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Vets warn: New treats from China poisoning pets, cause acute kidney failure

The not-so-sweet sweet potatoes

Despite repeated warnings issued by the FDA about risks associated with chicken and duck jerky pet treats, veterinarians are reporting new cases of illness in dogs following the ingestion of two new types of treats. These treats have never been associated with kidney disease in dogs   – until now.

What are the treats?

This time, dogs are being affected by a new, and unexpected, class of pet treat: Sweet potato and yam dog treats.

Aside from the spooky coincidence that dogs consuming sweet potato and yam treats are showing similar signs of an exceedingly rare type of kidney disorder (Fanconi’s syndrome) as dogs that are fed poultry jerky treats – there is another, more sinister, association.

All the treats, regardless of type, are imported from China.

Several sweet potato and yam pet treat brands, cited by veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve, are suspected of causing new cases of unexplained acute kidney failure include:

  • Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Yam Good Dog Treats by Nestle-Purina
  • Beefeaters Sweet Potato Treats
  • Drs. Foster and Smith
  • Dogswell Veggie Life Vitality

The Veterinary Information Network published an update on the jerky treat problem in May; Chicken Jerky Treats from China may be Associated with Kidney Issues included a reference to the sweet potato treats causing similar problems:

Anecdotal reports from veterinarians indicate similar concerns about sweet potato pet treats made in China. Although no evidence is available that these sweet potato treats cause kidney issues similar to those related to chicken jerky treats, pet owners should be aware of the possibility.

If your pet has the signs listed above, and has eaten chicken jerky or sweet potato treats made in China, contact your veterinarian. Save the treats and packaging so that they can be tested by the FDA if they are suspected to cause the illness.

Beware the numerous ways in which jerky treats are named

It is important to remember that although the type of treat most often mentioned in the press is described as a jerky treat, the treats may also be called by a myriad of other names such as stix, chips, poppers, tenders, drumettes, kabob’s, strips, fries, lollipops, twists, wraps, bars, tops, discs and any other name they can come up with that sounds cute and yummy.

 The report goes on to say that there is speculation the problems may also extend to pork treats and cat treats imported from China.

Phorate: One of the most poisonous pesticides known to man

In 2010 the FDA issued an Import Refusal Report, and later issued an Import Alert, for sweet potato dog treats imported from a company in China (whose main business is, oddly, is in rubber and plastic raw materials) were contaminated with a highly toxic pesticide known as phorate.

Phorate is an extremely toxic organophosphorus compound and is among the most poisonous chemicals commonly used for pest control. It is used in agriculture as a pesticide and phorate is identified by Pesticide Action Network (PAN) and Californians for Pesticide Reform (CPR) as one of the “most toxic” set of pesticides known (aka a Bad Actor) in the world.

Although phorate is known primarily as a neurotoxin and not classified as a nephrotoxin and therefore unlikely to cause acute renal failure in dogs, its presence in any food item is a disturbing indication that treats of any kind imported from China could pose a risk to the health and safety of pets and to the consumers handling them.

Dr. Hofve warns of new danger

Holistic veterinarian and pet food safety advocate Dr. Jean Hofve warn that sweet potato treats from China may be causing new cases of kidney failure in dogs. The article describing her concern on Little Big Cat is copied below:

Sweet Potato Treats from China Causing Kidney Failure?

April 5, 2012

By jhofve77  (Dr. Jean Hofve of Little Big Cat)

On the Veterinary Information Network, several veterinarians have reported cases where dogs have developed symptoms of kidney failure (Fanconi’s syndrome) similar to dogs that have been poisoned by Chinese-made chicken jerky treats.

So far, the brands implicated are all made in China:

  • Beefeaters Sweet Potato Snacks for Dogs
  • Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Yam Good Dog Treats (FDA has issued a warning on this product)
  • Drs. Foster and Smith (exact item not specified in the report)
  • Dogswell Veggie Life Vitality

There was also speculation that the problem may also extend to pork products (pig ears) and cat treats made in China. Australian veterinarians have reported similar symptoms from chicken jerky treats, as well as several cases associated with “Veggie Dents,” a dog treat made in Vietnam by Virbac, an American company. Virbac recalled one batch of Veggie Dents in Australia in 2009.

The FDA still claims that there is no pending recall of Chinese-made pet treats, even though it has repeatedly issued warnings about the problems associated with chicken jerky treats since 2007.

Symptoms of Fanconi’s syndrome include:

  • Increased drinking and urinating
  • “Accidents” in the house
  • Reduced appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness
  • Blood and urine tests show azotemia (high BUN and Creatinine), dilute urine, and glucose in the urine (that isn’t diabetes)

Most affected dogs have recovered over time with good supportive care.

We strongly recommend that you check the source of all cat or dog treats you may have purchased, and do not give them to your pet if they were made in China. It would be best to avoid any pet food or treat products made in China, and probably a good idea to avoid all dried animal parts, because they are not heated to a temperature that will kill pathogenic bacteria.

Dr. Becker’s opinion on sweet potato treats

In a post on her popular blog, Healthy Pets, Dr. Becker tells pet parents, Don’t let your pets eat any sweet potato treats! In her post, she isn’t shy about telling consumers what she really thinks about sweet potato treats:

If You Feed Sweet Potato Treats to Your Pet, Please Read This!

It seems there is another dog snack from China to worry about; sweet potato treats.

According to the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) 1, vets are now reporting health problems linked to sweet potato treats similar to those related to chicken jerky treats also made in China.

Test results on sick dogs show kidney problems similar to the symptoms of Fanconi syndrome. Most dogs recover, but there have been some deaths related to the chicken jerky treat problem.

Symptoms may show up within hours or days after a treat is eaten symptoms include decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and increased thirst and urination.

Per Poisoned Pets, in 2010 the FDA found that a sweet potato dog treat made by a certain company in China was contaminated with phorate, a highly toxic pesticide.

There is speculation there could be problems with pork treats and cat treats imported from China as well…

…PLEASE know that if you choose to buy any treat made in China, your pet may be at risk. Chicken jerky treats, chicken tenders, chicken strips, chicken treats, or sweet potato treats, they can all pose a potential threat. Play it safe. Buy only food and treats made in the U.S. Buying pet food made in this country won’t remove all risk of winding up with a tainted product, but it will certainly improve your chances of keeping your pet safe.

Dr. Becker’s initial warning included the reference to the brands suspected of causing problems (Canyon Creek Ranch, Beefeaters, Dogswell and Drs. Foster and Smith), but after receiving a carefully worded letter from Doctors Foster and Smith, Dr. Becker chose to remove the reference to their product.

Phorate EXTOXNET (Cornell)
Pesticide Action Network (PAN)
Californians for Pesticide Reform (CPR)

Published on: Apr 6, 2012
Updated on: Oct 28, 2014

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Mollie Morrissette

Mollie Morrissette, author of Poisoned Pets, is an animal food safety expert and advisor to AAFCO. Help support her work by making a donation today.

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  2. Those guidelines additionally worked to become a good way to recognize that other people online have the identical fervor like mine to grasp great deal more around this condition.


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      • ha… is that for real? Isn’t it illegal? it sounds very fishy…especially the part where he said in grammar incorrection as a doctor… ” Pls be sincere and truthful we are not ‘kid’ ( kidding)…. ‘fraudulent… is not accepted.. how is that fraudulent from our end?


  7. Sweet potato is poisonous to rats if given over time so could it also possibly poisonous to dogs?


    • No, it is more likely to be a result of the pesticide use in the production of sweet potatoes grown in China that may be grown with toxic levels of a dangerous pesticide called aldicarb. There was a report that surfaced about the way in which sweet potatoes are processed in China that was quite alarming to say the least. I wrote about it here: http://www.poisonedpets.com/deadly-insecticide-used-on-sweet-potatoes-in-china-a-treat-for-pets/

      “Sweet potatoes, a common ingredient in dog treats imported from China, could have one of the most acutely hazardous pesticides on the planet in it. Farmers in China admit to using aldicarb in quantities “three to six times” the recommended level to grow commodities such as sweet potatoes and ginger adding to the country’s growing list of food scandals.”


  8. My dog has never had a problem eating Pup-peroni treats but when I recently tried the stix with sweet potato I noticed he started vomiting a brown and white substance. I wish I had found this article sooner. The package says made in the USA but I won’t be giving my little guy anymore treats made with sweet potato.


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  10. Why aren’t foods shown where they are made and not just who they are distributed by?


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  13. My usually very healthy miniature Dacshund with normally sparkling bloodwork just came back from the vet after having had an annual check-up with a diagnosis of azotemia (well, high BUN & Creatinine with a low concentrated urine – but minus high glucose – my vet is diagnosing it as early Stage 3 kidney disease). Having had a father deal with & die of kidney failure, of course this has me in great concern so I started doing some research. Having allergies to just about every filler in dog food imaginable, the only dog food we’ve found she has been able to eat for the last 3 years has been Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish formula (btw, we tried making our own diet for her, but the vet nutritionist diet that was recommended to us I thought was way too carb heavy, & sure enough, she blew up like a balloon from carb weight gain in 3 weeks! So we put her back on this food). Needless to say, though Natural Balance does extensive testing in their own labs, I have started to become concerned about the sweet potato content & origin of their sweet potatoes. I called the company & was told that they “try” & always use U.S. grown & produced products in their food, but that occassionally there is not enough supply in this country & they have to rely on imported products, & that basically for “proprietary reasons” they cannot give out the origin of where they get these products from, none-the-less their sweet potato – !!!!!! My question is: is there a lab I can send her food out to for testing for possible contamination by this pesticide “Phorate” that has caused “Fanconi’s Syndome” & azotemia in pets? I think this would be able to narrow down or quell my fears that this is pet food related if I could test it…. Also, where can I receive info about the supportive care given to the dogs that have recovered? This little girl means everything to us, & I’ll do anything for her…..


    • Our little 5 year old shih tzu (Zorro) passed away two weeks ago and like you said about your little dog he was part of our family. I have been battling cancer for 7 years and my Zorro was my companion. When I took him to the vet and had an x–ray taken of him his bladder and ureter was filled with kidney stone and the blood work showed that his liver had shut down. I just found out yesterday about these dog treats from china that I was feeding him was poisoning him. Having our little boy put to sleep so that he wouldn’t suffer any longer was the hardest thing we have ever done. Do you know of any group law suit we could become a part of. Mike and Julie.


    • Hello Renee,
      I do not know of a lab but I wanted to share the only brand of dogfood i have had success feeding to my german shepherd with many allergies and digestive sensitivities. It’s called Dr. Harvey’s. It is sourced and manufactured in the USA and not from China.


      • Dr. Harvey’s is an EXCELLENT company…and Dr. Harvey himself is wonderful to talk with! He’ll spend time on the phone with you answering ANY questions you might have about ANY of his products! It’s a family-run company with NEVER a recall on ANY of his products! This is ONE company that I trust wholeheartedly (and I am VERY particular on where my dog’s food comes from). No kibble of any kind…raw and home-cooked is the way to go


      • thank u… I’m still researching this madness… I’m so heartbroken for the pet owners. Im angry too.. but the anger not going to go anywhere.. I wish to channel this energy to where we can expose chinese products. Im so stumped…


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  15. I’m a little freaked out right now. I’ve been giving my dog “Canyon Creek Ranch Duck Tenders Dog Treats” for 3 days now. And more than the recommended treats. I hadn’t even thought to look at the bag for a “max number of treats per day” so when I saw that, I went and googled the brand and this website popped up.

    I’ve given her probably 10 per day for the last 3 days. Can anyone tell me if this is enough or has been long enough to cause any of these problems? If so – I want to get her to a vet NOW before something potentially happens. Is there any sort of preventative thing I can do at this point? I’m clearly not going to be giving her any more of those treats. (Which is sad because she LOVED them.)

    She’s 1 (just turned it!), about 46lbs and a chow chow mix.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    After reading all of this – I’ve never been so worried in my life.


    • Hi Veronica, I feel your worry. I had a story very close to yours, and just to let you know…my furbabies are all just fine. The best advice I can give you on this is how I lived my story out. First…google Fanconi’s syndrome if you haven’t already, Look for the signs and symptoms, and watch for those. Being that your dog is young and in what sounds like good health, you could be just fine so long as you stop feeding those treats NOW. I am not affiliated with this sight nor any other, so maybe I won’t get into trouble for this…I have found a website that sells a great deal of made in the U.S.A pet products including treats. bestbullysticks.com I have ordered from there and my pets really enjoy the products, and I get a little peace of mind. There is a whole category of U.S.A made products. So not only do I feel better about giving my pets the treats, but I am supporting American jobs. For me it’s a win win all the way. I hope everything turns out good for you and your pet. Good luck, Cooney


    • I am so freaked out right now. I live in Tasmania,Australia and my little jack Russell cross Maltese has had some chicken with sweet potato,carrots and mushroom treats made in Thailand for a company called Masterpet. They then sell these in the supermarket as Vita Pet. They have made my poor little dog(lexi) pretty sick. She won’t eat,sleeps a lot and is thirsty all the time. No more sweet potato for her


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  18. Sams Yams are processed and made in WI and all ingredients are made in the USA. My dog loves them! I won’t EVER give her anything made in China, I just love her too much to take the chance!


    • wow,, I was on the verge of throwing out “sam yams” because my boxers disliked em. ? I usually follow their instincts. Usually i would smell any treats myself before allowing them to eat it. Because most of the treats are horrible processed just by smelling it. I realized they use much of formaldehyde ingredients in em, right? ITs horrifying.. if i don’t like the smell then why would my dogs like em? I don’t know what to do with sams yam.

      one question.. where are blue wilderness made in? I couldn’t find it on the package.. i still have it and they won’t eat it. “tendons” only nothing else is added. It looks waxy though…It says ” CT” state in USA. Unsure..


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  20. I have rushed my small shih tzu pup to ER for vomiting issues….My vet stated “not” to give any of the treats to my pets….I thought is was due to them eating too much of them but wasn’t ….my both pets were put on antibotics and a shot for nausea ….she was sick for several days….then I read about a so-called “warning” from FDA….WHEN are we going to stop getting ANYTHING from CHINA…not only are they killing our pets but they have toxic lead in childrens toys….one is FISHER PRICE TOYS….don’t buy ANYTHING from CHINA……


  21. Why are we still purchasing food for our animals that is made/packaged in China? Did we not learn our lesson a few years ago when they poisoned our dogs? Do not purchase food/treats for your animals that is either made or packaged in China! How many times do we have to repeat this? How many animals have to suffer before you take responsibility for the kind of food/treats you purchase for your animals. Educate yourselves!


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  23. Talking about people….this case happened in Panama (Central America) about 7 years ago in which the pharmacy of a Government Hospital called Caja del Seguro Social, “killed” hundreds of people by not testing one of the ingredients that the manufactured medicine needed. It was a medication for common cold in which they add glycerin but instead of that they added (without knowing or maybe without confirming the ingredient) diethylene, which is an ingredient you can find in anti freeze products for cars. People over 40 years old were affected, all of them with the same symptoms: renal failure, diabetes and hypertension. People that never suffered from diabetes or high blood pressure were developing this. After tons of test to the patients and asking the proper questions, all of them have one item in common: the cold medicine they got at the pharmacy. They stopped producing the medication and did some research about the origin of all the ingredients and at the end of the chain, they found that it came from China. So a company based in Spain brought the product from China, “trusting” that what they received was glycerin and they didn’t run a test to verify they were actually receiving glycerin. This Spanish company sold the product to some pharmaceutical company in Panama and they sold it to the Government. None of them tested the product they were receiving/buying but this was a huge news because people were dying. So, what happened was not only Panama had people dying, other countries like Dominican Republic (and maybe another one I don’t recall) were having the same issues with the same ingredient. Investigations lead to the responsible company in China and the Chinese government arrested the owner of that company and they executed this person and all the people involved in the business. I think this happened because they had lots of pressure from the government of these countries where the poisoning happened. I’m from Panama and my background is Chinese, worked in the pet industry and an animal lover and I don’t approve what the Chinese people do with the world…maybe not their fault but even in the same country, they try to “poison” the poor people, because wealthy people goes to Hong Kong to buy imported products, they don’t buy their own stuff (produce or food) from China because they know the crap they sell.

    Barcodes don’t tell you anything, you can actually create your own barcode free in a web page I used to use when I was working for the pet industry, so that means nothing. As I said in the previous comment, it can be MADE IN USA but ingredients will come from CHINA.

    Also, as an extra comment…I feel so disappointed getting things like purses or even clothes, in which you spend $500 bucks or more to find out in the label MADE IN CHINA, VIETNAM or any other cheap labor country. Example: Coach bags, Michael Kors, etc. This might cost $10 to make this purses and they charge that much in the stores and you are all proud using your expensive MADE IN CHINA bags. If I’m going to spend that amount of money, I will make sure it is MADE IN ITALY, MADE IN FRANCE or MADE IN USA so you know you are getting quality and the labor worth it. So I already stopped buying brand clothing or purses if they are not made in any of these countries…what’s the point wearing expensive items? I can just buy a regular Walmart or Target clothing or purse and will cost 1/4 of the price of what I would pay for brand.

    My apologies for such a long comment, but I thought it will worth it and have people informed or at least make them see a point. You have a wonderful blog.


      • I have heard most of the “dollar store” stuff comes from China too – better check your labels & call the company if all else fails


  24. Be aware that the product can be made in the USA but the ingredients can come from China…I know a couple brands that are based in the USA, packed in the USA but ingredients are coming from China.


  25. STOP IMPORTING THESE TREATS FROM CHINA! I realize that it will be difficult to identify all of the tainted treats and food. Please all pet owners need to read the packages, not only for the ingredients but also where the products come from & the amount of K-Cals to help keep your pets weight under control. For those of you who don’t know KCals are the calories in the treats & dog food.


  26. WOW, how irresponsibile of you. Chinese treats are not killing dogs. Stick with 100% of the facts. The FDA has issued a caution not a warning. The FDA has been testing treats for over 6 years and NEVER FOUND ANYTHING WRONG WITH THEM. There are over 70,000,000 dogs in the USA and much less than 1,000 have been linked to China treats and the majority of that is becuase of people like you giving bad information. SHAME ON YOU.


    • Just a tip John – when you write to me you probably shouldn’t have done it from work – because knowing your criticisms come from BEEFEATERS is a dead giveaway.

      You are an ass – and let me tell you why:

      1. I am not irresponsible.

      2. Treats from China are killing dogs. Dr. Kathy Michel, professor of nutrition at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, says although it still unknown what causes the toxic factor, says what is clear is a kidney syndrome is showing up in many dogs that have ingested the treats.

      “We know there is a problem with chicken jerky at this time. We don’t know what the problem is. We don’t know how to detect it. So we don’t know how to screen what chicken is safe and what isn’t. And the best that I can offer at this time is I would avoid chicken jerky treats.”

      3. I only stick to facts.

      4. “FDA issued a cautionary warning regarding chicken jerky products” look it up it’s on the FDA website.

      5. The FDA’s investigation is ongoing and active; they are still conducting tests – they are now investigating “atypical toxins”. They hardly did any testing until recently and 157 of those tests are incomplete. So, to say “6 years” and they’ve found nothing – is misleading.

      6. Just as in human disease the number of actual victims will NEVER be known. Some dogs died without the owner making the connection, the symptoms of disease (cancer) may not appear for months or years, damage to vital organs may be present but asymptomatic, owners may not be aware of the symptoms of disease, owners may not care or bother to report it to the FDA. Therefore it is safe to assume that 1300 reported events is just the tip of the iceberg.

      7. Did you miss the VIN article yesterday, where they specifically mention the “other” treats? There is a link in the article to the veterinary discussion – go ahead take a look and tell me I’m irresponsible. By extension, the Veterinary Information Network (the largest, most respected community of veterinarians online) is irresponsible as well? I think not.

      8. No, John, shame on you and BEEFEATERS. So, screw you.


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  29. All you people who are taking this report for face value are suckers. This website is BLOG site! There is NOTHING backed up here!!! If you were actually interested enought ot find tuth, you would do some leg work and find the source!!! You would have gone to FDA and see the report that is referred . It specially states that ongoing studies are being performed on ALL treats- no particular brand name is being highlighted. This far, there are NO poisons or harmful chemicals found in ANY treats!!! It is those people who feed their dogs ONLY treats, that are getting organ failure… which makes sense! Imagine if you eat cake, and only cake for food- your going to have issues!!! It states, these treats are TREATS! They are NOT to be used for food! Get a clue people! GRRR


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  31. Please don’t show your utter ignorance of a complex issue by making comments like “China sucks” and “the chinese people hate the US”. Give the issue a bit more thought than that.
    It’s the US corporations running to the developing countries not only for cheap labor, but to operate in an environment with little or no governmental oversight so they can line their pockets with the profit (remember this scenario the next time you go on a typical “anti-government” rant). Since the 60’s, the mainstream business model changed from manufacturing high quality goods meant to last, to cranking out cheap crap that had a short lifespan so consumers would need to buy more and more of the same item. Plus the people in this country love buying their cheap crap. So we’re not totally blameless in all of this.
    It’s the Chinese government, after decades of Communism, looking to make as much money as possible, and in doing so, forgoes any sort of regulatory oversight. But in their defense, their previous structure of government had no need for an EPA or an FDA. They had little in the way of manufacturing. In their transition to a capitalistic economy but still retaining a communistic form of government, the movement to form these sorts of agencies moves at a glacial pace.
    It’s the people of China, who after decades of an unworkable economic model, want to have something other than bare minimum subsistence.
    I actually spent time in China. Do you know that the advertisements for all sorts of products use WESTERN models? How can a whole country hate the US when so many want to look like us, earn like us, be like us? I saw first hand the pollution; the air so polluted in Xian that your eyes burned just walking around the city. The employee at a pottery shop working on a cloisonné vase with the smell of paints and solvents lingering in the air and the residue on the bench top and floor while his toddler sat on the floor under the table while he worked. These same people who many posters claim hate the US, waved at us, started conversations with us and wanted their pictures taken with us. I don’t naively believe that all of China loves us, but neither am I will to go to the other extreme to believe the Chinese people somehow have it in for The U.S.. The manufacturing processes in China obviously need oversight, but that change is up to the Chinese GOVERNMENT and to the US CORPORATIONS to demand it. The Chinese people could demand it, but with the Chinese government’s human rights issues, I understand why they’d be reticent to do so. But the bottom line is its all about the money, so until some sort of crisis hits, I doubt we’ll see either entity committed to doing the right thing.


    • I hope you aren’t referring to me! I would NEVER say anything like that. I absolutely DO NOT think the Chinese “hate us”. That is utter rubbish.

      Read my comment:

      “Well said Diana. The poverty in China is unimaginable to most Americans and their working conditions are unbelievable. That is not an excuse, it is a reality. When people are so poor that survival is their only consideration, ethics and morality are things only the rich can afford.”

      The “China sucks ass” comment was made by a reader – to which I replied as a joke, “Right on!” — dude. Clearly the comment was made in the spirit of the idiot who sent it.

      If you bothered to read the many, many other articles I have written about China, I have always been sympathetic to the Chinese laborer. However, I am deeply critical of the Chinese government, in general. You cannot argue with me that corruption is not an endemic problem in the Chinese government. And at the local level, they rule with impunity.

      I believe the ultimate responsibility lies with the US corporations.

      And I don’t go on “anti-government rants”. I do however have valid criticisms of some of the things our government does, but it is mostly about what they are unable or unwilling to do. I would NEVER recommend abolishing the government. That is absurd.

      Please, read my other articles before you condemn me. Then we can have an intelligent conversation.


    • And the crisis is right around the corner! Our government is accepting all sorts of toxic pet ingredients from China. My view is the Chinese do not care about pets……….they eat dogs and cats for Christ Sakes! Most are ignorant (just like some mainstream Americans) so to me America, Chinese, and all those countries who are big players in the political area participate in horrendous acts on humans and especially animals. These money making evil entities are in it for the money and they do not care if human kind and animal kind suffer the wrath of their evil! Climate Change is real and it is because of the greed of these countries that Man will be destroyed! And most should be annihilated for crimes against nature!


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  34. Thanks Mollie, I would love to read it. Even with their reassurances, I am not going to feed the rest of them to my dogs. Neither one became ill, but they did not have many of the sweet potato treats. They also knew of this web site and seemed very familiar with it


  35. I just spoke to Dogswell.com on the phone and they state that this is an internet myth that their products do not contain any poison and have been thoroughly tested and also referred me to the FDA site to dispel this myth.
    I will not feed them to my dogs anymore but it is a shame if this is a hoax to scare pet owners when it may not be true.


    • If it’s a myth have them show me the raw data. Their “quality assurance” is a joke. True, the FDA has not found the contaminant YET, but it is still an active and ongoing investigation. For Dogswell to dismiss valid questions that have been raised and to deny any problems exists, is irresponsible. I have asked them on two occasions for more complete evidence of tests conducted on their product and I have been met with silence. Their contempt of myself and others critical of their product is irrational and illogical. Myths are based on fantasy, I have facts.


  36. 90% of dog treats sold at the Dollar stores are made in China, when customers check out, and they want to purchase them, I tell them. They don”t buy them! Most customers I tell don”t even know about it!


    • I wouldn’t buy anything from a Dollar store if you put a gun to my head. Absolute garbage, toxic garbage. Another reason I hate those stores is since I am boycotting goods imported from China, 99% of the crap in those stores is from China. So, needless to say I don’t shop at any of the big box stores either. Until they pull it, I won’t step foot in the big box store (not that I ever really did anyway). And the same goes for PetSmart and Petco – shame on them for ignoring our pleas to remove the products. I will never patronize PetSmart or Petco stores ever again (not that I ever bought pet food from them anyway).


    • It’s a little mind boggling that people buy dog food from the dollar store and don’t realize it’s made in China. Firstly, why would you buy your best friend the cheapest food possible anyway, and secondly, it’s a *dollar* store. You thought that stuff was made in the US? Really?


      • It’s kind of a shame that the world is getting to the point only the rish people can afford to have an animal when they are often the least likely to really want or care for it. They are too busy making more money and friends, but the people who can only shop at the dollar store are the ones that really know how to love a pet and wish they had the money to do what’s best for them. SUch a horrible world we live in now, I personally hate it.


    • Because until the FDA has found a contaminant, they are not legally permitted to order a recall. The FDA cannot recall any product based on complaints alone. However, there is nothing preventing the manufacturers from ordering a voluntary recall out of an “abundance of caution”.


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    • Do you have something against “blog sites”?

      Do you rely on the FDA for all your information?

      Do you expect brands to be fully transparent?

      How would you know if pets were becoming ill or dying as a result of a pet food/treat?

      The FDA link you provide is a the Q&A regarding the FDA’s THIRD WARNING to consumers about a product safety issue with jerky treats that the FDA has known about since 2007:

      “FDA saw an increase in the number of complaints it received of dog illnesses associated with consumption of chicken jerky products imported from China. FDA previously issued a cautionary warning regarding chicken jerky products to consumers in September 2007 and a Preliminary Animal Health Notification in December of 2008…However in 2011, FDA once again started seeing the number of complaints rise to the levels of concern that prompted release of our earlier warnings.
      Since the issuance of the CVM Update on November 18, 2011, the agency has received numerous additional complaints regarding chicken jerky products”…

      …”to date, scientists have not been able to determine a definitive cause for the reported illnesses…There is nothing preventing a company from conducting a voluntary recall. It is important to understand that unless a contaminant is detected and we have evidence that a product is adulterated, we are limited in what regulatory actions we can take. The regulations don’t allow for products to be removed based on complaints alone”…

      …”This is an ongoing investigation and FDA will notify the public if a recall is initiated. Currently, FDA continues to urge pet owners to use caution with regard to chicken jerky products…FDA is advising consumers who choose to feed their dogs chicken jerky products to watch their dogs closely for any or all of the following signs that may occur within hours to days of feeding the products:

      decreased appetite;
      decreased activity;
      diarrhea, sometimes with blood;
      increased water consumption; and/or
      increased urination.

      “If the dog shows any of these signs, stop feeding the chicken jerky product. Owners should consult their veterinarian if signs are severe or persist for more than 24 hours. Blood tests may indicate kidney failure (increased urea nitrogen and creatinine). Urine tests may indicate Fanconi-like syndrome (increased glucose).”

      As there is no database of reported illness and disease in pets that would provide consumers with information that would help them decide whether a treat they are feeding their pet could be part of a large population of dogs experiencing problems as a result of a pet food/treat, consumers rely on food safety reporters to provide them with information the pet food industry and the Federal government do not. If you know of one, I would love to see it.

      In the meanwhile, because the pet food industry and the government lack transparency, consumers rely on credible food safety experts to provide them with information.

      For example, take food safety expert Phyllis Entis of http://www.eFoodAlert.com, she writes a blog, right here on WordPress.com. I invite you to challenge her work. As a microbiologist with over 30 years experience in the field, would you dismiss her as just a “bolg site”? I don’t think so.


  38. Don’t blame China–why is this crap not tested/regulated here? After 5 days of my dog’s bloody stool, I am making my own dog food and treats. I remember being highly criticized for feeding my dogs people food in the past. Oh, dog’s should only eat dog food. Why? Because vets get a kick back from these profit driven pet food companies?


    • Oh honey, it’s not just China, although you must admit they are the most creative people at food fraud. It also just so happens that in the case of the jerky treats – the product is imported from China and no other country. The FDA has been warning consumers about these specific treats imported from China since 2007.

      I agree, the ultimate responsibility lies with the company importing the ingredients. It is their duty to test, test, and test some more! If only they had done that in 2007!

      And I also think like Senator Brown – if the CEOs of the companies importing toxic crap are caught – throw them in jail! And they should just be thankful they weren’t caught in China where they can execute a person for food adulteration.


  39. Just called Natural Balance as that is the treat my dog gets, sweet potato/fish. The customer service reps are not allowed to give out the information an where their materials come from. They just lost a customer.


  40. I find the whole “CHINA” thing disgusting! I will be going home & checking all dog treats & food. Anything that has come from “CHINA” is going in the trash immediatly. I will not put my babies health in jeopardy. I will also be passing this along to friends who have pets.


  41. Is there a treatment? I think my dog currently has this. We thought is was cancer and she is 13 years old so we did not want to test. Can this be treated?


    • Your vet should know what to do. Was your dog diagnosed with acquired Fanconi syndrome? If so, I would imagine your vet would want to follow the Gondo protocol for hemodialysis if your dog is in kidney failure. The testing of treats is very expensive. Contact the nearest University toxicology lab and ask them about the costs involved. Call your State agriculture dept. and file a complaint with them (if your vet thinks the treats are the cause of your dogs illness) and they should test it and you won’t have to pay for that. They need to look for nephrotoxins. Your vet should file a complaint with the FDA as well. All the info about how to report a problem with the government is on my sticky post on my home page. You can’t miss it.


  42. This is so sad. Thanks for the heads up. My dog is my life and I will stay away from these treats and anything from China. Thanks


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  44. My dog had been eating Waggin Train Chicken Jerky treats for the past 6 months. Last week I noticed that she did not want food (but would accept the treats) was drinking way too much water and was urinationg excessively. I took her to the vet and was told she is diabetic. I joined a support group on facebook named Living with Canine Diabetes and on their wall noticed comments about the treats. I am now wondering if maybe my dog is not diabetic but is very affected by these treats. If anyone has information as to whether this might be a possibility, please reply. Thank you in advance!!


    • Is your vet absolutely certain it is diabetes and not acquired Fanconi syndrome?

      There is no link btwn diabetes and the treats, although vets sometimes mistakenly diagnose diabetes when in fact it is acquired Fanconi syndrome. If your vet is hip to the whole CJT thing, then they should be able to distinguish btwn the two.

      But, never assume, always ask.

      Keep me posted Liza.


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  46. Being a dog/animal lover, thanks very much for this info…… I am checking all that I give my dog right now. Can’t there be a class action lawsuit against the FDA for not giving a d*mn about this??????


  47. My moms dog died 3 weeks ago from eating Waggin Train chicken jerky treats…..come to find out (after google) that this has been going on for a few years!!!! Stores will continue selling the treats until the FDA recalls them. FDA wont recall them until we pressure them too…..


  48. Screw China. They eat dogs so who knows what is in their products. Do the research. The people of China are the ultimate animal abusers. You have to buy USA and animal friendly. Please read labels for the animals:)


  49. I feel so bad for those poor dogs :( I only give my dog treats I have made. I make his food and do not feed him anything that comes from a store. Always have and this just reinforces it to me to never change!


  50. This is getting scary! Contacted Hartz about an incident where I had given my dogs Oinkies Pig Skin Treats filled with Sweet Potato and they both got sick! They are refunding me but that’s not important. What’s important is WHY are ANY treats made in CHINA still on shelves? For that matter, try and find any treats made in the USA on shelves! This is ridiculous. People should DEMAND stores get this crap off their shelves or at least pass the word like WILDFIRE!


  51. Does anyone know about Pup-A-Roni. I have called and called and no one answers the number on the bag and no country of origin mentioned.


    • Big tip off Jenny, if they don’t answer the phone or they won’t tell you where it’s really from – my guess is, they are asleep at the switch.

      Besides, COOL laws exempt processed meats and pet treats from that law.

      Even if it did say, “Made in the USA” there are no-brainer workarounds to circumvent labeling it a product from China.

      Personally, regardless of whether they answer the phone or not is that Pup-A-Roni is an extremely low-quality pet treat, that I would not feed to my pet. “Personally”. What you do is entirely your decision, but since you asked….


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  53. My dog, Julie, love the chicken jerkey treats
    She has been eating them for the past 4 years with NO ill effects


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  57. Thanks for posting an important article. I immediately checked our stash of treats thinking we were ok. However, I discovered that some of Gracie’s treats were made in China, so out they went. Fortunately I give Gracie zeolite for detox every day, just for prevention. We never know when the toxins they encounter through food or environment will catch up to them. After all, toxins are invisible.


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  59. Please do us a favor in the United States..Let China keep there own poisonous food products to themselves.Sick of there products hurting us..From now on I will only buy USA made..


  60. best to buy your own chicken from Safeway or Albertsons and dry or feed the chicken raw as a treat. Or give your dogs little cheese for treats. My cats and dogs love raw chicken and yes, they can handle any salmonella if any they don’t react like we do. I give my cats and dogs raw chicken and cooked chicken I cook myself from the store here in good ole USA


    • To Ange: China’s barcodes are 690-695. BUT the first three numbers of barcodes DO NOT always tell you THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.! It only indicates the country that ISSUED the code, not the country of origin of the product or where it is made. But a product may be issued a number and also have produced the product in that country, such as a 690, etc. There is no guarantee.


  61. Personaly, I try to buy nothing Made in China. A friend bought furniture made in China and returned it to Ashlys Furniture store after threatening to sue if they didnt take it back. The formaldehyde used in the making of the furniture was overwhelming. Made him very ill. Boycot China. Always check where things you purchase are manufactured. China sucks!


  62. I wrote a long message and its gone but will try to remember China and those other countries has all industries from england and not wasting my time saying everything again,but in england everything is made in that god forsaken place and if they poison our pets what do you expect they have the world industry,through greedy manufacturers paying low wages,if they decide to go against westerners we will starve because we have nothing hardly left that is made here anymore..but it means nothing to some that they torture millions of innocent animals cos of there sick and depraved meat and fur tortures,even chinese in other countries are ashamed of them places…seems that some of these countries are more barbaric than some people who immigrated from there they are normally more compassionate..so beware of might come to pass..stupid industry and governments..


  63. As with Americans saying Chinese make everything so is the same here in England we make nothing hardly here its all made in that God forsaken place China or Taiwan or any of those places that practically have tortured millions of innocent creatures for there sick MEAT AND FUR LUST,the thing that really makes me angry is how these people are literally taken all our trade and greedy people let them because they can pay them less because the world ecomony has gone mad,so China and others have us where they want,if they ever decided to go against some of us western countries they will destroy and starve us out because of stupid governments who have let them take all our industries…so if they poison our animals with there dodgy treats..what do you expect from a disgusting place as that,even some Chinese who live in other countries do not like what is happening over there..just wake up…


  64. Another reason not to buy products made in China. I would feel horrible if I accidentally poisoned one of my pets by feeding them these products. Stop buying Chinese-made products!!


  65. My dog had an addiction to the canyon creek treats, literally she would whine for them sometimes until you gave her one like a crack fiend. 1 month after we first started giving them to her she had kidney failure and kidney stones the size of a QUARTER!!! beware and tell your friends! we almost lost her but thank god to a HUGE vet bill we were able to save her.


  66. I use treats and dog food by beneful. Anyone have any information on this company. It’s says USA but how do u know for sure?


    • You call them up and ask. If they won’t tell you – toss em. If they are made with chicken jerky – toss em. I personally do not like that brand, I would opt for a human-grade treat like Honest Kitchen (for example) or make your own – it’s super easy, fun and way less $$$ than store bought treats.


      • I did call the company about the waggin trail brand regarging the chicken jerky, of course they said theres nothing wrong with them.They wanted to send me coupons,I said no thanx and tossed the bag out….


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  68. About a month ago there was an alert for waggin train jerky treats causing kidney failure..has anyone else heard this????


  69. lets just keep on buying this stuff from china why don’t we. I guarantee if it were on the ppl isle and this happened, ppl would start paying more attention to where it came from.


  70. Please call your pet treat manufacturer, and if they can’t tell you were they purchase their ingredients, stop giving it to your pets. My small dog suffered from temporary Fanconi’s syndrome and was in great physical distress. Our vet was wonderful, treated him aggressively for a toxic reaction, and fortunately he has recovered with only minor long term impact. Our treats where supposedly “all natural”, “made in USA”, no preservatives, colorings, etc. and the company prides itself is supposedly lab testing all batches of its food. Yet they refused to tell me where they purchased the main ingredient of their sweet potato and fish treats. That tells me they don’t want to tell me they purchase from China.


  71. Do you know if this is a recent health issue with these products from China? My Cairn terrier died in Dec of 2010. I had been feeding him Canyon Creek Ranch and Waggin’ Tails treats (both from China, but unbeknownst to me at the time)…he developed the acute symptoms of poisoning listed in this article. Within a month, he had become so ill, I had to have him put down.


  72. I saw Petsmart was still selling these treats yesterday and I asked them why they weren’t removed and the cashier showed me a page in their book from Petsmart Headquarters that tells them they are safe. I told her as far as I’m concerned they ARE NOT safe and I don’t plan on buying any treats that come from China.


  73. Im very concerned have 2 dogs whom are adored by us all and now I’m in panic mode as they have been eating these treats for years but so far no ill health thank the lord!! Thanks :i


    • I don’t know about that brand, but if it is made in China stop feeding them. If you can, contact the company and ask the source of their ingredients. If you are worried about their health have a vet look them over. Better to be safe than sorry.


  74. I work at a pet store and yes majority of everything on the market was made in China but all of blue buffalo’s treats are made in the USA a lot of customers were happy about this because its also healthy & they don’t have to stop giving their pups chicken jerky.


  75. I quit buying anything made in china years ago when there was an issue with raw hide bones. Just rememeber USA owes China billions of dollars so not a whole is going to done about this


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  77. I just threw out all of the Chicken Jerky Treats, that were waggin tail, but the duck treats I have are a CADET brand, BUT, made in China. Is there any word on these treats? I intend to return them to costco tomorrow, even if I can not find the receipt! Oh this makes me so angry.


  78. WOW! And I thought it was just my dog. I’d bought Hartz Brand Oinkies, Pig Skin Twists with Sweet Potato Center. Everytime I gave my dogs them they’d gulp water, vomit, diarrhea, you name it afterwards. Even a few days afterwards. Just went and checked the label. MADE IN CHINA! Emailing the company and letting them have it. Mind you I also had a dog on TOTW Sierra Mtn. Canine Formula(LAMB!) get sick. They reimbursed me but my dog ended up at the Vets too! Can we trust anyone? Mind you, TOTW is manufactured by Diamond!


    • Yah, I know about TOTW. Thanks for the heads up on your experience with other brands – good to know!

      I hate Hartz. They are criminal.

      Did you file a report with the FDA about TOTW? It’s so easy to do. It can be done online or over the phone…See the sticky post…

      Thanks again Roseann!


  79. I had a sick dog for over a week because of the chicken jerky treats. That’s the only thing different she had eaten. She’s feeling better now. I noticed the product still on the shelf at Sams and Walmart.


  80. They sure aren’t doing any fast moving on this stuff, I went to Walmart and found all these products still on the shelves. Something has to be done to save countless pets from dying needlessly. It’s even harder to know since some things that are originally made in China get packaged or whatever in the US and the labels say they are from wherever they were packaged, which is misleading and can cause even more deaths or illnesses.


  81. Carrot Dog Treats

    2 cup carrots, grated
    1/2 cup applesauce
    1/2 cup plain yogurt
    2 cups oat flour
    1/2 cup ground flaxseed meal
    1 tsp. baking powder

    Puree carrots in blender or food processor, add appleauce and yogurt, and puree until mixutre is smooth

    Pour pureed mixture in large bowl. Add flour, flaxseed, baking powder. Knead the dough until it is mixed well and forms a ball. If the dough is too sticky add a little more flour.

    Turn Out the dough ball onto a floured surface and roll out to 1/4 inch thickness. This dough is fairly soft, so don’t roll too thing. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes or just cut into squares. Place on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or nonstick foil. ( I use parchment paper for everything).

    Bake at 400 degrees for 8 o 10 minutes, or until the tops are browned. Flip treats over, and bake another 10 minutes. Cool Thoroughly.

    Make 2 1/2 dozen treats. store in airtight container.


    • Wow! Mary what a fantastic recipe! No bad stuff (flour, etc.)! Your dogs must LOVE you. I’ll bet they hang out in the kitchen just waiting for a treat, huh? Thanks for sharing Mary.


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  83. Why do we as Americans buy from china? We need to employ Americans and spend money for American stuff I don’t like the idea that everything we eat, drink, wear or use comes from china and I don’t support it at all!!! They are becoming too powerful and are 100% going to take us over stop supporting china!


  84. My 11 year old cocker spaniel was just diagnosed with early stages of kidney disease. Guess what I have been feeding her as a treat for at least 4 years – Sweet Potato Treats from Drs Foster and Smith. Just checked the container and guess where they are made —yep China. Will discuss with the vet ASAP. Bought them in bulk since that was the only treat she received – will be throwing all of the remaining containers out. Thank you China – that is my last China purchase. Will be checking everything from now on. Just hope my baby recovers without too many bad side effects!!!




  86. HOLY CRAP…….I have these!!! (The Yam treats) And on the back, very bottom left hand corner it says, “Product of China”!!! I never even saw that when I bought them. They are in the trash now!!

    Now I have to wonder if it was these “treats” that had my puppy Watson in the hospital!!!


  87. How To Read Country Of
    Origin In Bar Codes


    The whole world is scared of China made ‘black hearted goods’. Can you differentiate which one is made in the USA , Philippines , Taiwan or China ? For your Information … the first 3 digits of the barcode is the country code wherein the product was made.
    Sample: all barcodes that start with 690.691.692 until 695 are all MADE IN CHINA.
    471 is Made in Taiwan

    This is our human right to know, but the government and related department never educate the public, therefore we have to RESCUE ourselves.
    Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products ‘made in china’, so they don’t show from which country it is made.
    However, you may now refer to the barcode, remember if the first 3 digits is 690-695 then it is Made in China .
    00 – 13 ~ USA & CANADA
    30 – 37 ~ FRANCE
    40 – 44 ~ GERMANY
    49 ~ JAPAN
    50 ~ UK
    57 ~ Denmark
    64 ~ Finland
    76 ~ Switzerland and Lienchtenstein
    471 ~ Taiwan
    628 ~ Saudi-Arabia
    629 ~ United Arab Emirates
    690-695~ China
    740-745 ~ Central America
    All 480 Codes ~ The Philippines

    This information is verified on http://www.food-info.net/uk/qa/qa-fp121.htm – which has a more detailed and accurate list


    • Brilliant Millie! I had been meaning to research barcodes and you have done it for us. Now, I wonder, having not done the research, are there loopholes, exemptions or workarounds in barcoding? Don’t know that yet. I will look into it further and share. Thanks again!


        • Bar codes are meaningless in terms of COOL. Your best bet is to call the mfg. If it is a chicken, duck or pork product you can assume it was imported from China and packaged in the US.


        • My Mom was convinced (bless her) that COOs were in bar-codes, and despite my assurance there wasn’t (she’s stubborn like her daughter), she went ahead and did all this research and finally ended with the same conclusion: bar-codes are a freak show.

          There are so many buts, and maybes, and sometimes, and not always, that they are utterly useless from a consumer standpoint.

          They are simply a method for tracking inventory of a product, not the country it came from.


    • It should be LAW that on the package it should state where things are being MADE and where the indigrients come from.
      If not enough room on the package the manufacturers website should provide the information === clear and in a easy way so everybody can read / understand!!!

      This is up to our Governments to make this LAWS!!!
      And make sure companies follow these laws!!!

      Thanks for the country codes!
      My cat-treats are from Germany … it said so on the package but the stripecode also tells me now 426 = Germany.

      800 = Thailand “almo nature” wetfood they sometimes get.

      And I also will look up their daily food Royal Canin Siamese
      Trew away the package … have to look it up thought their website.
      I always order this online cause my local petshop doesn’t sell it … not too many Siamese cats (oldertype by the way) in my neighbourhood.
      Could NOT find anything on their website ….. some parts only for vets or dealers, not for consumers … )- So I send them an email asking them where they are manufacturing their foods and where the indigrients come from!!!


    • Millie, Re Barcodes. By now you may have read my post on Mollie’s facebook page. If not, the first three numbers on the barcodes do NOT give the Country of Origin. It only indicates the country that ISSUED the code, not the country of origin of the product and not necessarily where the product is actually made.

      I went to the website that you provided at the bottom of your post. It clearly states this in the last sentence. Of course a product may be issued a number and also have produced the product in the same country, but there is absolutely no guarantee.

      Many nutritional supplements made in the U.S., for example, actually begin with 85, and there is no correlation between the country in which a UPC symbol is registered and where a particular product is actually manufactured.

      Choosing a label that says: “Made in USA” (or whatever country you’re in), may be honest and safe. If it says, “Made in China.” that makes it easy to decide; or even an “American Company”, which may or may not have imported ingredients from China or Taiwan or wherever.


  88. I have 4 pugs and 2 pomeranians. They get organic baby carrots grown in the gold old US of A and they LOVE them. Occassionally they get raw red pepper strips too, or skinned apple slices. Those are the ONLY treats I give, besides beef soup marrow bones i get from a butcher…and those are not often. No more bagged treats EVER. I love them too much. Give your dogs these veggies/fruits. They’ll get used to it…especially if they see you eating it and then they think they’re really getting something taboo!


  89. I have been to China, both in the cities and in the country! I don’t by anything edible, for humans or animals, from there. Luckily, I have a local pet boutique that sells only products from and by USA suppliers.


  90. Yes, China does suck! I did not buy dog treats made in China but did buy jeans made there and my legs turned red and burned and were itchy. There is a funny chemical odor on them…had to throw them away. Now I always read the label because a few clothing items I had purchased that were made in China affected me. Now there are toxins in the puppy treats. We should just stop buying all things from China until they up their standards!!


  91. China, again? Came close to losing our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel when he was but a pup. Luckily he simply refused to eat any of the tainted foods we served opting for starvation rather than the toxic imported foods and treats. We woke up, learned how to home cook balanced diet for him. He loved home cooking, thrived, and is now 6 1/2…but back on commercial food. Thanks for the heads up!


    • “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel”

      Is this only a food thing … or might it be that this kind of dog is overbreeded and not too healthy in the first place .. just wondering?


  92. To stop the problem of all this I would suggest people do what I have done the last 15 years make ur own from farm bouht products I have two boxers and one great Dane and it takes next to nothing to make a months worth of treats with my five kids….:-)


      • My pups love carrots and also Pink Lady Apples. (Maybe other kinds too, but that’s the kind I have at home)

        To Tammy: I think we need to hold companies responsible for outsourcing their manufacturing to China and not doing due diligence on the factories or randomly testing the finished product when it gets shipped to the US. I myself am guilty of wanting to boycott China, but the truth is that it isn’t a “China” problem. It’s really an “American Company” problem created by most American consumers demanding cheaper and cheaper products.


        • It is terrible that the US will buy things from China just to save some $$$!!! And even if China makes the stuff it is the USA the imports it, advertised it and sells it to the US ppl!!!


        • I do not think we the consumer DEMANDED cheaper products .. but the companies themselves went for Cost reduction and maximizing profits = shareholders want more profit every year. And that is just not possible … so cutting costs is needed to give ‘m more profit.
          You can’t have 5% profit extra every year .. that’s just not possible but they did! Went for it …


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  94. My dog Lucy came within inches of death from wagon train jerky treats, I dont know she may have permanant damage she displayed all of the symptoms excessive drinking, accidents in the house, vomit, diareah that turned to BLOOD and the look of grape jelly, hospitalized for one week full of bacteria, I would also like to note that my husband and i made an appetizer with PINE NUTS fron China, all who ate this got pine nut mouth which was a dreadful 3 weeks of a horrible metallic taste in your mouth, google pine nut mouth and you DONT want to have it,, I think China is trying to POISON us all!!! They import almost zilch from the US but we import TONS from them, I am made as hell and if you had seen Lucy yoy would have cried, We have never suffered as a family with only four legged kids as we did that week, We MUST turn this around, animals have no voice, Screw CHINA!


    • Docia,
      You said the treats were Wagon Train. Would that be Waggin’ Train as sold in Walmart? Those are my 14 year old Golden Retriever’s favorite treat. Just checked and, yes, “Made in China”! At his age we can’t take any chances with his health!


      • Yes, she meant to spell it Waggin’ not Wagon. They are one in the same. Many people make that same spelling mistake. Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch (also implicated) are both owned by Nestle-Purina and yes, they are both imported from China. There is nothing American or folksy old West about these brands except for the packaging. You are wise not to take any chances.


      • Not only is the chicken jerky made in China, but it is from “free range chickens”. Sounds good right? If you have ever been to China, you wouldn’t want a free range anything.


      • these were recalled and walmart willo not take them off the shelves! there is a class action lawsuit against them because peoples dogs are dying from these treats!


  95. Thanks for everyone’s input…
    .Does anyone know about Trader Joe’s treats? It just says, “Certified organic by quality assurance international (QAI)
    Dogswell’s Happy Hips says “Made in China”
    **** BUT check out http://www.salmonpaws.com
    Think this company is OK.
    Think I will start to take Mary’s advice and make my own


    • I know about QAI – stellar reputation as far as certifiers go. But, if you want to get nit-picky, some say, “Organic just isn’t what it used to be….bla bla bla”.

      Sorry, I just can’t go there. Only because, if I did – I would have to starve myself or go nuts trying to figure it all out. And certainly no one can argue that Certified Organic is the lesser of two imperfect choices or ‘evils’.

      Dogswell – sucks (that is, their products are from China – nothing personal, Dogswell).

      Now I’m freaked about salmon. I’ll look at it though. Always call to make sure it’s not imported or preserved with ethoxyquin. Are they farmed or wild caught? I’m serious…

      Best bet – buy organic, buy local and/or make your own! Fun, affordable & healthy! What a combo. Can’t beat that.

      Thanks for the info about SalmonPaws, I’ll check them out…


    • Just went to Salmonpaws and they look pretty good. They say their fish is 100% Alaskan Wild Salmon. This IS important, as it is said that farmed salmon is full of PCBs, they are fed junk and also antibiotics and pesticides. Farmed are grown in crowded nets close to shore, much the same way as factory farms for chicken. Farmed is also a white fish that has been artificially colored. There may be some commercial operations that do it “right”, but I’m voting for wild.
      Salmonpaws says “human grade” which doesn’t mean much, as farmed fish is human grade. It says kitties love’m, so I am going to order some for mine, as they are few cat treats on the market. And cats love FISH. Thanks for the turn on!! Mollie’s mom


      • Mollie… my german shephard likes everything from Salmonpaws excpet the crumbles…who knows why, but likes everything else. Hope Mollie enjoys.


  96. Off subject, but tea-drinkers Alert:
    You’re right about Phorate being in any food that you touch or consume. Altho banned from many countries, including China in 2011, IT IS STILL LEGAL IN INDIA, where TEA and cardamom seeds come from. Known to kill workers (mostly children and women) in the fields by inhalation, as well as people walking along side the road near the farms. Regardless, this pesticide is still used there willy nilly!!!
    It also is an environmental nightmare, with runoff into streams – fish, ducks. Honey bees, birds, small mammals, and aquatic invertebrates.

    Altho they MAY not be the culprit in these particular treats, the Chinese sweet potatoes may have used before the ban, resulting in other types of illnesses in dogs and cats. Phorate was banned in China in 2011 along with 9 other deadly pesticides, with 12 others banned in future years. http://www.foodsafetychina.com/tag/phorate/
    This still leaves thousands of other semi-toxic sh** still legal in China.


  97. you guys should make your own dog treats. I started doing that about a year ago because my dog has allergies. Check out Simple Cooking for Dogs 101. Also bananas and apples are good treats. I cut up the bananas and freeze them..way better than the over processed, over preserved stuff you get from China


    • Do Dogs and Cats need Treats at all???
      I do not think so … same goes for Children and candy.
      Too much and every day is in my opinion not good.

      But for pets … there (and children for that matter) are other ways to give a reward for good behauviour.


  98. Thank-you so much for the info. It makes me sick that these companies are so consumed by greed and obviously have NO guilt feelings…but then we’re talking about a country which also skins animals alive for their fur! Their value placed on life..be it human or animal is disgusting..and I don’t even want to hear “well, it’s a culture thing”. It’s a “MURDER thing” as far as I’m concerned. I’ve started giving me dogs a slice of MY american cheeze slices..they act like I gave them a steak! Alot of dogs also like fresh veggies.. like carrots. My philosphy is: If I wouldn’t eat it..they don’t eat it! Keep up the good work!


    • “a country which also skins animals alive for their fur! ”

      You mean Canada? (seals every year!!!! and that anno 2012!!!)

      I do not think they would skin animals alife … cause it is harder to do the ‘job’ … so how much is propaganda?

      So what is the truth? Why is this world so messed up???
      It’s all about maximizing profits by BIG and mostly Global Companies.
      Manufacturing their products in the cheap labour countries … and for that matter for very low prices!!! So cheap is not cheap enough for these Global BIG Companies like Yes Swiss Nestle … but also for a number of other big Corporations also a lot of American Companies, European Companies they all do it === go for Cheap labour countries and even there they do not want to pay a fair price for labour!!!

      It’s their Greed that is messing up this Planet and all what is alive on it!

      Do you remember the babyfood think in China? Those people involved in China were put to dead by the Judge (death penalty)
      China is going hard on people and companies who f*ck up!

      Why aren’t the companies they make their products for .. ?
      They give the order .. and should test products they buy before putting them on the marketplace for consumers to buy.

      But no ….. I guess their profit is more important!

      ALSO in HUMAN FOODS ….

      Think of Coca Cola still selling their CocaCola on the American market with 4-methylimidazole in it ==== NOT in California since beginning of this year (or late last year) also for years not allowed in Europe because it can cause Cancer. So CocaCola and Pepsi did change the receipt for Europe and California BUT not the rest of the USA???
      So what is this??? Also in my opinion to do with MONEY!!! COSTS as they would call it ….

      Big Companies … profit and more profit … maximizing profit … GREED!!!
      This is what it is all about!


  99. I lost 2 beloved Shelties to PLN (kidney failure) – both were addicted to “Pet n Shape” treats – the chicken, sweet potato and lamb – + more! Once I discovered that the treats are all made in China I called the company & spoke with the owner, Ahdee Abramson – who tried to reassure me that his factory has the highest standards, blah, blah, blah.
    Stay away from ALL their products! My Sheltie babies’ deaths nearly killed me! :(


    • Daria, how heartbreaking. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow of losing both of your babies. I am so sorry for your terrible loss. Thank you for sharing your story and warning others about Pet n Shape treats.


  100. I am glad to see more and more people talking about these harmfull products. My wife and I stopped buying treats years ago and started making our own with human grade organic and gluten free ingredients. We actually launched our website yesturday to share our treats with other concerned pet owners. I hope people like yourself keep spreading the word so no more innocent pets are harmed. Thank you and great job.


  101. I just checked with a vet, and he and his associates have not heard anything on this and from what I have read it happens when people use the treats as food instead of using them as treats as they were ment to be.

    He has been a vet for over 20 years and some of his associates over 30 years,
    He also gives his dogs thoses treats and nothing has happened.


    • Mary, does your vet read Veterinary Information Network (VIN)? Most vets do.

      The VIN has been reporting on these treats since 2007 and it was a discussion between vets on VIN that led to the most recent alert that widened to include sweet potato treats, pork treats (pig ears) and possibly even cat treats from China as well.

      This problem is well documented and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the so-called pet food industry “feeding guidelines”. I have done the research on the origin of the “Feeding Guidelines” as pertaining to CJTs.

      The “Feeding Guidelines” were the creation (invention) of the former president of Waggin’ Train Pet Treats. The “guidelines” were published only two months from the first FDA warning about the treats in 2007. He devised this strategy to (hopefully) minimize the danger they posed and divert responsibility and liability of the illness and death of pets from Waggin’ Train onto the consumer.

      It is public information. Look it up.

      I wrote about it at length in a recent article. If you care to read what I wrote, put “feeding guidelines” into the search box and you’ll find it.


      • Yes he has read all the info that has been printed and he as well as his associates feel that the people that are having trouble are ones that are feeding their animals too many of these treats, They need to remember that if they gave their dog 4 of one of the treats and gave then another 4 of another they have exceded the limit of treats that they should of given the animal.
        Ha has also contacted the FDA about this matter and they also feel that what is happening is that people may be over feeding their pets the treats,


        • Mary, have you read the article where I wrote about the origin of the “feeding guidelines” for the treats? I encourage you to do so.

          Basically, they were the INVENTION of the former president of Waggin Train, who, two months after the FDA made their initial warning in 2007 he came up with the “feeding guideline”. They were intended to divert attention away from the problems inherent with the product and place the responsibility and the blame for a dog’s illness or death on the pet parent rather than on the company that made the toxic treats, who, I believe bear the full responsibility and blame.

          Soon after his “feeding guidelines” were published, the entire pet food industry adopted them, as did the national pet retailers PetSmart and Petco.

          And the FDA does not believe it has anything to do with feeding guidelines. Feeding a dog an extra treat is NOT going to cause acute renal failure. It is a nephrotoxin, pure and simple.


    • That’s what I heard too that the pets were getting too many and not enough other nutrients to go with them. My girls getting older and i’m afraid to give her anything that might shorten her life today is Sunday bettcha I call my “VET” Monday.


  102. my 14 yr old dog died after eating canyon creek ranch..i reported to them and to fda..but they have done nothing!!! petsmart and petco should warn their customers!!!!!!!


  103. I just checked a bag of Canyon Creek Ranch Duck Tenders. The bag says Made in China on an obscure part of the back label, but in a prominent part of the back label, it says “Canyon Creek Ranch is an American Company.” That’s what I saw when I bought these things. My dog loves them, but they have gone into the trash. On another note, does anyone have a good method for making my own dehydrated yams or sweet potatoes I tried it in the oven and they came out crispy, not chewy like they sell in the pet store. She wouldn’t eat them.


    • Here are a few tips to get them chewy …1 ..you need a consistent thickness for all the treats so they cook evenly ..1/4 inch to 3/8 works well.. 2 .. cook at a slightly lower temp.. most treats recipes bake at around 350 .. so try 325 and check them a bit sooner ..to be honest its a bit of trial and error to get it the way you want.. then just make sure you store them properly …air tight container in refrigerator..since I assume you will not be adding preservatives …hope these tips help…I actually sell organic and gluten free treats but I don’t have a yam or sweet potatoes one .. you may have just inspired me to do some experimenting of my own


      • Thank you for the tip! I didn’t know what to suggest. Although I figured baking might be better than using the dehydrator. Or maybe she left them in too long. I don’t know.

        There certainly NO shortage of pet parents burning up the intertubes sharing recipes for homemade treats! If I had dogs, I’d be all over it! Since I don’t, I can’t give any cooking tips. So, thank you!


    • Yup! Pretty sneaky.

      The company is owned by Nestle-Purina, the same people that own Waggin’ Train.

      Every single one of CCR’s products are imported from China. As with Waggin Train, the folksy “Old West” image is a complete farce. It is anything but an “American” product. In fact, Nestle is a Swiss conglomerate.

      It’s all smoke and mirrors.


      • I called waggin train and ask what’s up they sent me a notice from the fda stateing they couldn’t find anything wrong with the jerky strips claiming to do extensive testing. man I just bought a bag and my dog loves them. she only get a few of them a day like 5 on a long day but i’ve dropped down to three only and been giving her small bones instead. If I’m killing this dog with these treats I will sue some how this really sucks.


  104. I will not buy anything not made in the USA for my pets if you are not sure or it’s not on the package look for a phone number and call them and ask.I did that right from the pet store before I bought something I wasn’t sure of


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  106. I have been giving my dog Vitalife chicken tenders. The packaging says ‘imported’ but does not say from where! Can someone tell me??? I am very concerned because my dog did have symptoms of diahrrea…and I did quit feeding the chicken tenders.


    • Call the them? Ask them. If it’s chicken jerky (tenders, whatevers) – it’s from China if it says it’s imported – no doubt. Personally, I would avoid it like the plague. I don’t know anything about VitaLife, specifically though. However, I do not recommend anyone buy any products from China. It is simply too risky. Why don’t you go to their website? If your dogs display any of the symptoms associated with Fanconi-like syndrome take you dog IMMEDIATELY to the vet. If you are unfamiliar with the symptoms – I have written a ton about it here or just Google “jerky treats symptoms” or “acquired Fanconi syndrome”.


  107. A year ago last September I lost my 3 year old Angel to kidney failure. I now have another baby! I thought this issue had been taken care of. Now, checking all treats for origin! Does this apply to food as well?


    • Never assume that the ingredients in any product you buy did not originate in China even though the package says “Made in the USA”.

      Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) laws do not require COO of individual ingredients (think supplements, for example). Besides pet treats and processed meats are exempt from COOL laws.

      Call the manufacturer and ask.

      The “problem” with the jerky treats has never been solved, the FDA is still conducting tests.

      No one knows why they are poisoning dogs.

      I would caution anyone from feeding ANYTHING from China, that includes you, your family and your pets.

      In fact, I wouldn’t even eat or drink out of a container made in China. The most recent story found formaldehyde and “other carcinogens” in ladels, bowls and plates made in China. And that…is just the tip of the iceberg.

      Nancy, If you knew what I knew (and believe you me – none of it is good, trust me) you wouldn’t touch ANYTHING from China with a ten-foot-long barge pole!


    • If their are so many problems with thease products then what as consumers can we do to stop this? Hopefully people will just make sure to read the labels and NOT buy from china or any other company that brings in from china. Leslie


  108. Seems like if one could mass produce a safe dog treat they could corner the market.


  109. I just checked my bunny sweet potato treats – they are made in China! I’m just sick. I stopped giving them to him because he developed diarrhea. They are made by All Living Things. I feel terrible – there are many other fresh treats my bunny can have.


  110. We should boycott Nestle. I am throwing out anything I have of theirs and never buying anything from them until they stop selling toxic products.


    • And let them KNOW!!!
      Send them a letter telling them AND other companies who do the same sh*t … why you won’t buy their products anymore.

      By the way which products are safe?
      The same goes also for Human Foods by the way …

      In this world of ours the only thing that matters to those big Companies is Maximizing their profits .. they don’t give shit about the quality or foodsafety!!!

      The only thing that counts is $$$ or €€€ or the Yen or what ever currency! More profits = by going cheaper and even more cheaper and that does not benefit the quality of their products!!!


  111. i recently almost lost a baby of mine whom is 15 yrs of age. If it was not for the best vet in the world and because of acting so quickly to get her to him we would have lost her to the waggin tails brand chicken jerky treats. She had liver and kidney failure.


    • OMG, I have been giving my dogs that particular treat for some time. But, Lately I have been giving them duck breast treats. I have noticed that my 10 year JRT seems more sluggish than her normal clown in a dog suit personality. These are all hitting the trash can NOW.

      I will go buy a dehydrator and find recipes and make my own. Probably a lot cheaper anyway, because these products are ridiculously high in price! BUT, they suck us dog lovers in knowing we will probably pay any price to keep our loyal little friends happy. This all just makes me sick to my stomach.


      • It kills me too Vikki!

        But thank God you found out before it was too late! Many were not so fortunate.

        I plan to do another piece about making your own CJ treats or sourcing some homemakers who sell healthy dog treats on Etsy….soon!

        I did a few pieces of a fab group called Etsy for Animals. I think I’ll hit them up again!

        Thanks for your comments! And be sure and keep us up to date on how it goes with making your own treats. People want to know how to do it!


        • You really don’t have to go to all that trouble. I give my babies carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, and English cucumbers for treats. Whenever we have left-over chicken or steak, I freeze it. When I have a substantial amount, I mix it up in the blender, add something to act as a binder, such as rice or a tiny pasta, a bit of beef stock, and make meatballs out of them. I freeze them in a single layer on wax paper covered cookie sheet. When they are frozen, I put them in a zip-loc bag. The “meatballs” are perfect (defrosted, of course) for hiding their medications in. You can buy carrots really cheap! Just boil them until fork tender, slice them up, keep them in the fridge, and you have a healthy, tasty treat! I have read the labels on some of these questionable treats, and NOWHERE is China to be found, even in small print. I don’t trust any packaged treats (and “treats” does not describe something that can kill your babies)!!! Look up the ASPCA’s website and you’ll find several ideas to subsitute store-bought products! It’s well worth the time and effort to keep you beloved pets healthy and alive!!


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    • China “hates” us and see us as a revenue opportunity. It is so very sad that we are continuing to send them our manufacturing machines and our fuel oils/gasoline and metal (iron, steel, aluminum, copper and lead as well as precious metals gold, silver, etc.) We are seen as consumers to use. Our pets pain is unimportant.


      • Well that isn’t all true, some people from China like the US, it is just some big producers that don’t give a care about anything but money… Just like in the USA there are some stupid people who don’t care at all… But I do agree that it is sad that we give them all the machines and things, but think about it, people from China may be the ones doing this (Again remember that it not ALL people from China hate us!) but the US is still the ones that are letting it happen instead of stopping the importing of such goods or testing them before they are imported at all! And why do they do that? THEY also get money!


      • Sally. It is not that China hates us, it is the fault of the greedy importer who buys so cheaply from slave labor in China and then makes 1000% profit thinking they are so clever. Chinese workers are too burnt out to hate us, and also the factories are generally owned by American concerns whose bottom line is profit. I know, because I was a nanny with such a family who had 2 chinese factories and they laughed all the way to the bank.


        • Well said Diana. The poverty in China is unimaginable to most Americans and their working conditions are unbelievable. That is not an excuse, it is a reality. When people are so poor that survival is their only consideration, ethics and morality are things only the rich can afford.


          • Yes there is terrible poverty in China, but there are one one of the richest countries in the world and we have helped make them that way. THEY OWN MORE OF OUR COUNTRY THAN WE DO. We have terrible poverty in our own country. We need to take care of our own people first. American business needs to come back to America. American people need to buy American. American business, goverment, and the wealthy need to take care of our people in need first.

    • China sucks ass, yet we continue to buy thier products; cars, clothes, shoes. Too bad American has sold out…now we can hardly find anything thats genuinely made here in the USA. Sad.


        • Actually, many Chinese people love Americans and many have pets and love them very much. We need to be careful not to blame an entire class of people just because there are some who are truly evil and motivated only by greed. As others have said, if you look at the way Americans treat factory farm animals and at the fact that it is American companies that are purchasing and selling what they know is tainted food, it should be hard to take out all of our anger on China.


          • Amen to that Renae! You hit the nail on the head! Not only that, but every single American company that imports goods from China (or any other country for that matter) is ultimately responsible for testing and verifying the quality of the ingredients/products they import! Otherwise, they are just as negligent and guilty as the person who adulterated product. Remember the melamine scandal? If that hasn’t taught manufacturers to watch their ass and their ingredient supply – they are hopeless and should get out of the food business. Period.

          • Yes, unfortunately those Chinese people who love us are as us the poor working slobs just trying to have a decent life. I’m sorry, but world wide if we want things to be better, it’s time to bring down the rule of corporate society and go back to the small privately owned shops where people gave a crap about their customers, not just their money. Big government and Big Business is our downfall, not the average joe scraping out a living!

      • We need to stop buying the products from China than the American companies would come back to America, employ Americans again and put money back into our country. You get what you pay for. Buy American ONLY!


    • It is China OR are it OUR Companies who want to maximize their profits by letting the products they sell made in China === at the lowest costs possible AND not checking them for Quality & food safety???

      So who do we point our arrows at???
      I would say the companies who sell this stuff to us … they know what is in it and otherwise they should have! They sell it … they let chinese and other cheap labour countries make their products CHEAP.
      Even possible with Childlabour!!! )-

      Our Companies are to blame in my opinion .. Cheap cheaper cheapiest!
      To maximize their profits!!!


      • right on,, it isn ‘t the Chinese, Vietnamese, Pakistani or any one else to blame but companies in our own back yard who contract out work to third world countries for pennies and don ‘t follow through to ensure product safety is ensured. They don ‘t have to because USDA or FDA rules don ‘t apply off shore. Next time you go to Walmart to buy your groceries, check the labels. Its not just pet food that is imported from other countries.


        • Thank you. I agree completely. Further to this, my local tea company is owned by a Chinese-Canadian woman. The tea is carefully sourced, organic tea from, yes, China. It is excellent tea. Buy from people you know and trust (whatever their nationality) and you won’t have any problems.


    • Open your eyes (if you still have them). Does any of the companies or brand actually come from China, or are they Western conglomerates who want to make a quick buck by exploiting the country’s cheaper resources?
      Your ignorance shows just how much you suck ass.


      • Both. And there is no need to get (a) insulting, or (b) crude. Your foul mouth discredits what you have to say, which is unfortunate because it’s true. In fact, if you had bothered to read the other posts you would see that this same point was made by others, much more clearly and thoroughly than you make it. Slow down, my friend, take a deep breath, ditch the swearing, and learn to make your points effectively without constant insults. Let your intelligence show instead of covering it up with insults and curse words.


    • Sorry, no. Cheaping out sucks. Western companies cheap out by outsourcing to countries (like China) that have lax or nonexistent laws around things like product safety, minimum wage, worker welfare, etc. The product is ridiculously cheap and hugely unethical in several ways. If we source and manufacture at home we can avoid a lot of this. But companies who only care about the bottom line and having a low sticker price on the product will never do that.


  113. Drs Foster & Smith carry Beefeater Yam/rawhide twists. That could possibly be one of the items mentioned.


    • Could be. But I didn’t want to speculate and assume the problem is confined to just yams or sweet potatoes. When in fact it may be a toxin associated pork, chicken or Hell, all types of treats imported from China as Dr. Jean suggested.

      I suspect the toxin is not the primary ingredient (yam, chicken, whatever) but an as yet unknown toxin that contaminates the product.

      For example, who knows what the ingredients are of their proprietary blend of flavor enhancers?

      Good luck getting an answer, because even if all the ingredients of the super secret spices were Kosher, by law they do not have to reveal it. It is protected proprietary information, critical to their business.

      As Dr. Jean suggests this is an indication to broaden the focus of the treat type and not assume it is a problem associated with only one type of meat, poultry or vegetable. Or that it is a problem inherent with dehydration itself.

      Assume that ALL products from China for dog or man are highly suspect.

      Dr.s Fosters & Smith also do private label – so I assume the vets refer to their brand not their retail outlet, because hundreds of retailers carry Beefeaters – it’s America’s number one selling rawhide (garbage) dog treat.


  114. Mollie,

    Not cat treats too! My 8 kitties love their treats and I’ve been checking the manufacturig locations, but I’ve been wondering, in the ingredient lists, are there any “code words” for “dried animal parts”? If anything happens to my babies there will be blood!!!


    • I know Debra, I just about sh*t when I read it.

      We all had a feeling it might go there, and…well…it did. Just out of caution – I don’t feed ANYTHING to my babies (I’ve got 9!) from China. Absolutely nothing.

      And don’t assume because it says “Made in the USA” that doesn’t mean that some or even all of the ingredients didn’t come from China.

      Do your homework, call the manufacturers if you have any questions.

      I would focus on country of origin and quality vs. trying to avoid dried animal parts. Because we are not sure that the fact that they are dehydrated is the problem (personally, I don’t think so) and some dehydrated products are fabulous!

      I’m thinking of Honest Kitchen, Stella & Chewy’s and a number of other high quality brands that dehydrate their product instead of cooking the bejeezus out of it. Raw foods can retain their vital nutrients if dehydrated properly.

      And if you think about it, all kibble is a dehydrated or dried product.


      • Food laced with poison made in China killed my dog Fritzi 4 years ago. He was a nice little doggie, didn’t deserve to die the way he did and I still miss him.


        • I gave my aging poodle soft treats rather than the hard treats I use to give her and within one week she had died of kidney failure. I blame myself and she died in my arms, seizing and gasping for air. I will never forgive myself even though I know I wasn’t the manufacturer, I gave it to her. I thought the poison treats all had been taken off the shelves, even kept the treats to be tested and called everyone I could… to no avail. I still miss her too…


        • Hi Suey, I lost my beloved Annie (black lab) to Chinese canned food during the first round of poisoned food from China, and like you, she didn’t deserve to die the way she did at the hands of a careless government! (ours and China’s)….Sally Ann


    • Make your own.. That is the ONLY way you can be sure.. And that’s even deabateble with the GMO’s in most our foods these days..


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