken jerky treats from Waggin Train(Nestlé Purina)way back in September. I follow all of your updates, Mollie, and I can’t thank you enough. You are performing an invaluable service.

  43. I am so sorry about Cleopatra. I hope the parties responsible will listen now AND get their butts sued off.

    • We shall see. Too bad the case wasn’t filed in California or Texas. And $5,000,000 is chump change to Nestle-Purina. This is why they kept it on the market. The measly payout of a lawsuit like this is nothing compared to the profit they made while keeping from Waggin’ Train (the top selling treat in America) on the market for the last five years. Trust me, they are still laughing all the way to the bank on this one.

  44. This is sad news about Cleopatra, but is good news re the lawsuit. Can you imagine if every pet parent that lost a dog took these criminals to court?!? Regardless of the outcome the publicity would be massive and damaging. Kudos to Dennis Adkins, my hero.

      • Please let me know how I can be involved…I lost my Sydney Silkie over 5 years ago do to feeding him these treats…I have told every vet since and they didn’t believe me..he was 5 years old and died a horrible death..his kidney’s and other organs shut down..he was dead within 3 days…I have never gotten over it….never will….I feel responsible for feeding him them…please help.
        Jean Hardy…..hardy.jean77@gmail.com

        • Hi Jean, is Waggin Trail the AU version of Waggin Train by Nestle-Purina?

          How can I help you? You live in AU and to join the class-action you have to be a resident of the US.

          You could contact the lawfirm handling the case and ask for their suggestions.

          I assume you reported this to the AU food authorities and your vet did the same? If you have your babies medical records you should report it to the manufacturer as well.

          I don’t know about the statute of limitations in your country.

          If you had the treats analyzed and you found there was something wrong with them then you have more to go on. As it is…

          I want to help, but I don’t know how I can. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.


          120 South LaSalle Street, 18th Floor

          Chicago IL 60603

          (312) 739-4200


      • Molly I am another pet owner affected by these treats! Started feeding them to my toy poodles, both of them were diagnosed with kidney failure. The male died on May 1, the female who was diagnosed earlier is still in treatment.
        I will post this on a website I joined a couple of days ago, because I think that you will get many more to join in the lawsuit. The website has over 4,000 members.

    • Kudos to Dennis for sure! If I could afford to sue them, I would do it too! Lost my little girl, Chloe, last August over these China treats. Anything that can be done to get this poison off the shelves and save other dogs is the goal.

      • In response to DEblue:
        You don’t need money to sue them. A reputable plaintiff’s attorney will take your case on a contingency basis if he/she feels it has merit. Also, you should check into joining a class action suit. The important thing is to punish these companies that import this poison. It’s their responsibility to make sure that what they sell is pure and not contaminated. Personally, I don’t trust anything to be ingested that comes from China.
        Also, how can we be sure when we see produce that comes from Mexico or other countries that is sold as “Certified Organic?” Really! Did our agricultural inspectors inspect these products? I don’t think so. By the way, I bought Waggin’ Train chicken tenders for my two little dogs from Costco. It was their absolute favorite for a couple of years. Then I read an email about the problem which our vet confirmed. Thank God they didn’t get sick or worse. I returned the product to Costco promptly and
        explained why. My two little boys haven’t forgiven me yet!

      • DEblue, you can join the class action suit. These suits are filed on a contingency basis; the attorneys receive part of any award. You do not pay any attorney fees up front.

      • I am so sorry for your little Chloe, it is so unfair and my heart is with you.
        If you have been following the comments I sure you now know, In the event of a class action suit, you just need to jump on the band wagon! Apparently attorneys have been contacted all all you need to do is get signed up as a client, you will need to contact the above source and go from there, they will do the rest! Good luck

  45. Our dog recently died after eating the Waggin Trail chicken jerky treats. Will this lawsuit cover the brand or just that one product?

    • How can I get involved with this lawsuit? I don’t care about $, I just want to get these murderous products off the shelf for GOOD!! These treats killed my precious Tango last July and I am pretty sure that they contributed to the deaths of 2 more of my dogs. Please let me know what I can do!

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